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Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross

The webinar will take place on April 8, 9 and 10, 2023 (the Great Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

Two sessions a day (Central European Standard Summer time – please check the times according to your time zone):

First session: 12.00 – 16.00

Second session: 17:00 to 21:00.

Each session will be recorded and uploaded to the cloud, where it will be available until late April. After an upload is complete, usually up to 2 hours after the 2. session, links to the recordings will be posted on this webpage. 

The invocations and decrees are available as an ebook file or a pdf file:

This is the ebook file.


This is the pdf file.



Thank you All of You for co-creating this amazing event with the masters and us💖

Recordings Day 3

Session 1.

  1. “Invocation for Clearing the Heart”
  2. Chanting (short)
  3. Dictation -Mother Mary 0:48:30
  4. Saint Germain decree 9 X
  5. QA session
    -ML marketing
    -gaming and negative energy
    -more than one primal self?
    -non-attachment vs apathy
    -do we plan out time of death?
    -Kim’s day
    -Tech giants
    -competition in the education system
    -Alfa and Omega of creativity and Christ perspectiveLink session 1 day 3


Session 2 

  1. Jesus decree 9 X
  2. dictation – Jesus 0:28:00
  3. “Invocation for Exposing the False Foundation of Christianity
  4. QA session
    -The ancient gods
    -struggle making living vs inner peace
    -the perfect mirror for men
    -ego and separate selves
    -Ivan Terrible and Stalin
    -the attitude of churches to Russian aggression
  5. dictation – Gautama 02:40:10

link session 2 day 3

Recordings Day 2 (Sunday)

Session 1.

  1. Archangel Michael – decree 9X
  2. Inv -Loving Yourself
  3. Dictation – Mother Mary  01:20:48
  4. QA session
    – Having trouble getting pregnant
    – how to withdraw space
    -can we transform a separate self?
    -question about time
    -defeat of Russia
    -the lesson behind having a relationship with fallen beings (mother)
    -a lightning strike and special abilities
    -finding a partner
    -smoking weed
    -second death vs spiritual path
    -Original inhabitants’ second death
    -about the fall
  5. chanting

link session 1 day 2


Session 2.

  1. “Invocation Victory over death”
  2. Dictation – Jesus  0:57:47
  3. Saint Germain decree  9x
  4. Dictation – Saint Germain   02:26:53

link session 2 day 2


Recordings Day 1.

Session 1.

  1. Practical information
  2. Archangel Michael – decree 9X
  3. “Invocation for Exposing the False Foundation of Christianity”
  4. Dictation – Jesus  01:28:27
  5. QA session
    – External guru
    -a conference in Australia
    -the gold standard
    -a long vigil and focus
    -How to attract a spiritual partner
    -non-force based technology

link to the session 1.


Session 2.

  1. Saint Germain – decree 9 x
  2. “Invocation for Christ discernment”
  3. Dictation – Jesus  0:44:47
  4. Astrea Decree 9x
  5. Dictation – Astrea  2:05:20
  6. QA session
    – praying to (non)saints
    -people who have resoled the birth trauma
    -relics of saints
    -how to talk to family members who believe in the one true church
    -healing the trauma in an authoritarian country
    -A. Dugin -who is behind him
    -Jesus – back in embodiment
    -healing water
    -Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.
    -Church candle link to the session 2