Events with Kim Michaels

This page lists events planned for 2021

Normally, we hold in-person events, but due to the Corona situation, all events will be webinars this year.

Webinars are basically a video broadcast over the Internet. It is like watching a live TV event on your computer or other device. You can purchase participation in an event on our store a couple of weeks before the event takes place.  After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for how to log on to the broadcast (done via Zoom).

Webinar for Europe

Topic: Ending the Era of Ideology

Date: May 22-24 (from Saturday to Monday), 2021.

Three sessions a day (Central European Standard Summer time):

Morning session:      9:30 – 12:30

Afternoon session:   13:30 – 17:00

Evening session:      19:00 – 21:30

Webinar for America

Topic: Towards Golden Age relationships

Date: September 3-5, 2021.

Two sessions a day (Central Daylight time – Chicago):

Morning session:      9 AM – 12

Afternoon session:   1 PM – 5 PM

Times in (Central European Standard Summer time):

First session:  16:00 – 19:00

Second session:  20:00 – midnight

Webinar for Korea

Topic: To be determined

Date: October 1-3, 2021

Two sessions a day. Times (Central European Standard Summer time):

First session:  9:00 – 12:00

Second session:   13:00 – 16:30