Easter Webinar 2024

Welcome to the Easter Webinar 2024: Liberating Christ. 


Spend the Easter with the Ascended Master Jesus and Maitreya and discover how to liberate Christ in yourself and in the world.

March 30, 31 and April 1, 2024  (the Great Saturday, Sunday and Monday).


Each session will be recorded and uploaded to the cloud. After an upload is complete, usually up to 2 hours after the 3. session of the day, links to the recordings will be posted on this webpage, where they will be available until late April.

Day 3, Monday 

Session 1 

  1. A. Michaels decree 9x
  2. INV06: Jesus’ Invocation for Victory over Death
  3. chanting and laughing 🙂
  4. Portia – dictation
  5. Q&A session
    -codependent relationship and fear of abandonment
    -A. masters who started as the original inhabitants of the earth
    -children and free will
    -Sarrah, wife of Abraham
    -Gospel of Thomas
    -fear of the collapse of Russia and the fate of the Republican Party





Session 2 

  1. WINV35: Invocation for Exposing the False Foundation of Christianity
  2. Chanting, short
  3. Elohim Cyclopea – dictation
  4. Q&A
    – I AM Presence and CY of avatar
    -“great wealth” – “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”
    -Solar eclipse
    -end of the imperial consciousness in Russia
    -Guru Ma
    -Kundalini and Christ consciousness
    -Kim’s previous embodiments
    -Kim’s name after ascension
    -thinking while decreeing
    -twin flames
    -how to protect your wife and children from extreme feminism and lgbt
    -“Peter consciousness” in Islam




Session 3 

  1. Sain Germain decree 18X
  2. Q&A
    -bad dreams
    -original vibration of the planet
    -being pulled in 2 directions, being angry at the masters
    -old people like children
    -consciousness and time
    -economy 2024
  3. chanting
  4. Gautama – dictation




Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone for co-creating this event with us. Thank you for being with us



Day 2, Sunday 

Session 1 

  1. A. Michaels decree 9x
  2. Saint Germain decree 9x
  3. WINV35: Invocation for Exposing the False Foundation of Christianity
  4. Chanting – refrain of Jesus decree
  5. Jesus – dictation
  6. Q&A session (questions from the Russian-speaking group)
    -can A. Navalny’s death bring judgment upon Russian power elite?
    -does Yulia Navalny have a chance to become a leader for Russia?
    -Despite all of my attempts to use the books on spiritual trauma I still feel defined by my birth trauma, what should I do?





Session 2 

  1. INV05: Invocation for Loving Yourself
  2. M. Mary -dictation
  3. chanting, short
  4. Q&A session (questions from the Russian-speaking group)
    -body work and the light from masters
    -inhabitants of the 3 higher octaves cut off from light
    -A. Michael invocation for protection
    -end of the Ukrainian war
    -feeling lonely in Russia (among people without basic humanity)
    -changes in collective consciousness in Russia
    -western nations helping Ukraine and the other nations
    -patients with dementia
    -Maitreya as a Lord of the World
    -Division between Ukraine, Belarus and Russia
    -pro-Russian nations
    -Ukraine after the war
    -Elementals giving decrees and invocations
    -name, karma and fate
    -M- Mary’s and Omri Tas and Suriya’s dispensations
    -dispensation for beginners on the path

5. Saint Germain decree 7X





Session 3 

  1. INV27 Invocation for Christ discernment
  2. Astrea decree 9x
  3. chanting
  4. Saint Germain – dictation
  5. Kim’s talk about Saint Germain
  6. Q&A session
    -practical aspects of life and dive plan
    -having more children
    -having twins
    -how image of ascended masters blocks our connection with them
    -sharing the ideas received from ascended masters with others anonymouslylink  



Thank you for this amazing day, get a good rest and see you tomorrow 🙂

Day 1. Saturday


  1. A. Michael decree 9x
  2. INV06: Jesus’ Invocation for Victory over Death
  3. Chanting, short
  4. Astrea decree 9x
  5. Chanting – refrain of Jesus decree“O Jesus, let the Fire of Joy, consume the devil’s subtle ploy, transfigured is our planet earth, the golden age is given birth”
  6. Jesus – dictation
  7. Kim talks about his relationship with Jesus




Session 2 


  1. INV27 Invocation for Christ discernment
  2. Chanting
  3. Maitreya decree 9x
  4. Maitreya – dictation
  5. Q&A session
    -stepping outside of the separate self
    -Mother Mary mediation and birth trauma (last trauma vs. last decision)
    -most people are new on earth?
    -transcending  judgmental attitude
    – fear of global catastrophe on earth
    -Bob Marley



Session 3


  1. INV04: Invocation for Clearing the Heart
  2. chanting
  3. Maitreya – dictation
  4. Q&A session 2
    -What determines where where one goes after death
    – 3 higher bodies and psychedelics
    -EMDR therapy
    -OOBE and vision and all knowing God
    -President Macron and Putin
    – possession
    -Islam, partner who cannot give up the idea that Mohamed or the Koran as not being infallible





Thank you for being with us today and see you tomorrow 🙂

Reminder: We are changing time tonight here in Denmark and across Europe.  Don’t forget to check what this means for you in your time zone!



There will be three sessions per day so we can span as many time zones as possible:

9 AM to 12:30 PM – morning session

12:30 PM to 2 PM – break

2 PM to 5:30 PM – afternoon session

5:30 PM to 7 PM – break

7 PM to 10 PM – evening session.

NOTE: The times for Saturday are Central European Winter time, the times for Sunday and Monday are Central European SUMMER time.  Therefore, check the times with your time zone!!!!

2. The invocations and decrees

During the conference, we will be giving invocations and decrees.

The invocations and decrees ebook is available as an epub file or a pdf file.

You can print it if you prefer or install it on your device. The text will also be displayed on the screen.

INVOC EASTER 2024 ebook