How I approach Trump, the world and the spiritual path

By Kim Michaels

In this article I will explain how I personally approach a charged situation like Donald Trump and the U.S. election. This is of course based on how I approach the spiritual path, how I look at myself as an ascended master student and how I deal with the masters’ teachings about fallen beings controlling the world.

Having an open mind

Since childhood (and probably in past lives) I have been aware of the need for me to keep an open mind. Starting with my father, I have observed how often people with closed minds create suffering for themselves and those around them. I have observed how much of the conflict and violence in the world is caused by people with closed minds.

When I was watching the footage of the mob overrunning the U.S. Capitol building, it illustrated for me that many Trump supporters have closed their minds on the topic of Trump. They believe Trump is an epically important president, that he must be reelected and that he won the election. The fact that they were in Washington D.C. on January 6th shows that many of them think their view of Trump is more important than the view of the government apparatus and of all people who are not part of their group. Their opinion about Trump should override the opinions of all other people and make Trump president.

Once people have gone into this state of mind, I don’t see any way to reason with them. I feel I cannot have a normal conversation with them because for them Trump is the all-important issue and it is critically important for them that I agree with them about Trump. If I don’t, they will reject anything I say without really considering it, they will seek to discredit me as a person or they will become angry.

When I see a situation where people have closed their minds and become emotionally charged, it is a warning sign to me. Something is going on here. My ideal is that we can talk about Trump and the election as we talk about any topic that isn’t emotionally charged. When I see that this is impossible, my reaction is that this is not an environment I want to go into. In other words, I could not see myself being part of these Trump supporters.

This springs from my approach to the spiritual path. Back in 1988, I was a member of the Summit Lighthouse and attended a four-month course at something called Summit University. We studied ascended master teachings, gave a lot of decrees and had courses on various topics, one of which was the ascension. As I was listening to the course, I felt the Presence of Serapis Bey and I got an intuitive experience. I saw that what was explained in the course was only the outer requirements for the ascension. The Summit said the requirements for making your ascension were to balance at least 51% of your karma (which could largely be done by giving enough decrees), fulfill your Divine plan and complete your sacred labor.  

I saw that beyond this is a psychological requirement, namely to resolve or transcend all aspects of human psychology. I had already realized that the ascended masters are in a fundamentally different state of consciousness than we are (I have since experienced this more clearly). They don’t have any self-centeredness, dishonesty, self-pity, prejudice, pettiness or so many other human traits. So how can I overcome this in myself? Well, only by coming to see human traits in myself and then resolving them. At that time I had a very rudimentary understanding of how this could be done, but I did see the end goal.

How can I come to see something in my own psyche that I have not seen before? Only by keeping an open mind and never thinking I have the final understanding of myself. Yet once I accepted this about myself, I saw that it applies to any topic. As an ascended master student I cannot allow myself to think I have the final understanding of anything. Today, I know and understand a lot more than I did in 1988. Why? Because I have kept an open mind. I still do not think I have the final understanding of any topic. There is nothing in the sphere of my knowledge that could not be expanded by a higher understanding. So whenever I see people who seem to think they have the final understanding of a topic, be it Trump or anything else, I feel that this is not where I want to go.

There are no absolutes

As Abraham Maslow has pointed out, many people have a need for safety and security, and many of them seek to gain it by believing they have found some absolute truth. I had that need when I first found the spiritual path but it wasn’t dominant in my psyche. Yet in the beginning I did have the feeling that the Summit presented the highest possible spiritual teaching. However, this sense of security was in a polarity with insecurity. I still remember being afraid that my spiritual outlook or the Summit teachings could be proven wrong.

It took me many years and a lot of work on my psychology to overcome this need. I did eventually make it to the threshold where I no longer need anything to be absolute. Not even the teachings of the ascended masters are absolute to me. I have experienced how much my understanding of the masters’ teachings has expanded over the past 35 years. I realize that what I understand today is a product of my current level of consciousness. If I continue to raise my consciousness (by keeping an open mind) I will come to see something that I cannot see today.

As I said, in the beginning I did have a need to feel that a spiritual teaching is absolute, that there had to be some absolute truth that I could rely on. Yet since childhood I did have the understanding that there can be nothing absolute in the material world. I knew that I cannot allow myself to blindly trust or follow any authority on earth, be it a religion, a political ideology or a strong leader. I felt very repulsed by seeing footage of Hitler’s mass rallies where people seemed hypnotized. I was equally repulsed by meeting people in college who were Marxists and who were absolutely sure that Denmark would become a communist country.

I am not comparing Trump to Hitler, but I do see some of the same dynamic between Trump and his followers. They seem to have absolute faith in him and he seems to like and encourage that. Again, not an environment that I want to be part of.

The value of ascended masters

I have always been fascinated by the fact that two people can look at the same facts and reach opposite conclusions, such as whether or not God exists. I have studied this from various sources, but it wasn’t really until I got the masters’ teachings on perception filters that I began to understand it. 

To me, it is clear that each of us lives inside our own parallel universe (in our minds of course), defined by our perception filters. I understand that what I see is colored by the filter, but it is very difficult to see this. The filter is self-reinforcing because it filters out what questions my current perception and lets through only what validates it. I see that the only way out is to find a frame of reference from outside my perception filter so I can gradually question the filter and make my mind more neutral. My frame of reference has been:

      • Increasing my general knowledge and understanding
      • Observing my views and opinions and looking for inconsistencies
      • Observing my emotional reaction and looking for attachments
      • Talking to other people and realizing they have a different view, not necessarily accepting their view but using it to question my own
      • Using my intuition
      • Using spiritual teachings, especially the teachings of the ascended masters.
      • Reading the vibration of ideas or people.

To me it is clear that the real value of the ascended masters is that they are not inside any perception filter created by anyone on earth. They can say something that challenges my current perception and therefore gives me a frame of reference for questioning my perception filter. This means I strive to avoid thinking that I can know (from inside my perception filter) what the masters (who are outside my perception filter) should or should not say. 

Back in the Summit days, there were times when the masters said something in a dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet that challenged my perception filter, and sometimes it disturbed me. I used this to look at my own reaction and consider why I had such a strong reaction. I didn’t say: “Oh the ascended masters would never say that.” And it didn’t occur to me to say that Elizabeth had now become a false messenger and was no longer in contact with the real masters.

Over the years, both in the Summit and after I became a messenger myself, I have met people who did say: “Oh the ascended masters would never say that.” They often said it with an emotional charge, and when I feel a strong emotional reaction in myself, I see it as a sign that I have an attachment and I look for it. When I had first created the Ask the Real Jesus website, I was contacted by a man who had been in the Summit for many years. He rejected me as a messenger because what Jesus said through me was in every-day language that was too easy to understand. He said the real masters would never talk so plainly but would always use the exalted language they had used in previous dispensations. 

To me, one of the most crucial turning points on the spiritual path is where we step from the outer path to the inner path. This is when we realize that the purpose of ascended master teachings is NOT to validate our current perception but to help us transcend it. This is what the masters describe as the second challenge of Christ where we stop trying to use Christ to validate our perception (pulling Christ into our mental box as Peter did) but use Christ to transcend our perception. In the beginning, I did the same thing with ascended master teachings, but I did come to a point where I saw the need to question some of my perception. It took me longer to realize that ALL of it simply has to go before I can ascend.

I have seen a few people who had been following ascended master teachings for decades and had been following the teachings given through me for some time. Yet when the masters said through me that Trump is a fallen being, they immediately reacted by saying that the real masters would never say that. To me, this raises some questions:

      • Have they grasped the importance of perception filters?
      • Have they grasped the difference between the outer and the inner path?
      • Have they grasped what the second challenge of Christ is about?
      • Have they grasped why the ascended masters are most valuable to us precisely when they challenge one of our strongly held opinions?
      • Do they have an open mind on the topic of Trump?
      • Have they turned Trump into an absolute by deciding that Trump cannot be wrong and they cannot be wrong about Trump? 
      • Have they turned Trump (who is in the material world) into their frame of reference instead of the ascended masters (who are not in this world).

I am a spiritual being

I must have been born with some awareness that I am a spiritual being because as far back as I can remember I never identified myself with or as anything on earth. My parents were not MY parents and I was not THEIR son. I was not a Dane because what about all these other nationalities? My race never identified me. I never identified myself as a Christian or based on any other religion. I never identified myself based on any political distincton, such as liberal or conservative, republican or democrat. When I lived in America, I didn’t identify myself as an American and now I don’t identify myself as a Dane.

When I was in Transcendental Meditation, I didn’t identify myself based on that and didn’t fully accept the main idea that meditation was the one solution to all problems. I was very committed to the Summit, but never identified myself as a member or a follower of Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I have always had a reluctance to following any leader. I did identify myself as an ascended master student and still do because the ascended masters are not on earth. I don’t identify myself in relation to anything on earth.

In my view, some people have come to identify themselves in relation to Trump. I can’t identify myself based on any leader. I can’t imagine having the strong emotions for or against Trump that I see in some people. I can’t imagine believing in Trump’s rhetoric on the mental level. I can’t imagine feeling that it is of epic importance that Trump becomes president or that it will lead to disaster if he is no longer president. I can’t imagine going into this state of mind of acting like these missionaries for Christ and feeling it is so important to convince others of Trump’s importance. And I really can’t imagine deciding that my view of Trump is more important than my connection with the ascended masters.

Balance in all things

In the early 1990s Gautama Buddha gave some dictations through Elizabeth Clare Prophet that had a great impact on me. I started contemplating the Buddha’s message and the topic of Buddhahood. One day I had a strong intuitive experience and I saw the situation where Gautama was about to go into Nirvana, but as his final initiation he had to be confronted by the demons of Mara. I saw that what the forces of this world were trying to do was to find any attachment in his mind that they could use to pull him into a reaction. If there had been anything in this world that caused a reaction in Gautama, he would not have been able to go into Nirvana. 

I realized that if there is anything in this world that causes a reaction in me, I am not ready to ascend, and I saw that: “Non-attachment is the key to Buddhahood.” Since then, I have been on the lookout for any attachment in myself. I actually did have a strong reaction to watching the Capitol riots, and I have now spent several days working on seeing what is behind it, but that’s another story.

Since I understood the value of non-attachment, I also saw what the Middle Way is all about, namely balance. Balance does not mean to find the mid-point between two dualistic extremes. It means to overcome duality so that neither extreme can pull me into a reaction. I can look at the extremes of the world without reacting.

When I observe Donald Trump, I don’t see him as being neutral. He is deliberately polarizing any topic he talks about, and he has polarized both those who like him and those who dislike him into unbalanced reactions. To me, this means I don’t want to be part of the group that loves him anymore than I want to be part of the group that hates him.

I also see that Trump often takes a polarized position on a topic and his argumentation or comments spring from there. He creates an “us versus them” mentality in his followers, making “us” feel superior to “them.” This is one reason his approach to politics and his rhetoric doesn’t appeal to me.

The topic of striving for balance has an impact on how I look at the situation on earth, including the influence of fallen beings.

Can we trust the government?

After the election, Trump has claimed that there was massive fraud and that the election was stolen from him, which contradicts what government officials (from election officials over judges to Trump’s own Attorney General) have said. A person asked me the question that since the masters talk about how the fallen beings are running everything behind the scenes, how can we trust anything the government says?

Obviously, this is a complex topic, but here is a short version of my view. When I look at the most well-known dictators, such as the Hitler, Stalin and Mao, I think that the fallen beings had a very strong control over their minds. So in a dictatorial form of government, the fallen beings have a high degree of control, even at the physical level because might is right and the government can kill anyone who opposes the dictator. That is why democracy is so important because a democratic government can’t do that.

Democracy is an attempt to limit the control of the fallen beings by establishing that all people have rights, that might is not right and that the entire population votes. This means the fallen beings do not have direct physical control over a democracy, so their control is primarily at the emotional, mental and identity levels. Instead of directly forcing people, they have to deceive people, meaning they can only control people if they do not have sufficient awareness to see through the deception. One defense against deception is that people have open minds and a dedication to democratic principles.

So take the example of the election in Georgia. We have a republican legislature and the officials overseeing the election are republicans who voted for Trump. I don’t see how these people could want Trump not to win, nor how they could be part of a conspiracy to manipulate the election or cover up fraud. Yet I do see that these people have not allowed their republican preference to interfere with the way they are performing their duties. Their job is to oversee the election in a neutral manner, and I see that as a sign that they have a dedication to democratic principles and personal integrity. So when they count the votes three times, certify the election and say that Biden won the state, I believe this. I don’t see that the fallen beings can control this process, and it is because of these people’s personal integrity.

The same thing goes with many other governmental functions. I don’t believe the fallen beings or any conspiratorial group have complete control over the United States’ government. The reason is that so many people in the government have a dedication to democratic principles, they have personal integrity and they are not stupid. It is clear that people can only exercise their official duties based on what they know and this is where the fallen beings can have an influence by preventing people from seeing certain things. 

Yet as the masters are saying, the collective consciousness is being raised, and this means more and more people will begin to see through the deception. So in general, I think we need to find a certain balance. We neither believe everything the government tells us nor do we disbelieve everything. This is obviously not always an easy task and it must be done on an individual basis, but that is part of the path to Christhood. 

This leads to another topic

How can society be changed?

Over the now 45 years I have been involved with spiritual movements, I have seen so many examples of people not having grasped the need for balance and therefore becoming pulled into various extremes. In fact, I think there is an existential challenge in being a spiritual students. We are open to the spiritual side of life because we have open minds. Yet having an open mind doesn’t mean we have to be open to any idea out there. There needs to be balance and discernment.

In the Summit the masters talked about how Saint Germain had worked with the Founding Fathers to write the Constitution and set up American democracy. It was always clear to me that the ascended masters are committed to democracy and see it as a higher form of government than any form of totalitarian rule. 

Yet some members of the Summit didn’t see it that way. They were focused on the fact that it took a violent revolution to create America and they thought the fallen beings had such a grip on America that a second revolution could be necessary. I don’t remember hearing Elizabeth Clare Prophet advocate this, but some people made this conclusion based on what she and the masters said.

I think America has as part of its national psyche this record of a violent revolution and a belief that violence and insurrection can be necessary—and I think it needs to be overcome for America to move to the next level. Therefore, some Americans have the belief that it is necessary to use violence in order to defend and preserve democracy. And I see some Trump supporters being pulled into this mindset.

To me this is cognitive dissonance. Yes, it took a violent revolution to establish America, but that was in a very violent time. Now that we have a democracy, the way to change society is to use the democratic means for doing so. Violence can never be a necessary or justifiable means of doing this. Why? 

Because the very idea of a democracy is to have a society where one group of people cannot forcefully suppress another group. One group of people cannot hold another group as slaves. And one group of people cannot overthrow democratic institutions because they don’t like the outcome of an election, even though the outcome has been ratified by all relevant democratic institutions. If one group of people can overthrow the government, what prevents another group from doing the same thing a few years down the road? Do we want America to be turned into society that has a violent revolution every few years? I don’t.

So how can society be changed? By using the democratic process and working for gradual changes. This is what I hear the ascended masters saying. They are also saying that the most important way to change society is to raise the collective consciousness. This includes avoiding violence and avoiding intensifying conflict between different groups. I can’t see how this can be done by polarizing people even more, and I do see Trump polarizing people, even using it as a means to get elected and to intimidate both his opponents and the Republican Party.

Now, I do think America needs to overcome this revolutionary mindset, and I can see Trump playing a role in bringing it out so it is easier to see. He is a form of teacher that makes more visible the dangers of polarization and the belief in violence as a means to preserve democracy. Yet this doesn’t want me to call myself a Trump supporter.

An energetic vortex

I have always been sensitive to energy, and I realize some people are not, so what I say gives no meaning to them. I am especially sensitive to energy vortexes that pull on the emotional, mental and identity bodies. I am also sensitive to energy being pulled out of my aura and chakras, and when it happens to other people. So I am able to sense when a group of people have built an energy vortex and have either been overtaken by or have created a mass entity. 

I have seen this happen between Trump and those who follow him uncritically, and it has been reinforced over the past four years. When I look at the video of Trump talking to the crowd outside the White House on January 6th, I sense an energy vortex engulfing the entire situation. Trump makes certain statements and the crowd cheers. They are giving him their energy and he is building that energy in them by giving them an outlet for their anger and the fear that Trump will not be president if Mike Pence doesn’t do what is impossible for him to do. 

These kind of energy vortexes always involve entities in the emotional realm that seek to steal people’s energy. Other energies seek to overpower people and turn them into a mob. I am not saying this happened to all of the people who were there. But you can see on the videos that some of them, especially  those right outside or inside the Capitol building seem almost drunk or hypnotized. This is not an environment that I would voluntarily walk into.

Of course, Trump and his supporters have also created an energy vortex via the Internet. Again, not something I want to be a part of. The same with many conspiracy theories, which is why I will not enter the QAnon vortex.

How I see Trump

The first time I heard about Trump was when I watched a couple of episodes of The Apprentice. I didn’t find the show very interesting but I realized that Trump is a person who is very focused on himself. He feels he is very important, he has no hesitancy to praise himself and his image is obviously hugely important to him. I learned that he has created a brand, but whereas for example Nike is focused on promoting sportswear, Trump’s brand is focused on promoting himself. 

I didn’t think about Trump again until he became nominated to run for president. Even then, I didn’t pay that much attention because I didn’t think Hilary was an attractive candidate. When he was elected, I thought that since he promoted himself as being against the political status quo, maybe he could do something that a more traditional president couldn’t do, and I think he has shaken up the political process. Overall, I think he has been no worse or no better as president than most recent presidents. This is partly because I realize that a president’s powers are limited by the Constitution. When he was elected, I said his biggest challenge would be that as president he doesn’t have the same power as a CEO.

During the past four years, I have deliberately avoided forming a strong personal opinion about Trump. But I have observed his psychology, and I think his reaction to the election is very revealing. I did watch a documentary that said Trump’s father had instilled in him that he must never be a loser, and I think he psychologically simply can’t handle being the loser. In a sense, with such a strong aversion to losing, Trump should never have placed himself in a situation where there are two candidates and one of them must lose. He could have remained as CEO where he could not as easily be the loser.

Yet it is a tendency of human psychology that people walk into situations that expose something in their psychology (myself no exception). In Trump’s case I think he has an unbalanced need to feel important, to elevate himself and be the center of attention. This drove him to seek what seemed to be the highest status in America. Over the past four years, I see that he has consistently praised himself and often in comparison to others. He talks about himself as a great business man, a great president and he obviously likes it when people call him the greatest president since Lincoln or the greatest ever. He has said that it is his dream to have his face carved at Mount Rushmore. When I look at what has happened to the Republican Party, it has turned away from promoting a traditional republican agenda and become more centered on Trump. 

When I compare Trump to what psychologists say about narcissists, he has all of the main markers. I see Trump feeling he is the center of his world and everything around him serves the purpose of promoting and validating his image of himself. That is why he is so happy with people who uncritically believe in him and so hostile toward those who do not validate his self-image. I see the Trump presidency as being more focused on himself than I have ever seen in an American president.

Again, this is underscored by his reaction to the election. He talked about fraud before the 2016 election, but after he won, we heard no more about it. He has had four years to make the election process more secure but to my knowledge hasn’t done much. If he was so concerned about fraud, why wouldn’t he have used his powers to make sure fraud could not be a problem for his reelection? Again, in 2020 he talked about fraud when it seemed like he was trailing Biden. On election night, it first seemed like he had won, but then Biden ended up getting the most votes. 

This seems to have shocked Trump like nothing else in his lifetime. He realized that for the first time in his life, it was difficult to see this as a victory. He would have to admit that he was the loser and beyond that, he would end up no longer being such an important person. I think he simply couldn’t handle this, so he went into denial. He started talking about fraud, and the effect is that even though he lost the election, Donald Trump has still been the center of the nation’s attention since the election. 

This is typical narcissist behavior. Trump has created an enormous tension since the election because he has managed to pull so many of his followers into believing the fraud claim. He seems to think that if enough people make enough noise, somehow the democratic apparatus will reverse course and make him president. Yet he seems to have no awareness of the consequences of doing this. Even when this pressure resulted in the event at the Capitol building, he has shown no remorse and taken no responsibility. Again, the lack of empathy and understanding of the consequences of one’s behavior is typical of a narcissist.

As far as I have read, there was a point in November when Trump seems to have considered accepting that he lost. Yet then he got advice from some people who convinced him that there was fraud and that he could still turn the situation around and stay as president. I see him going into a state of delusion, which is also what happens to many narcissists. He has continued to claim more and more grandiose but difficult to prove conspiracies to steal the election, yet he has produced no evidence that could hold up in court. It is so easy to cast suspicion on something on the internet, but if you can’t have it stick in a Court of Law, how valid is it?

I know very well that his followers believe everything he says. But the consequence of what Trump has been claiming is that there must be a massive conspiracy to remove him as president. I am not sure who could possibly be behind such a conspiracy, but let’s just assume that there was a power elite that wanted Trump out. Why would they have to do this through election fraud? If they have the power to pull off such a massive fraud (involving so many people) and keeping any government agency from accepting it, they must have enormous power. So they could have removed Trump in other ways, even by having him assassinated. And why did they allow him to be elected in the first place? If they are so powerful, why not simply have Trump lose in 2016 so they would get Hilary, a candidate they could presumably control?

In summary, I see Trump’s reaction to losing the election as typical for a narcissist. I also see that he hasn’t shown much respect for democracy, such as using the power of the presidency to pressure Raffensperger into finding him the votes he needed to win in Georgia. He literally attempted to pressure a public official into committing election fraud. I have not in this lifetime followed any strong leader, and I certainly would never follow a person with Trump’s psychology.

Furthermore, I am committed to democracy, but I don’t see that commitment in Trump. He talks and acts as if a president should have the same powers as the CEO of a corporation, who is essentially a dictator. And the consequence of what Trump and his followers have been claiming is that it doesn’t matter what the institutions of society say; it only matters what THEY say. They talk as if their opinion should rule society, but since when has that been what a democracy is about? I don’t want to me part of a society where Trump is dictator for life.

Tolerance for ascended master teachings

When I was in the Summit Lighthouse, many members seemed to assume that the ascended masters were republicans or at least that they favored the Republican Party. I never thought that, because I realized the masters are above and beyond any divisions found on earth. I never forget that after the Summit build bomb shelters in 1990, the organization was scrutinized by the government. Sometime after, Elizabeth Clare Prophet said that traditionally, the Summit shared many viewpoints with the Republican Party. Yet when it came to respecting the organization’s right to be different from mainstream Christianity and respecting the individual rights of its members to practice a non-standard religion, it was actually the democrats who had taken a stand for that.

The masters have many times stated that they are neither democrats nor republicans but that the look for the highest stand wherever it is found. Yet take the issue of tolerance for the non-standard beliefs of those of us who are ascended master students. I don’t see any tolerance for those who are different in Trump himself and I don’t see it in the most polarized of his followers. Much of Trump’s base is the religious right, and I have no doubt that if they had the power to do so, ascended master teachings would be outlawed and censored because these people see them as the work of the devil.

Christ discernment and Trump

I see Trump as a person who has a need to set himself up as an absolute authority that no one can question or object to. If he says there was fraud, then the nation should follow him and anyone who doesn’t agree is either part of the deep state, the mainstream media, an anti-democratic democrat, a weak republican or a RINO (Republican In Name Only.) It seems obvious to me that Trump thinks he could never be wrong.

It also seems to me that many of those who follow him think he could never be wrong. And they also seem very convinced that they could never be wrong about Trump. To me, this makes my alarm bells go off because how many times in world history have we seen the same dynamic? A strong leader acts as if he could never be wrong, many people affirm this and refuse to consider that they might be wrong—and disaster follows. 

Obviously, I have seen in my own psychology a separate self that wants to be an authority that could never be wrong. I think most spiritual people have this because we have in many past lives been accused by the fallen beings. It took me some time to resolve this so I could overcome the fear of being proven wrong, but it was a great relief to finally let go of it. 

I have seen the same self in many spiritual people. In the Summit, Elizabeth Clare Prophet was the ultimate authority, but many people wanted a similar authority. The staff of the Summit had a hierarchical structure and many department heads acted as if no one below them could question their authority. I have heard many people claim that their I AM Presence had told them something, their Christ self had told them something or that one of the masters had told them something. Given the culture in the Summit, it was implied that when someone made a statement like that, it had some absolute authority. I have heard people tell others: “El Morya told me to tell you this . . .”

I personally considered that unhealthy. I have deliberately not set myself up as an ultimate authority and I am very reluctant to tell people to change or tell them they are wrong. Yet this has caused me a considerable amount of frustration, and when I realized that some ascended master students believe in Trump and his claims about the election, I had an unusually strong reaction. I felt: “How could you possibly have the teachings that the masters have given and believe in someone like Trump? How could you have the teachings on black-and-white thinking and the epic mindset and fail to see this in Trump? How could you fail to see him as a narcissist?”

As always, I looked at this and eventually discovered some selves that I had with me when I came to earth from a natural planet. I realized that I came here because I looked at earth and formed a desire to help people move out of suffering. I thought I could come here and help them see that it is their own mindset that creates their suffering. Of course, I have experienced in many past lives and in this one, that this isn’t possible. You simply cannot make people see that they are not willing to see, and that is why the earth is the School of Hard Knocks. 

Again, starting with my father, I have seen how some people are trapped in this personal vortex where they are unreachable. I have seen quite a few people go into such a vortex, and I felt a sense of loss upon realizing that there was nothing I could say because their minds were closed. I have also seen many spiritual people go through the same process with people they know. It is like you are losing a loved one without them dying (physically).

As I have worked on this, I have realized that this is cognitive dissonance on my part. I have an uncompromising respect for free will and do not want to force or manipulate people in any way. This means there will be people that I cannot help, so I will inevitably have the sense that people become unreachable. 

I have also worked on my view of suffering. Given that I understand free will, I understand that people suffer as a result of choices they make. Suffering is a psychological condition produced by people’s choices. So if I respect free will, I must respect people’s right to make the choices that lead to suffering. Suffering cannot be wrong if that is the experience people need to have in order to eventually raise their consciousness. 

So my decision to come to earth in order to help people escape suffering is actually a result of a desire to change people’s choices. Yet I also claim I don’t want to force them, meaning I can only seek to persuade them. And if that doesn’t change their minds, I must accept that this is their free will and I cannot allow myself to feel that the outcome should have been different. So if some ascended master students needed to have the experience of following Trump, why should I even have any feelings about that? This must be part of the experience they need to have on their spiritual path, and why should I have any reaction to that? If I do, I must have an attachment and then I need to resolve it. I am very determined to accomplish that. 

Okay, so what does this have to do with Christ discernment and Trump? Well, I know a few ascended master students who have said publicly that they see Trump the way they see him because of their Christ discernment. And I have experienced that I cannot reach these people. I think this has to do with a lot of what I have said above, and it leads to the conclusion that thinking you have Christ discernment can become a catch-22.

If you have publicly declared that Trump is right and that you say this because you have Christ discernment, it means that if Trump was proven wrong, it would also be proven that you didn’t have Christ discernment after all. I understand this is difficult to bear, so it can cause people to go into a state of only looking for ways to prove Trump right while ignoring or seeking to discredit any information that proves him wrong. 

This isn’t the highest level of Christ discernment because in order to have high-level discernment, you have to be neutral about the issue. Once you have allowed yourself to be pulled into having an attachment to Trump, to him being proven right or to yourself not being proven wrong, you can’t be neutral. And then your Christ discernment will be at a lower level, which the masters talked about at the Christ discernment webinar in December 2020.

I see that for some time, the masters have said certain things that were aimed at helping ascended master students attain a higher vision of Trump. They didn’t directly mention Trump, but they said things that if applied to Trump made it obvious what they were talking about. I see that the masters deliberately didn’t make a strong statement about Trump before the election because they wanted people to have an initiation of discerning for themselves based on hints. At the Christ discernment webinar, the masters pulled back the veil and gave more direct statements about Trump.

To me, if you discount what the masters said by caliming I am no longer in contact with the real masters, I obviously cannot help you, and I have come to a full acceptance of that. So I don’t think what I have written here will change anyone’s mind about Trump. But I do hope it can be helpful to some people.

Of course, I also accept the teaching that Jesus gave at the webinar about whether it is possible for two people to both have some discernment but they have opposite views of Trump. So I will end by quoting that. 

Here is a short quote from one dictation (much more teaching in the dictation):

Let us not dance around the issue anymore. Let us take the most obvious example that is up in our time right now: The election in the United States, and whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden should become president. As some of you have pointed out, this has divided ascended master students. Is it possible that one person can be convinced that he or she has Christ discernment and yet firmly believes that Trump should be president? And is it possible that another person can have Christ discernment and firmly believe either that Trump should not be president or that Joe Biden should be president? Is it possible that they both have Christ discernment and therefore that they are both right in a certain sense?

Well, the answer is: “Yes, but…” There is a very big but associated with that statement.

Here is a quote from another dictation:

Now, let me reach back to what I said about the election in the United States. If you look neutrally, at many of the people who claim to be following Trump, you will see that they are very emotional about this. They are very attached to Trump and the image that he has projected. What they are really attached to is the feeling that he has given them and they have come to believe that the only way to have this feeling is through Trump and him being the President, being the leader so they are very, very attached. But what are these people trying to do? They are trying to produce a feeling, but they are trying to do it through some outer condition on earth and now they are facing the possibility that this outer condition will change and Trump will no longer be President. How do you become free of this? Only by realizing that there is something more, that is more important to you than producing this outer condition. If you are an ascended master student and you have believed in Trump, how can you move on now that he is going to be out of office? Well only by being willing to say: “What is that to me? I will follow Christ.”


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