Articles by Kim Michaels

This section contains a selection of articles I have written plus transcripts of talks I have given at conferences.

Why I am not a spiritual Guru

I explain why I don’t present myself as a spiritual guru.

About making mistakes on our spiritual path

A talk I gave in 2020 describing the process of how I overcame the fear of making mistakes on the spiritual path.


I felt a very strong disturbance in the collective consciousness after the event as the United States’ Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. The following articles are my attempt to clarify my own reaction to the situation. I think the last article could be of greatest interest to ascended master students.

What does it take to believe Donald Trump?

I explain how I look at the election in the United States and the claim of voter fraud.

What is the consequence of believing Donald Trump?

Have those who believe in Trump’s claims lost their respect for democracy and think the ends justify the means?

What are the lessons from Donald Trump’s presidency?

The lessons I see that society needs to consider and debate as a way of processing Trump’s presidency

How I approach Trump, the world and the spiritual path

How I look at myself as a spiritual person, how I think society can be changed and how this forms my view of Trump.