How the ascended masters communicate with us

As a child it was striking to me to learn about some of the superstitions people had in previous ages. I learned that stone-age people were afraid to go outside their huts at night. Especially shocking was when I learned that a mere 500 years ago most people in Europe seriously believed the earth was flat. I instantly realized that 500 years from now people will look back at some of our beliefs and think they were as primitive as the belief in a flat earth.

History can be seen as a process of gradually raising the awareness of humankind. This is only partially a matter of what we know, but also a matter of how we actually look at life and ourselves. The conclusion this leads to is that the ascended masters have been behind this process of raising our awareness. Yet they have always had to adapt their work to what we currently believe and our willingness or unwillingness to question it.

The ascended masters are beyond all subjective illusions on earth. This means they are fully capable of giving us the full truth about how the reality simulator works and how or minds create the perception that an illusion seems real. Yet most people would not be able or willing to receive that truth, which means the ascended masters can only give us bits and pieces depending on how open-minded we are.

At any given time, we can look at a group of people (or humankind as a whole) and we can identity certain illusions that people think do not need to be questioned. This limits what the ascended masters can give to those people because the masters must start with people’s current beliefs and present ideas that are not so far beyond that people will reject them. As an example, just look at the long and complex process that led people to transcend the belief in a flat earth. It literally took generations.

What we see is that the ascended masters take the long view and gradually seek to help us question one illusion after another. They do this by presenting ideas to a group of people that the most open-minded can accept. As a few people begin to accept the idea that the earth is round, it gradually spreads and at some point a shift can occur so a majority of people now accept the new idea.

We can say that the ascended masters are constantly seeking to release new and higher ideas that bring us closer to a non-subjective understanding of ourselves and the world. But they must always do this within the context of our current world view and our willingness to question it, to look beyond it.

How the ascended masters release new ideas

How do the ascended masters release new ideas, do they simply drop them from heaven? Obviously, the masters can only release ideas through people in embodiment. This means that the ascended masters need people who are willing to open their minds to new ideas in any field of human endeavor. 

Naturally, this is not to say that all new ideas come from the ascended masters. There are forces in this world who want to keep humanity trapped in illusions and they will also release new ideas when people begin to question the old ones. Some people also come up with new ideas from their own minds. The difference is that the ideas from the ascended masters come from beyond the level of subjectivity and therefore they have the aim and effect of freeing our minds. Ideas from a lower source are not above subjectivity and thus they either imprison us even more or maintain status quo.

When we look back at history, we see that many people have been open to receiving new ideas from the ascended masters. This is true for philosophers, thinkers, writers, some religious or spiritual people and scientists. Also, we see people from all walks of life who have been able to receive an idea for some new technology or some improvement in a particular area of society or daily life.

Common for many of these people is that they were not consciously aware of where the ideas were coming from. Some talked about inspiration and in the ancient world there was talk of spiritual beings, called muses, who inspired people with new ideas. Obviously, the ascended masters are seeking to help humankind grow, and they don’t need to get credit for doing so. Thus, they are happy to allow people to think they have come up with the ideas by themselves. It should also be mentioned that many people have been able to receive some ideas from the ascended masters, but they have been mixed in with ideas from other sources. A philosophers can receive some ideas from the masters but may reason his way to other ideas that are not as liberating. Again, this is the situation the ascended masters have to work with.

Direct awareness of ascended masters

In previous ages, the ascended masters have mainly worked anonymously and even many of the people who received ideas from the masters were not aware of their existence. However, as the general or collective consciousness has been raised as a result of the masters’ efforts, more and more people are now ready to consciously acknowledge the existence of the ascended masters. The advantage of this is that it makes it possible for the ascended masters to work more directly with such people and therefore raise the collective consciousness even faster.

Another effect of the raising of consciousness is that the ascended masters have started to express themselves more openly by communicating directly through people in embodiment. From ancient times there has been a tradition of various people communicating directly with non-material beings. Examples are the prophets from the Old Testament and the seers or oracles known in various cultures. Not all of these people communicated with the ascended masters and the term “ascended masters” was not known in previous times. 

In this context it is important to understand the Law of Free Will. This law mandates that people must have the freedom to do whatever they want with their free will. This is what made it possible for humanity to create the current state of conflict and poverty on earth. The ascended masters have the power to remove this unbalanced state, but they are not allowed to do so. In order for free will to outplay itself, people in embodiment are the ones who decide what can and cannot happen on earth.

Because the collective consciousness on earth is still so low, plausible deniability must be maintained. This means it must be possible for people to deny that there is a God or a spiritual realm beyond the material. This also makes it possible for people to create a subjective image of God and believe this represents the ultimate God. The ascended masters are not allowed to give an undeniable proof of their existence because it must be plausible for people to deny the existence of ascended masters.

This explains why the masters must communicate through people in embodiment instead of some supernatural form of communication. For example, I have been trained to serve as a messenger for the ascended masters, but I can give no proof of this. Some people can sense the value of what the masters are saying through me, but for most people it is easy to deny the reality or significance of this. 

Direct communication from the masters

For a little more than a century, the ascended masters have been training a number of people to receive more direct communication from them. This can take various forms, from people being consciously aware that they receive ideas from the masters, over people being able to write down messages, to people being able to speak direct messages from the masters.

Common for these people is that they have openly acknowledged that the ascended masters exist and that they were receiving direct communication from the masters. The term “ascended masters” was first released publicly during the 1930s. Since then various messengers have received direct communication from the ascended masters. Some of these messengers have founded organizations that attracted size-able numbers of members and some of them still exist today.

The most direct form of communication from the ascended masters is called a dictation. This is where the messenger has been trained to raise his or her consciousness to a higher level than normal, namely beyond the subjective, dualistic level of consciousness. An ascended master then uses the messenger’s mind to speak directly through the messenger, meaning the master will speak through the messenger’s mind and vocal cords as if it was speaking directly to the audience. 

Naturally, this sounds like the phenomenon of channeling that has become fairly well known over the past decades. However, a messenger of the ascended masters is not in a trance. The messenger is awake, is aware of what is being said and could break off the process at any time. This is because the ascended masters would never violate the messenger’s free will by taking over his or her mind. This does mean that the message if flowing through the messenger’s mind and can be affected by the way the messenger uses language, the messenger’s cultural world view and even some unquestioned beliefs of the messenger. 

While this may color the message, it is not necessarily a problem. Because the ascended masters are always speaking to a specific group of people at a particular level of consciousness, seeking to give them teachings that help them rise to the next step above. So by using a specific messenger, the message will be easier to grasp for people from the same cultural background and with a similar level of consciousness.

I, Kim Michaels, have been trained to serve as one such messenger. This started in 2002 and since then I have received almost a thousand direct messages, also called “dictations,” from the ascended masters. Many of these dictations are freely available on the Ascended Master Light website. Some of the messages are published in more than 60 books. I have also received over a thousand answers from the ascended masters to questions asked by people who are open to the existence of the masters. These are freely available on the Ascended Master Answers website. The exact process of how a dictation takes place will be described elsewhere.