How I experience dictations from ascended masters

By Kim Michaels

In this article I will attempt to describe in words how I experience taking a dictation and how I experience the difference between various masters. Obviously, it is difficult to describe such experiences in words. Just try to imagine that you meet a person who has never tasted an apple and you have to describe the taste of an apple in words.

How it feels to take a dictation

I have often had people express that they think it must be a very high experience to take a dictation, but actually it isn’t. What I have described in the previous article is that for me the essence is to be in a completely neutral frame of mind. With that I mean that I am beyond the normal contrasts, and thus I simply can’t say that this is a high experience in contrast to a low experience or a normal experience. There are no comparisons that apply to a neutral state of mind or pure awareness. It simply IS, but it is neither this nor that.

Yet as I give a dictation there is a huge amount of spiritual light flowing through my mind, so after the dictation I do feel this light and I do feel how much the master’s Presence has raised my consciousness. I have sometimes taken a dictation while being tired, but feeling so energized afterwards that I felt like I could run a marathon (not that I ever tried). Truly, I often feel so elated afterwards that I feel like I could fly off to some distant destination or that I could penetrate all the mysteries in the universe.

I have several times talked about being in a neutral frame of mind, but I have lately realized that I do have different experiences of taking dictations. What I have noticed is that there are times when I am so focused on the master and the flow of consciousness, that I am not aware of anything else. This is what I call being in a neutral frame of mind. Then, there are times when I feel the Presence of the master in a much more powerful way and I feel absorbed in or one with the master. 

I have noticed that this happens mostly when I am sitting down while taking a dictation. When I am standing up (often for an hour or more) there is a little bit of attention that goes to keeping my body upright and keeping it facing the audience. When I am sitting, I can be more fully focused on experiencing the master. There are also some dictations that I call teaching dictations because I feel the master is focused on giving a specific teaching. There are other dictations where the words are not as important as the release of energy and the Presence of the masters. During the first type, I am focused on the words, and during the latter I have a more powerful experience of the master itself.

A pragmatic approach

The greatest benefit of being a messenger is that I get to experience the Presence of ascended masters. It gives me a unique frame of reference, but quite frankly we don’t have to take a dictation to get that experience. We can get it from listening to or reading a dictation or by contacting the masters directly in our own hearts.

Over time I have developed a pragmatic approach where I clearly know I am in this for the long haul. I see being a messenger as my life’s mission, and I am focused on doing the best I can without going into a sense of self-importance. I do get a genuine sense of accomplishment from feeling that the masters have brought forth either a single dictation or a set of dictations that they wanted to deliver. For me it is a very worthwhile way to spend my time and energy, and it really carries its own reward. Any recognition I might get from others is not the motivating force. What motivates me is the sense that I have been an open door for the masters to bring forth something that they want to bring forth. That feeling is all the reward I need for the work. The work is its own reward.

I think listening to a dictation can give people what feels like a higher experience than taking a dictation. The reason is that while taking a dictation I have to be constantly alert so that I stay in a neutral frame of mind and remain attuned to the master. When I say “neutral” I don’t mean passive. It is actually a state of heightened awareness to be neutral, and it requires me to be very focused.

When you are listening to a dictation, you can close your eyes and focus your attention within your heart. This gives you the option of also going into a neutral frame of mind, but instead of being alert to the flow coming through you, you can now be completely focused on receiving the flow. When I take a dictation I am often so neutral that I feel neither this nor that. Yet when you just take it in, you can go more into the experience.

New students often experience a greater contrast between their normal state of consciousness and a dictation. This can give you a sense that you have a high experience, but the sense of contrast will dissipate as you raise your consciousness. Instead, you may experience a deeper oneness with the master because your normal state of consciousness is closer to that of the master. Yet in this oneness there will be no contrast. High or low will simply lose their meaning.

To me, the real sign that I am taking a valid dictation is not in the words but in the vibration of the light being released during the dictation. I obviously feel this light as do most of the people who study my work. If people don’t feel the light, I can only encourage them to move on to other teachings.

I have often seen the effect on people after a dictation, where they have been uplifted and elated. At a conference, I can feel how the group spirals upwards, and I can often feel the dinner conversations as a very high-spirited energy. Truly, an ascended master dictation does offer us a glimpse into the vibration of a higher realm. And it is a very valuable frame of reference for evaluating what we call “normal” human awareness.

The experience of specific masters

Let me first make some general remarks about how I experience the masters. As I said, some dictations are what I call teaching dictations, because they are primarily meant to bring forth an explanation in words. Other dictations are more powerful, and the main focus is on the release of light whereas the words are less important. I have sometimes had people say after a powerful dictation: “That was a great dictation!” And although I understand the feeling, I have also sometimes thought: “Yes, but wasn’t the more quiet dictation from Mother Mary also great?”

For me, what makes a dictation special is that I feel I have touched the Presence of a being who is completely beyond the human, dualistic consciousness. In any dictation I experience a Being who is completely free of ego, criticism, judgment and other lower feelings. I experience a Being who radiates only love and who only wants to raise up all human beings. Sometimes it might be tough love that seeks to shock people awake, yet it is always love. And to me that is always special.

In most cases a dictation is a one-way street, meaning that the master is releasing a flow that is coming forth, and people can take it or leave it. Yet with some lady masters I have experienced a return flow in the sense that the master giving the dictation makes a statement, then takes in the reaction of the audience and then makes another statement based on people’s ability to raise their minds. This is rather amazing to watch, because I sense people’s thoughts in a way I normally can’t do.

Each master is an individual, and each master is above the human level. But there are clearly levels among the masters. There are some masters who are closer to our level and whose words are normally very practical and easy to understand. Their vibration is often also not so high as to blow people away. Then there are levels of higher masters, who often speak in more esoteric ways, as if they are looking at the earth from a greater distance and not so concerned about our concerns. For example, the Chohans are our closest teachers, whereas Archangels and Elohim have a much higher perspective. Even beyond that are cosmic beings, such as the Goddess of Liberty, the Great Divine Director, Surya, Omega and so forth. It is fascinating to experience the differences between these levels of hierarchy.

Let me now describe my experiences of specific masters.


Obviously, Jesus was the first master I started working with and the one I have worked with the most. I feel closer to Jesus than any other master and over time I have developed a sense of oneness with him. Taking a dictation from Jesus feels so familiar, so close that it is different from other masters. Most other masters I am not normally aware of. When they want to give a dictation, I feel they are approaching me from a distance, and I experience their Presence as distinct.

With Jesus I feel there is almost no distance. He is there all the time. Sometimes he speaks through me in a dictation and most of the time he is silent. But he is rarely, if ever, not present. I feel that unless I am very tired or preoccupied by some practical task, I could close my eyes, open my mouth and Jesus could give a dictation any time.

I experience Jesus as having a very distinct personality, but I also sense he does not express this fully through me. I sense this is, at least in part, because he is aware people have such a variety of expectations about him that he presents himself as being more universal or neutral than lesser known masters. I sense that Jesus is very passionate about issues and caring about people and that he would like to express himself more freely. Perhaps he will at some point in the future.

I have had people tell me that my voice takes on a distinct power when I take a dictation from Jesus. I would say that Jesus is not normally as powerful as for example Archangel Michael, but he has a special intensity. To me he is definitely the most intense master, and I often feel he can be much more intense than the way he has been so far. Yet if he did unleash his full intensity, I am not sure I would be able to handle taking a dictation and I don’t know how many could handle experiencing it. Again, perhaps this will change over time.

Dictations by Jesus.

Mother Mary

After Jesus, I think Mother Mary must be the one who has given the most dictations through me. As I am writing this, I am becoming aware of an interesting phenomenon.

When I experience Mother Mary or even think of her, I experience her as the gently, loving, nurturing mother. With Mother May I feel like I am sitting on her lap, being held in her arms and feeling completely safe and unconditionally loved. I feel like she knows everything about me and never judges or condemns. She is exactly the kind of mother we all want to have—and that we all can have by attuning to her Presence.

Yet that being said, many of the dictations she has given through me have been very direct and stern, not exactly what you might expect from a feminine master. The first dictations she gave back in 2003 were about Lucifer and war. Even some of her later dictations have been very strict about the fallen consciousness and beings stuck in it. This is, of course, a natural extension of her holding the Office of the Divine Mother with the task of defending all life. Thus, she expresses the wrath of Kali, as it is known in the East.

Yet even if I have just taken one of these stern dictations, I still feel her like the nurturing mother and I simply can’t see her any other way. For example, I remember a couple of dictations where she has been very direct and stern about the Catholic church, but I have still felt how she has nothing but unconditional love towards all Catholics, even the church leaders.

It is truly unique to me that she can be so direct and yet so unconditionally loving at the same time. I think if you can’t feel her unconditional love, you really don’t know Mother Mary.

Dictations by Mother Mary.

Saint Germain

I find that my heart wants to say that Saint Germain is definitely the most unique and distinct ascended master I have ever experienced. I then find that my mind wants to say that all of the other masters are also unique and special. And then my heart simply responds: “Yes, but none of them are as unique as Saint Germain.”

The feeling I get with Saint Germain is that his aura is so fast-moving and has such an exhilarating vibration that he instantly changes every force-field he enters. It is like having a dark cave and suddenly someone switches on a million light bulbs.

I remember several dictations where Saint Germain was talking so fast that I could hardly get the words out. One example is this one from Ukraine. During such dictations I am still not in a trance, but I have to be so 100 percent focused that there simply isn’t room for any stray thought in my mind.

I can feel how Saint Germain is just so eager to share his quickening Presence with people. Truly, in such dictations the words don’t really matter. He is simply unleashing a torrent of his Freedom Flame, as if he was saying: “HERE I AM. WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.”

It is a good thing that he sometimes slows down his vibration and gives a more teaching-like dictation. Yet I can still tell you that taking an hour-long dictation from Saint Germain really keeps you on your toes—often in the most literal sense. I have often felt myself standing on my toes for long periods while taking a dictation from Saint Germain. Obviously, I wouldn’t normally stand on my toes, and standing for an hour-long dictation is hard enough in itself. So standing on your toes for a part of that time isn’t something I think I could do physically. Yet the light is so intense that normal physical considerations simply don’t matter. I feel I am being pulled physically upwards and I simply have to get up on my toes.

I sense how some masters take their time to talk to people and help them gradually raise their consciousness. If you imagine people standing in a train station, these masters will come in on a train, stop the train and perhaps even get out to talk to the people. Yet Saint Germain’s train is running at break-neck speed. He will slow down while passing the station, but if you are not willing to jump onto a moving train, you simply have to wait until the next time he comes by.

I have never felt more free than after taking a dictation from Saint Germain. I have never encountered another master who has such an ability to quicken me and help me experience his flame. As he has said, he truly IS freedom.

I find myself thinking about other masters who have also given me very special experiences, and I know this is true. Yet my heart still cries out that Saint Germain is simply especially special.

Dictations by Saint Germain.

El Morya/Master MORE

When I first found the Summit, one of the things that convinced me of its validity was a book dictated by El Morya in which he plainly stated that he was not interested in having the entire world as his chelas. If you were not ready to meet his requirements, he would pass you by until you had made yourself ready. That impressed me as something only a real master would say because a fake master would want to attract as many followers as possible.

In the Summit, El Morya was portrayed as being a very strict and stern disciplinarian. When I first found the Summit, they had a huge painting of El Morya hanging to the right of the alter, and it showed him as being a very stern looking fellow with a yellow turban, long beard and penetrating brown eyes. This symbolized how he was looked at, and I do believe this image was not entirely to his liking.

I feel Elizabeth Clare Prophet had made El Morya seem more strict than he really is. This could be based on her experience of him, but I do feel that she sometimes used him as a kind of bogey-man. I know examples of her having a disagreement with her staff or being challenged by them, and she would often say: “El Morya says …” and that was the end of the discussion.

I am not saying El Morya never settled arguments. He had trained the messenger for the Summit and obviously wanted her to succeed. He could no doubt see when people challenged her based on the fallen mindset of thinking they knew better than the messenger how she should be a messenger. I am simply saying that in Summit culture, El Morya was seen as being very strict and stern and I have not actually experienced him that way.

I one time had Elizabeth Clare Prophet challenge my ego. I then decided to be honest and look at myself instead of trying to defend myself. As soon as I made that decision, I felt the Presence of El Morya descending  upon me like a pink cloud of the most tender love. To this day, this is the only way I have ever experienced El Morya/Master MORE. Actually, in the early 1990’s the Summit replaced the old picture of El Morya with a new one that portrayed him as much more gentle with a humorous glint in his now blue eyes. So obviously El Morya wanted to change people’s image of him.

An interesting part of my experience of El Morya was when he decided to change his name to Master MORE. I had never even considered that an ascended master would change his name, but when I came to the conference in England in 2007, I started feeling the Presence of El Morya, and he was clearly communicating to me that he wanted to change his name. I can see that he was trying to prepare me so that I would not faint during the dictation.

Obviously, I had not desire for him to change his name, and at the time I would probably have preferred that he had not done so. Whereby I am saying that there is no way I could have made this up in my own mind. Of course, it never occurred to me to argue with the master. After the initial surprise, I simply accepted that, of course, an ascended master has the right to decide that he wants a name that better reflects where he is at in consciousness. As I have explained, I think El Morya wasn’t happy with the image of him created over the years.

I have had people argue that I made this all up and that this proves I am not a messenger for the real masters, but to me this seems really odd. I mean, if you say that an ascended master would never change his name, aren’t you saying that you know better what a master should do than the master himself? This mindset is rather alien to me. I can see that masters known to the public, such as Jesus and Mother Mary, would not change their names, but El Morya is not generally known.

An ascended master is here to help us escape our mental boxes. So why wouldn’t he do something to shake up the people who have formed a non-constructive image of him? Anyway, no argument will ever settle such matters, but my point is that the very mindset of thinking you know better than the master violates El Morya’s own credo: “If the guru be an ant, heed him.” If we think we know better than the teacher, we do not fulfill the old saying that when the student is ready the teacher appears.

If we think we know better than Morya, then we are not ready for Morya. Because the very flame of El Morya/Master MORE is the anti-thesis of the mindset that thinks it knows better than God. Master MORE does not require us to we strong-willed or powerful in order to qualify to be his chela. He does not require us to be blue-ray or determined. He more than anything else requires one thing: honesty.

When we are completely honest with ourselves, the fact is simple: We have not ascended; Master MORE has ascended. If we think we know better than him, how can he help us ascend? If we want to tell him how he should help us out of our spiritual blindness, then Master MORE must simply pass us by and leave us to be less, until we have had enough of it and we become willing to be MORE with him.

To me, Master MORE is more MORE than master. He is the one who always inspires us to become more. This isn’t to say I feel he is never happy with our progress. He is simply so in tune with the will of God, which is that everything transcends itself, that he radiates this constant flow. Just tuning in to Master MORE’s Presence changes me and inspires me to come up higher.

I have sensed for a couple of years that Master MORE has reached Buddhic attainment, which is a major step for an ascended master.

Dictations by Master MORE.

Gautama Buddha

It is always an extraordinary experience to take a dictation from Gautama Buddha. His dictations are often long, and several of them have been around an hour. I have often been inspired to sit with my legs crossed during a dictation, and this actually helps me tune out all awareness of my body. Sometimes when I get up from sitting cross-legged for a long dictation I can barely walk. But as long as the dictation is going on, I have no sense of discomfort.

Again, I am not in a trance but I have often lost all awareness of time, my body and the surroundings while being enveloped in the Presence of the Buddha. He radiates such a sense of peace that I end up with the feeling that everything is in its right place. It is a peace that is beyond anything we could experience on earth, a peace that passeth understanding.

Experiencing the Presence of Gautama gives me a frame of reference for what it means to be completely non-attached. I am not saying I am there yet all the time, but I know what it feels like. I feel like nothing on earth could possibly move me or disturb me, like no demon of Mara could ever pull me into reacting to it. I don’t look at life through the normal filter of value judgments because in the mind of the Buddha everything simply is the way it is.

After a dictation from Gautama I have often had the clear knowing that no darkness and no dark force has any reality. They are all just temporary appearances and all of the evil on this planet is as fleeting as the morning dew that will evaporate when the sun rises in the sky.

Also, when I take a dictation from Gautama I experience what it feels like when time simply doesn’t exist. When I am focused on the flow of light that comes from the Buddha’s mind, time seems irrelevant. Is there any place I need to go, is there any deadline I need to meet?

I said that with Saint Germain I have the feeling of a moving train that is always moving on. With Gautama it is the sense that while the world appears to be moving, there is a backdrop for all movement that constantly stands still. That immovable backdrop is the mind of the Buddha. It is unmoved by anything on earth because any movement – no matter how powerful – simply moves within the space that the Buddha holds.

Gautama has given me a tangible sense of space as the immovable backdrop that makes all movement possible. It is not simply something that exists; it is a state of mind and it requires that a being with Buddhic consciousness holds it constantly. That is what Gautama does as the Lord of the World. Without him, there would be no space in which we can move.

Dictations by Gautama Buddha.

Archangel Michael

All of the Archangels have the same basic feature, namely that in their Presence there is no room for doubt. In our normal awareness we can have all kinds of doubts or a sense that matter has power over spirit. Yet in the presence of an Archangel this instantly vanishes. They are simply so one with the spiritual flame they hold that there is no room for doubt that the flame is more powerful than anything in the matter world. It is a great frame of reference to have experienced the Presence of an Archangel.

Archangel Michael is always very powerful, and I get the feeling of an unstoppable wave of energy that sweeps away all lower manifestations. After taking a dictation from Archangel Michael I have no doubt that the forces of light will always win the battle with darkness. Yet I have never had the sense that Archangel Michael sees himself in opposition to dark forces, sees himself as battling them, is angry with them or wants to judge them. He is simply immovable to their lower energies.

Truly, if I were to characterize Archangel Michael with one word, it would be: immovable. If we are not willing to give up the ego, we will experience Archangel Michael as completely immovable. If we are indeed willing to give up the ego, we will find Archangel Michael an unconditionally loving master who will literally “sweep us along” as the decree to him says.

I feel the Archangels are the purest expressions of spiritual flames I have experienced. They radiate their particular flame so strongly that it consumes all lesser energies. That is why the new decrees to them is such a major dispensation.

Dictations by Archangel Michael.

Let no man cause you to doubt the masters

I have had so many precious experiences with the ascended masters that there is absolutely no doubt in my being. I know the masters are real and I know I am working with the real ascended masters. My experience of the masters and their Presence is proof of that.

I am saying this because over the years, I have met many people who were spiritual but who had various doubts about the reality of the masters. For example, in the Summit many people came to doubt the reality of the masters after the messenger fell ill and retired. It was as if their relationship to the masters was dependent upon the messenger, and when the messenger did not live up to their mental image – or was criticized and put down by a group of negative people – they started doubting that the entire experience had been real. I know people who gave up on all spirituality after that.

Over the years I have encountered various negative reactions from people who say the ascended masters simply don’t exist. For example, when the Summit was criticized by the press, a common quote was that the messenger was communicating with “the spirits of dead people.” It has always been amazing to me that there are people in the world who are so angry and aggressive in seeking to destroy other people’s beliefs.

My personal reaction to this is that this can only be the outcome of the incredible spiritual pride and arrogance that is the hallmark of the fallen mindset. I am not hereby saying that specific people are fallen beings, for that is irrelevant to me. What I am saying is that the essence of the fallen mindset is that one thinks one knows better than God. It is clear to me that there are people who believe they know better than God or the ascended masters how things should be done. These people also display another characteristic of the fallen mindset, which is that they have a compulsory need to influence others. They just can’t leave it alone; they can’t live and let live.

From my viewpoint I have a direct experience of the ascended masters and I experience the masters as being so far above anything I have ever encountered on earth. When these people come at me with their arguments and poorly disguised anger, it is in such contrast to my experience of the masters that there is simply no comparison. How could I possibly choose their low vibration over the high vibration I experience from the masters? How could anyone possibly think they would have the power to override my direct, inner relationship with the ascended masters? I mean, how can people even think this way?

I have learned that nothing I could say would have any impact on prejudiced people, but my point here is that the most precious thing we have is our own inner connection to the ascended masters. It has never been my goal and it has never been the goal of the ascended masters to have my work and websites become a substitute for your inner connection. The goal is to give you teachings and tools to help you come to the point where you consciously experience the Presence of an ascended master directly within your heart.

Regardless of what anyone says about ascended masters not existing, the impossibility of being a messenger or how they try to criticize a particular messenger, never let that interfere with your inner connection. The masters are real. They do not forever want you to know them only through an outer teaching or messenger. They want to reveal themselves to you directly within your own being.

This inner connection is the most precious thing you have. It is the Pearl of Great Price and it is worth it to let go of everything you have in this world in order to connect to the ascended masters. Don’t let anything anyone says, don’t let the blind pride and arrogance of the fallen mindset, interfere with your inner relationship with the ascended masters. As the saying goes: “Let no man take thy crown.”

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