About my work

In this section I describe various aspects of the work I do for the ascended masters, how I started it and what it feels like.

Why the ascended masters are important to us

Here I explain what makes the ascended masters unique and indispensable for those of us who are spiritual seekers.

How the ascended masters communicate with us

An overview of how the ascended masters have communicated with human beings throughout history and what has changed over the past century.

How Kim Michaels became a messenger for the ascended masters

Explains the process that led me to become a messenger.

How do I receive dictations from ascended masters?

I try to explain how I receive a dictation from the masters and what state of mind I need to be in.

How I experience dictations from ascended masters

I am trying to do the impossible, namely to describe with words what it feels like to experience the Presence of ascended masters.

You can experience that the masters are real

This is a transcript of a talk I gave immediately after a dictation by Ascended Master Venus,  given at the 2020 Webinar: Being the Divine Mother.

About being  a messenger for the ascended masters

Some thoughts about what it means to be a messenger and the difference between ascended masters and beings in lower realms. Also, the difference between being a messenger and being a channeler.

The psychological process of becoming a messenger for the ascended masters

I describe the process I went through in order to qualify and accept myself as a messenger for the ascended masters.

A messenger cannot have a personal agenda

How I realized that as a messenger I need to let go of any personal agenda.

As a messenger, it is not about me

Some thoughts about what has enabled me to continue to be a messenger.