Welcome to the official website of Kim Michaels

My name is Kim Michaels, and this is my official website where you can find information about me and the unusual work that I do.

The quick way to explain what I do is to say that I am an author who has published over 60 books and has created several very extensive websites about spirituality, self-improvement and related topics.

The more complex part of my job is that I have not written these 60 books, or the thousands of pages freely available on the websites, from my own mind. I have been trained to receive teachings from a group of spiritual beings, called the ascended masters, who serve as the universal teachers for all people.

This, of course, is a concept that is new and probably strange to many people. However, let me make it clear that I have no intention of seeking to make people believe in this through arguments or reasoning. The ascended masters have a saying:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

This means that not all people are ready to recognise the existence of ascended masters. The masters teach that planet earth is an educational device, a kind of reality simulator, in which we can have two types of experiences:

    • An immersion experience, during which we experience this world as being real and our Life Experience as being a product of outer circumstances.
    • An awakening experience, during which we begin to question the sense of reality and grasp that our Life Experience is primarily a product of our own minds.

Most people on earth are still in the immersion phase and are not ready to accept the existence of ascended masters, nor do they need to. My work is not aimed at such people and they can safely ignore me and everything I do.

More and more people are starting to move into the awakening phase, and this is where we can benefit from the teachings and tools given by the ascended masters. This is also where we can accept the existence of ascended masters through an intuitive process whereby we connect to the reality of the masters, an experience that is beyond argumentation or reasoning. My work is aimed exclusively at people who are in this phase.

The ascended masters offer us a gradual, systematic path and by following it, we can raise our consciousness until we start grasping the following:

      • How to use the design of the reality simulator to generate the Life Experience we want to have while we are here.
      • How to follow a process that leads to our final exit from the simulator, whereby we ascend and become ascended masters ourselves.

All of the teachings I have brought forth have the purpose of helping you follow this path towards higher levels of consciousness, a path that leads to spiritual freedom and mastery of your own mind. If this resonates with you, take a look at the enormous amount of teachings that the ascended masters have released through me.

If you want to know more about me, read my book about my experience of growing up as a spiritual person in a society that denies spirituality.