Does life make sense?

By Kim Michaels


Is it possible to make sense out of life, to find purpose and meaning?


… but only if you are willing to look beyond the mental boxes that dominate modern society.

And that means both religious, political, scientific, materialistic, cultural, sexual, racial, ethnic or any other kind of mental boxes. Why is this so?

Well, it’s simple, really.

If you have questions for which you have no answers – if life does not make sense to you – then the reason is that the answers to your questions cannot be found within your current mental box. So you either give up trying to find answers or you decide to look for answers beyond your mental box.

What exactly is a mental box?

Right now you have certain basic beliefs about who you are and what it means to be human. You have certain beliefs about the world you live in, including how it works and what you can and cannot do. You have certain beliefs or assumptions about where you came from and what happens – or doesn’t happen – after this life is over. 

These beliefs – paradigms or assumptions – may have come from a variety of sources, such as science, religion, philosophy, political systems, your culture, your teachers, your family, your friends and so on. Yet no matter where your present beliefs come from, they form your world view – your basic attitude and approach to life – and this is your current mental box. 

A mental box is the sum or conglomerate of all the ideas, beliefs, mental images, assumptions and – so-called – facts that are currently residing in your mind. They form a “box” or structure around your mind.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this. As a human being you need a foundation for relating to the world you find yourself in, and your mental box gives you that. It can also give you a sense of security or belonging, even a sense of identity.

Yet your mental box also forms a kind of filter that colors, distorts or limits the way you look at life—and this happens even at subconscious levels, where you are not aware of it. This might easily form a barrier – a kind of mental prison – that prevent your thoughts from going beyond certain boundaries. There are questions you either cannot ask or are not willing to ask.

The effect is comparable to a person wearing colored glasses. The glasses distort the person’s view of everything. If you know you are wearing colored glasses, you might not believe everything you see. 

Yet now imagine that a person had colored contact lenses mounted at birth and had never seen the world without the lenses. How would that person know that its view of the world was distorted? How would the person even begin to question the accuracy of its world view?

Your mental box becomes a problem if you have questions that cannot be answered by the “stuff” that is already in the box.

So here comes the essential insight.

If your current mental box can answer all of your questions about life, then this mental box should allow you to make sense out of life.

If that is the case – and you think life makes sense – then you have no need for this teaching—or anything else outside your mental box. Simply be content where you are until – perhaps – you become aware of questions that your current mental box cannot answer.

Since you are reading this, it is likely that you are already – perhaps painfully – aware that your current mental box cannot answer all of your questions about life. You might even have come to the realization that your current belief or thought system does not make sense or does not allow you to make sense out of life.

And this is where you face a simple choice. You either give up trying to make sense out of life and resign yourself to the fact that life doesn’t make sense. Or you decide to look for answers or ideas beyond your current mental box.

If your decision is the former, nothing that will be said here will help you. Yet if your decision is the latter, then this teaching might indeed help you. Because it is based on the premise that any question has an answer that will increase your understanding of life. And in order to find that answer, you simply have to keep looking beyond your current beliefs and assumptions about life.

The answers are there. It is only a matter of how far beyond your current mental box you are willing to go in order to find answers that make sense to YOU.



Copyright © 2014 Kim Michaels


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