You can change your life

By Kim Michaels


Most of us were brought up with a dysfunctional world view, a view that makes it unnecessarily difficult for us to change our personal lives. The basic message of this book is that by learning the High-Energy Approach, you will make it possible and believable for yourself to change virtually any aspect of your life. 

This book is written from the recognition that most people lead busy lives, and thus need an explanation that is quick to read and practical to apply. The book is not meant to give an all-encompassing explanation of how to produce personal change. It will give you the minimum amount of information you need, in order to implement the practical techniques that will also be described. This is a how-to-guide, not a philosophical treatise.

By adopting the High-Energy Approach, which is based on the discoveries of science and universal spiritual teachings, you will see a systematic road to producing the kind of personal changes you want to see happen. And while this is not a quick-fix approach, it is indeed a viable, long-term approach to creating the kind of life you want.


Everything is energy

The world view with which we were brought up became obsolete in 1905, yet it still dominates the world today. This is not all that strange, because this view is based on what our physical senses tell us, namely that we live in a world made of “solid” matter. Our senses tell us that this matter has substance and longevity, meaning it is difficult to change. Furthermore, matter is not connected to our minds, and thus it seems like our minds have limited powers for changing matter. Which makes it seem like we don’t have the power to create the kind of lives we want.

Yet all the way back in 1905, an unknown clerk at the Swiss patent office published some scientific papers, which shook the world of physics and could have shaken the world. This clerk was, of course, Albert Einstein, and you have no doubt seen his famous formula: E=mc2. Yet have you ever thought about what the formula really tells us?

Einstein’s simple formula tells us that the sensory-based world view is completely and fundamentally inaccurate. We do NOT live in a world of solid matter, because “matter” truly does not exist. Matter – as a solid substance that is difficult to change – is a product of the human mind, and the concept of solid matter is based on the limited abilities of our physical senses.

You no doubt learned in school, that there are many types of light that your eyes cannot see. For example, you can see violet light, but you cannot see ultra-violet light. You probably also learned that light is a form of energy, and that it takes the form of waves or vibration. The reason why  you cannot see ultraviolet light is that its vibration is too high for your eyes to detect.

You also learned that matter is made of solid particles, that are different from energy waves. In fact, you were probably taught that matter is made of atoms, which are like miniature solar systems, in which very small billiard balls (electrons) are zooming around a core made of other billiard balls (protons and neutrons). Well, this is precisely the assumption that Einstein proved wrong.

What Einstein actually proved was, that there are no solid, unchangeable particles. What we assumed to be solid particles are simply energy waves that have taken on a form, which makes them appear to be solid particles. You might have been taught that Einstein's formula led to the development of nuclear energy (and the atomic bomb). And you were probably told that a nuclear reactor produces energy by converting Uranium into energy. 

The real explanation is that a nuclear reactor simply releases the energy that was already stored in the atoms. And why was the energy stored there? Because the atom is made from energy waves, that have been captured into a matrix. Thus, when you break the matrix, the energy is released and can be used to produce electrical power.

Okay, but what has this got to do with changing your personal life? Well, imagined what the field of personal health was like before scientists discovered bacteria. Back then, people could die from such simple things as drinking water or eating foo that was a few days old. And because people did not know what causes many diseases, it was almost impossible to discover a cure.

The parallel is that if you do not understand, that you live in a world where everything is energy – and what that truly means – you will have very limited options for changing your personal life. You options will be limited to what you can do with your physical body and material technology. Thus, you will not be able to take advantage of a higher form of technology, namely the technology of the mind.


The implications for physical health

What does the fact that everything is energy mean for your ability to change your life? Well, for starters it breaks down the barrier between mind and matter. You will probably agree, that your thoughts and feelings are forms of energy, meaning they are made from waves. For a long time, doctors and alternative health practitioners have been aware, that your mental and emotional state has a major impact on your health. In fact, even mainstream doctors will agree, that a majority of diseases are psychosomatic, meaning they have a psychological cause. Yet what can explain this, when the body is made from “solid” matter and the mind is energy?

Since Einstein, we have known that the human body is NOT made from solid matter. Your body – every cell within it – is made from energy waves that have been captured into a matrix. Yet they are still energy waves, which means they are subject to the natural laws that guide the workings of waves, which is what scientists call “wave dynamics.” When two waves meet, they can create what scientists call an “interference pattern,” meaning that the waves combine so that both waves are changed in the process. In fact, if the vibrational properties of the two waves are matched in a certain way, the two waves can cancel each other out, meaning we have a destructive interaction.

Scientists have discovered that the cell is an incredibly complex mechanism. Yet “beneath” all that complexity, the cell is made from vibrating energy waves, that have been captured in a stationary matrix. Your thoughts and feelings are energy waves that are not in a stationary matrix, meaning they move. So what happens when the energy waves of an intense emotion, such as fear or anger, hit the stationary energy waves of your cells? Well, according to the science of wave dynamics, it is entirely possible that the emotional energy produces an interference pattern with the stationary energy waves in your cells. And if the vibrations of the two waves are matched a certain way, it is entirely possible that emotional energy waves can do damage to the cells. Over time, this might indeed break down or change the natural functioning of the cell, and suddenly you have the energetic foundation for physical symptoms.

This relatively simply line of reasoning has some stunning implications for health. If a disease is caused by low-frequency emotional energy, doesn’t it seem logical, that you might be able to change the energy directly? Meaning you can learn how to change emotional energy before it does damage to the cells. Perhaps you could even learn how to free your cells from the energy that is already burdening them, thus creating the energetic foundation for healing.


The implications for psychological health

In some modern nations with public healthcare systems, it is beginning to be recognized, that over the coming decades, mental health will be the greatest challenge for public healthcare. Yet we can now see that psychological health must also have an energetic aspect. 

Given that everything is energy, what is the human mind? Well, we can see that individual thoughts and feelings must be energy waves, but what is the mind? Scientists recognize that energy comes in two forms, namely moving waves and stationary waves, also called energy fields. So is it not logical, that the human mind or psyche is an energy field? 

Which means we can now see, that there is an energetic component to all mental illness. Scientists have discovered, that energy cannot easily be created or destroyed. This means that once an energy wave has been given a certain vibration, it will stay in that vibration indefinitely. Anger is simply a form of energy waves of a certain vibration. Which means that once anger energy has arisen in your mind, it will stay in the vibration indefinitely. Yet where does the energy go?

Well, some of it might be sent outside our minds. But does it not seem logical, that some of the energy will stay in our minds and begin to accumulate? Where does this energy get stored? Well, it obviously gets stored in the energy fields of our minds, which is what we normally call the subconscious mind. 

So what happens over time, when fear or anger energy waves continue to accumulate in the subconscious energy field? Does it not seem logical, that there can come a point, when this energy starts affecting our conscious minds, our sense of well-being? Is it possible that what we generally call depression could be caused by an accumulation of low-frequency energy in the subconscious mind, which now begins to overpower our conscious minds?

Does it not now follow logically, that unless we understand the energetic component, we will never be ultimately successful in curing mental illness or manifesting personal happiness? And does it not then seem natural that if you really want to change your life, then you have to learn how to deal directly with low-frequency mental and emotional energy?

Learning this cannot be difficult. After all, where does anger energy come from? Well, obviously your mind produces it, which means that the human mind has an unrecognized ability: It can change the vibration of energy waves. So your mind already has the ability to directly change the vibration of energy waves. Meaning that if you have the ability to lower the vibration of energy, you must also have the ability to raise the vibration of energy. And if you learn to make conscious use of this ability, you will be able to change the low-frequency energy already stored in your subconscious mind. Whereby you can take command over your mental health and happiness by freeing your mind from the burden of negative energy and fill it with positive energy. 


The quantum connection

Has science proven that our minds can change the vibration of energy waves? Actually it has. After Einstein published his theories, other physicists developed a new form of science, called quantum mechanics. This science studies what happens at the deepest levels of what we call matter, namely the subatomic world. And quantum physicists have made some discoveries that have major implications for producing personal change.

First of all, physicists have proven that matter does not exist. In the beginning, physicists thought that subatomic particles were like billiard balls, meaning they could not be split into smaller components. Yet they quickly discovered that an electron, for example, can exist in two mutually exclusive states, namely as a localized particle and as a wave extending through space.

What this really means is that when you look at the electron from a certain perspective, it appears as a solid particle. This is similar to what happens at the macroscopic level. When we look at the world through our physical senses, matter appears solid, but the reason is that our senses cannot detect the wavelike movements that make up matter. When physicists look at the electron from a different perspective, it appears as a wave.

At first, this was baffling to physicists, because how could an electron behave like both a particle and a wave? Yet the logical explanation is that the electron is truly an energy wave. When the wave is in one state, it appears as what it is, namely a vibrating wave. Yet when it is in another state, it appears as what we call a solid particle. This really proves Einstein’s theory, namely that matter is made from energy of a high vibration, which has been lowered in vibration. And when the vibration is lowered beneath a certain threshold, the energy waves now appear and behave as solid particles. 

Yet it is perfectly possible and natural to shift the vibration of the waves back above the critical threshold. And what does that mean? It means that any condition in the material world can potentially be changed, if you can find a wave to shift the vibration of the energy waves from their stationary to their fluid state. It is only when the energy is in a stationary state that matter appears solid and hard to change. Once you shift into the fluid state, the matrix can be changed through the mechanics of wave interference, as explained earlier.

Here comes the most stunning discovery of quantum physics. Before Einstein, science was based on the claim that scientist are objective observes. This means that when a scientists studies a phenomenon, the two are separated and the mind of the scientist does not interfere with the observation. Einstein theoretically killed the objective observer, but it was quantum physics that gave the experimental proof. 

It has been proven through numerous experiments, that when a scientist observes a subatomic particle, her or she is NOT an objective observer. Instead, we have a situation that is very different from the way things seem at the macroscopic level. From our sensory perspective, it seems that we are not interfering with the orbit of the moon by looking at it. Yet in the subatomic world, this illusion of separation breaks down. Instead, everything is an interconnected whole.

Thus, when a scientist measures an electron, he or she is not measuring a particle that exists independently of his or her mind. Instead, the electron actually did not exist as a particle before it was measured. It is the act of measuring, that creates the particle, and the mind of the scientist is part of the process in a fundamental way. Thus, at the deepest level of matter, the world is an interconnected whole, and our minds are connected to everything else.


The stunning potential of the mind

What physicists actually say is, that before the measurement, the electron existed in a different state, where it was only a potential. And there could be several potentials for when and where the electron would manifest as an actual particle. Then, when the measurement was made, one of these potentials became an actual particle and the other potentials disappeared.

What does this tell you? It tells you that anything in what we call the matter world is created from energy waves. These waves started in a higher vibrational state, almost as if they were in a parallel universe or higher realm. Then, the energy waves had their vibration lowered beneath a critical level, and they now appeared as the kind of stuff out of which “solid” matter is made. Yet what lowered the vibration of the energy waves and gave them a particular form? Well, whatever it was that created the universe, the human mind has the capacity to be part of the process. 

Obviously, the discovery that the scientists is co-creating what is being measured is a threat to materialism, so it has been scrutinized more than any other scientific discovery. Yet it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the human mind has the potential to take part in the most fundamental process through which any material phenomenon is created. And would that not indicate, that the human mind has the potential to change just about anything in the material world–if we can learn to make conscious use of the ability that we right now use only subconsciously?

Am I saying we can learn to have some kind of mastery of mind over matter? Well, yes I am, and so are some cutting-edge scientists. Of course, many spiritual teachers have been saying this for millennia.

I know this might seem abstract or hard to believe, so let me try to relate it to our everyday experience. For a very long time, people have been talking about those who are lucky and those who are unlucky. Some people just always seem to be at the right place at the right time, whereas others never catch a break. What can explain this? 

Well, a quantum explanation is that everything that happens in the macroscopic world is a product of invisible causes. Quantum physicists talk about a realm of probability, where there are a number of potential outcomes. When a scientist measures a particle, one of the potential outcomes is actualized as a physical particle.

Given that everything in the macroscopic world is made from subatomic particles, it is not impossible that at least some of the principles of quantum physics can be adapted to the everyday world. So let us consider an everyday situation, such as a person walking down the street. There is a number of potential outcomes. In one outcome, a tile will fall from a nearby house and strike the person in the head, killing him. In another potential outcome, the tile will only break his shoulder, and in a third one it will miss him completely. What determines which potential will become an actual, physical event?

According to the world view that scientists had before Einstein, the outcome was predetermined by factors over which the person had no control. Yet with a quantum world view, we see that the selection of which potential becomes actualized is the product of an interconnected whole, where the consciousness of the person is an intricate part. So is it not possible, that the contents of the person’s mind can have an impact on which outcome actually happens? According to quantum physics, everything is a matter of wave interactions. There is the realm of probability in which there are three potential outcomes made from waves, and then there is the mind of the person, which is also made from waves. Thus, the energy waves in the person’s mind can possibly have an impact on which potential becomes pulled out of the realm of probability and manifests as an actual event. 

So you now see that there might be an energetic explanation for why some people are always lucky. They simply have more high-frequency energy waves in their subconscious energy fields. Likewise, those who often experience misfortune may be partially producing this because their energy fields have too much low-frequency energy. The old saying is that “you-ll believe it when you see it,” but in reality it might be that “you’ll see it when you believe it.” What you manifest to you as physical events is a direct product of the kind of energies and beliefs you allow in the energy field of your mind. Which means you now have a very good reason to learn how to take command over the energies that make up your mind.



Copyright © 2010 Kim Michaels


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