The challenge of spiritual organizations in the Aquarian age

The following discourses address the challenges faced by spiritual organizations in this day and age. Many people have observed that churches tend to become rigid with age and that this rigidity prevents them from adapting to the changing needs of their members. How can churches avoid becoming stagnant so that they can change with the times?


What destroys a religion?
Why do so many religions turn rigid and dogmatic? Why do so many religions claim that they have the only path to salvation? Why do some religious organizations fragment or become consumed by power struggles or conflicts?


The Creators and the Organizers 
A successful organization is a balanced organization. It has the proper balance between people with creative tendencies, the Creators, and people with organizing tendencies, the Organizers. If such people become unbalanced, the Creators turn rebels and the Organizers turn judges. Often, the rebels leave, and the judges take over, making the organization rigid and dogmatic.


A new approach for a new age 
The only constant is constant change. I an organization cannot change, it cannot continue to meet the needs of its members. Why do some organizations become rigid and unable to change with the times? Is a new approach to religion needed in the present age, an approach that does away with centralized control?


Building community 
In the new age, people are looking for community. They no longer want to be blind followers, they want to be engaged in their church. Successful churches must allow and encourage all members to take active part in the organization, even in leadership and decision making.


Overcoming elitism 
In the old age, most churches had a centralized leadership that promotes an elitist culture. In the new age, elitism must go. Otherwise, you cannot engage members and build a true sense of community.


Growth requires freedom 
In the new age, it is essential for churches to allow and encourage freedom and diversity. Therefore, the growth of a centralized organization must never become a goal in itself. A spiritual organization must be seen as the means to an end, namely to serve God’s purpose of raising people’s consciousness and understanding. Therefore, religious teachings must be given unconditionally with no strings attached.


Balance is key 
Conflict can only be resolved when a critical mass of members attain a certain level of Christhood. Only through Christhood can people see beyond the Cain consciousness that causes people to see each other as enemies. This state of consciousness makes a person want to get rid of anyone who is different. The key to overcoming this state of consciousness is non-attachment. This is also the key to creating productive debates that resolve conflicts instead of solidifying them.


Progressive revelation is essential to survival 
The only constant is constant change. As the fate of the dinosaurs clearly demonstrates, a species that cannot adapt to changes in its environment will inevitably become extinct. This is also true for a spiritual or religious organization.





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