A universal view of the mind

The articles in this section explain why our existing views of the mind – from both Christianity and materialism – are outdated. We need a new view of the mind based on quantum physics and mysticism. This leads us to the conclusion that we are not the only self-aware beings in the cosmos. The articles introduce the concept of spiritual teachers and explain how these ascended masters can help us transcend human limitations and recognize our true purpose for existing.

Note that these articles were written for a book, Master Keys to Personal Wholeness, which is no longer in print. 


Why people ignore the powers of the mind
The basic dynamic of civilization and how ideas are used to control the population. The role of both religion and materialism in controlling our thinking and why both deny the true powers of our minds.


The true powers of the mind
How materialism has become another religion that denies the powers of the mind and thereby pacifies people. Why we need a new view of the mind that transcends both Christianity and materialism. Why this view must be based on quantum Physics.


The high and low potential of the mind
Explaining why people can become convinced that fighting for a “good” cause justifies killing other people. Why people believe what they believe and how the value judgments and relativistic thinking of the ego enables people to justify inhumane actions.


The human dilemma and the way out
Explaining the human dilemma and why the only way out is to reach for a mind that is beyond the dualistic mind of the ego. Introducing the concept of spiritual teachers and what they can do for us. Explaining why there is evil in the world.


Knowing our spiritual teachers
Explaining how the cosmos is a hierarchy of self-aware beings, ranging from the highest consciousness to the lowest. We are part of this chain of being and it is by knowing and fulfilling our role that we can rise above the human dilemma. Why we need the ascended masters and what they can do for us.


A closer look at ascended masters
Explaining the two evolutions of co-creators and angels. Describing the ascended masters and how they are organized according to the work they perform. Describing the seven spiritual rays and how we can use them. Explaining how the ascended masters give their teachings and how they seek to help us transcend the human condition.


A life-changing experience
Explaining that the goal of the ascended masters is to help us have a life-changing experience so we come to see ourselves as spiritual beings and acknowledge that our lives have an infinitely important cosmic purpose. Explaining the goal of the spiritual path.




My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus

September 25-th 2017
My latest book is truly the most special one I have published:   Through an engaging personal story, this book manages to question all of the paradigms upon which our civilization is built while...

Another conference for 2017

July 20-th 2017
We are happy to announce a new conference that will take place in Estonia this coming December:   Healing the individual and collective psyche in Eastern Europe   International conference with the ascended...

NEW BOOK about stopping poverty

October 21-st 2016
Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to...

NEW BOOK about the initiations of purity

October 21-st 2016
The Mystical Initiations of Intention Learn how to purify your intentions from fear and discover your original motivation for coming...
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