A closer look at ascended masters

By Kim Michaels


When looking upon the spiritual beings in higher realms – often called the Ascended Host – it is essential to understand that they are all above and beyond the dualistic state of consciousness that is so dominant on Earth. Thus, one must be careful not to project mental images upon the ascended beings, images that spring from the dualistic state of mind. For example, on Earth people are so used to analyzing and dividing humankind up into categories based on physical characteristics such as sex, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality and so on. And then these categories are seen as separate, often even subjected to a value judgment of inferior and superior.

It is possible – even helpful – to talk about categories of ascended beings, but if one sees them as separate beings, one has projected a dualistic image upon non-dualistic beings and created a graven image. There are ascended beings who belong to different categories depending on their function in the cosmic hierarchy. However, all beings in the spiritual realm are in that realm because they do not see themselves as separated from their Source or from each other. If they did accept the illusion of separation, they would have “fallen” in consciousness and would have been in one of the lower realms.

One consequence of this is that ascended beings can never see themselves in opposition to each other. Nor do they see some beings as more important or superior to others. Ascended beings clearly see a hierarchy, beginning with the Creator and then extending to the masters who work right above the material universe. Although this hierarchical structure implies different levels of awareness and creative power, there is still no sense of separation or of superiority/inferiority. In other words, the concept of hierarchy found on Earth is dualistic – with its superiority-inferiority value judgment – and simply does not apply to the spiritual realm. 

Ascended beings do not worship or blindly obey those above them in the hierarchical structure. But then how do they avoid conflicts? Because those at higher levels are at higher levels as a result of having attained a higher awareness, and thus they see more of the underlying purpose of the universe. That purpose is the growth in awareness of all self-aware beings. 

According to a dualistic image, god is seen as the most powerful being, and the Old Testament god is portrayed as the ultimate tyrant who wants all people to worship him and blindly obey him. In reality, the Creator is the ultimate servant of all the self-aware extensions of itself. Thus, the closer a being comes to the level of the Creator, the more it sees itself as a servant of those below it in the chain of hierarchy. In other words, when a being on a higher level interacts with an ascended being in a lower realm, then the Higher Being is only seeking to raise the awareness of the lower being. Thus, the Higher Being can never see itself as being in conflict with the lower being, and it does not require blind obedience, for it seeks to raise the understanding and awareness of the lower being. The ascended masters working with Earth seek to do the same, although because of the dualistic illusions this cannot be done quite the same way. In the spiritual realm, all beings have a sense of oneness with their source and some sense of a common higher purpose. Thus, a being at higher levels of hierarchy can seek to expand this sense of oneness and vision when working with a being at lower levels. This makes it far easier to avoid conflict than when working with beings trapped in duality—who can only see a spiritual being as a “remote god in the sky.”

The main point here is that for people on Earth it is important to be aware that ascended beings can be divided into categories, but these should never be seen as being in competition or conflict with each other. Ascended beings see themselves as part of the “One Body of God” and work for raising up the entire body—not just their own “kind”—as there is only one kind in Spirit.


Two basic evolutions

There are two basic evolutions in the spiritual realm:

  • Co-creators. When a new sphere is created, it is not yet vibrating at the level of the spiritual realm. One might say metaphorically that the sphere is a void filled with darkness, where there is not the intensity of light found in the spiritual realm. The sphere is meant to be raised up to that level of intensity, and this is to be accomplished by beings who descend into the new sphere. These beings take on “bodies” made from the energy of the sphere and use them to radiate their spiritual light, thereby increasing the intensity of light in the sphere. When a critical intensity of light is reached, the entire sphere can “ascend” and become part of the spiritual realm. Co-creators are self-aware beings who are designed to descend into a newly created sphere. Aside from radiating light, they also help build upon the structure found in a given sphere. Thereby, they increase their co-creative abilities and raise their awareness, whereby they attain mastery in the basic skill of the world of form, that of mind over “matter.” This is the ability to form mental images and impress them upon the basic substance that makes up the world of form, namely the Ma-ter light.

    If a co-creator refuses to grow in self-awareness, it can fall prey to the illusion of separation, namely that it is separated from its source and separated from other beings in its sphere. Whereas the majority of the beings in a given sphere are on the upward path of increasing their awareness by expanding their sense of self (until it encompasses the Creator and all self-aware beings), a minority can choose to step on to the downward path of decreasing their self-awareness. They do this by building upon the original illusion of separation and then using the duality consciousness to build a separate self, an identity that sees itself separated from its source and from other beings. 

    This can be likened to a being walking into a system of underground caves that lead it further and further away from the light, each turn representing that the being has accepted another layer of dualistic illusions. Because of free will, a being can descend very far into this “jungle” of illusions (often called Maya). The being will keep walking this path until it has a breakthrough experience that makes it decide that it no longer desires to experience separation but wants to move back towards oneness. At this point, the being will be offered help by spiritual teachers to walk a gradual path out of the jungle of illusions and back to the original path of expanding self-awareness. A being in duality cannot ascend until it has overcome the illusion of separation. It is possible that such a being is not ready when the sphere in which it lives is ready to ascend. In that case, the being will then fall into the newly created sphere and must walk the path from there. 
  • Angels. As a new sphere is created, it has greater “density” than the spiritual realm, meaning that the inhabitants in that sphere cannot at first communicate directly with the spiritual realm. Thus, the need for beings who can act as messengers for the beings in the spiritual realm and bring a message or an infusion of spiritual light to the unascended beings. 

    There are also angels who act as messengers between the various levels of the spiritual realm. The entire world of form is sustained through a flow of energy directly from the Creator. Yet the Creator’s energy or vibration is so high that beings at lower levels cannot attune directly to the light. Thus, for a being in a lower level to receive light, it must be stepped down in vibration to a level that the being can absorb. This is one function of angels. Another is to bring direct messages to beings in a lower level, as for example an angel appeared to Mary to help her accept that she was to give birth to Jesus. Angels can also bring help in times of distress, as witnessed by many people having encounters with angels.

    Angels were not designed to take embodiment in a lower sphere but to serve that sphere from above. Angels do have free will, and they grow by helping co-creators grow, as that expands their self-awareness. Yet angels can chose to rebel against their reason for being. This causes them to “fall” into the consciousness of duality, whereby they become fallen angels. Many of the members of power elite groups on Earth are indeed fallen angels, and they often fell because they had come to believe in the illusion that they were superior to the beings they were meant to serve. This explains why many members of the power elite sincerely believe they are fundamentally superior to the general population and thus have a right to rule and exercise power. It even explains why they so often have no compassion for the suffering they inflict upon the people as they outplay their rivalry with other power elite groups.

    If an angel falls, it essentially becomes like a co-creator, meaning that it must walk the same path of gradually shedding the dualistic illusions until it is ready to accept the original path of expanding its self-awareness.


The Elohim and the rays

As explained earlier, there is a succession of spheres, ranging from the very first sphere – created directly by the Creator – to other spheres, each one created by the beings in the sphere before it. The material universe is in the latest of these spheres, the sphere that has not yet reached the critical intensity of light that allows it to ascend. Thus, the material universe is still so dense that the illusion of separation is possible.

Who created the material universe, including planet Earth? It was done by a number of beings normally called the Builders of Form or the Elohim (a Biblical words that many people think means “God,” however it is a plural word). How do the Elohim create form, such as planet Earth? They do so by using spiritual light that is stepped down in vibration, until it vibrates within the frequency spectrum of the material universe. In order to create the vast diversity seen in the material realm, several forms of spiritual light are combined. Once the light is in the right vibration, the Elohim together superimpose a mental image upon the light, and as the light coalesces around the image, a physical planet appears. 

It is important to understand that this is not an instantaneous process. Thus, the Biblical image of God creating the world in seven days is not meant to be understood literally as seven 24-hour periods. It is meant to represent seven cycles, each of which represents a particular form of spiritual light. In other words, there are seven Elohim who created the material planet, and they used seven different forms of spiritual light to do so. Each form of light is often referred to as a spiritual “ray,” meaning there are seven rays that combined to create the physical universe. 

This process is not as linear as the analytical mind would like to believe. It is not that first one ray was applied, then the second and so forth. The rays are not separate but are more like facets of a diamond, and the pure light of the creator shines through them all at once. Only together do they form a complete picture, and only when they all work in oneness, will a form as complex as a planet or solar system be manifest.

Many previous teachings released by the ascended masters talk about the various rays in great detail. Some teachings also talk about additional rays, called the secret rays because their characteristics have no yet been revealed. Because a critical mass of students have integrated the previous teachings, this book will reveal and describe the eighth ray of integration and seven additional rays. However, for now it is important to have a basic understanding of the first seven rays.


A brief description of the seven rays

This is only a brief description of the first seven rays, as more will follow during the coming sections.

  • First ray: God Will and God Power. As the first step towards creating or co-creating, there has to be a will to project power out from oneself. For example, the Creator of the world of form is a self-contained and self-sufficient being. The Creator was content to be what is was but still had the will to become MORE by creating a world of form and sending self-aware extensions of itself into it, so they could grow in awareness. As a spiritual person, it is easy to seek personal peace and create an environment in which one is comfortable. However, if one is not doing something to raise up all life, one will not grow beyond a certain point. 

    By considering the above teachings on the power elite, it is easy to see that many people have perverted God Power and are more than willing to project power in order to control others. Many spiritual people are beyond this, but it is easy to go into the opposite extreme and not be willing to project any power but think it is enough to be gentle and kind towards anyone. Yet it should be noted that Jesus actively challenged the scribes and Pharisees – the power elite – in order to help awaken the people. Thus, many spiritual people can get stuck on the beginning stages of the path because they are not willing to take the initiation of how to express God Power in a balanced manner. Yet the masters who work on the first ray are more than willing to help people learn this lesson and thus step on to the higher stages of the spiritual path. In fact, until a student has passed the initiations of the first ray, he or she cannot move on to the other rays, as one will not be given further initiations until one has proven that one can express power without misusing it.
  • Second Ray: God Wisdom. When one has summoned the will to co-create, the next step is to apply for wisdom, so that power can be expressed in a balanced manner that raises the All. The perversion of power is that it is expressed to raise the separate self in comparison to others, thus seeking to hold others back in order to raise oneself. This is what the power elite groups are seeking to do to the general population. 

    It takes wisdom to see through the illusions of the dualistic mind and instead tune in to the One Mind – often called the Christ mind – in order to know what will raise all and thus have maximum impact on one’s own growth. The masters on the second ray will help anyone find this wisdom by going within instead of looking for outer knowledge in books or scriptures. An outer teaching can easily become a distraction and be seen as an end in itself. Ideally, the outer teaching only stimulates the intuitive faculties so that the student can use the “Key of Knowledge” to establish an inner connection to his or her higher self and thus to the masters of wisdom.
  • Third ray: God Love. Many spiritual people think they are truly loving, but define it as always being soft-spoken and kind, never challenging other people. Yet this is simply one dualistic polarity, and the opposite is possessive love that seeks to control other people. Divine Love is non-dualistic, meaning it has no conditions, which means one does not have to live up to any conditions in order to receive it. One simply has to accept Divine Love or reject it, but when one is caught in the dualistic mind, one cannot accept unconditional love. One wants to define conditions for its expression instead of unconditionally accepting what is given freely. 

    The masters on the third ray seek to help people rise above conditional love – and both possessive love and the soft-spoken love are conditional – in order to become open doors for Divine Love to flow through their beings. Yet this requires one to learn that when the population of an entire planet is trapped in duality, it is not truly loving to leave them alone or not to challenge their illusions. It was precisely by challenging people’s illusions that Jesus demonstrated one aspect of Divine Love, namely that it will challenge any conditions that keep people from receiving itself.
  • Fourth Ray: God Purity and Discipline. The first three rays form a threefold flame of Power, Wisdom and Love, that corresponds to the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. However, this trinity is not complete in itself but needs to be balanced by the fourth element of purity, which corresponds to the Mother or Ma-ter element. The purity and discipline of the fourth ray are actually a special kind of wisdom, often called the Divine Sophia. It helps students understand how the material universe works and helps them build the discipline that prevents them from being tempted into expressing their co-creative powers for raising the separate self. 

    It is important to understand how free will works. A self-aware being has complete free will, meaning it can do or co-create anything it wants. However, it cannot avoid experiencing its own creation, which happens in the form of material circumstances, including physical diseases, and in the form of the co-creator living inside its own consciousness (experiencing the world through the filter or mental box it has created). Thus, whereas a being has complete free will, any expression of will creates consequences that the being will experience in time and space—and this can indeed limit one’s options. It takes wisdom and discipline to express one’s co-creative abilities in such a way that one does not limit one’s future choices. It is not an angry God that takes away your freedom, but the consequences of your own past choices. Without wisdom and discipline, one can easily create so many limitations that it takes lifetimes to uncreate them. The masters on the fourth ray are always willing to help students avoid this cycle of karma and rebirth.
  • Fifth ray: God Truth and Healing. A person needs to reach a certain level of consciousness before he or she can recognize the existence and validity of a spiritual path that leads beyond the “normal” state of human consciousness. Yet even when a student finds the path, the student’s motivation for wanting to follow the path is dependent upon the student’s level of consciousness. Thus, many people begin the spiritual path for the purpose of attaining something that will enhance their own lives. In other words, all people start the path for the purpose of gaining something for the separate self. This often springs from a desire to have certain powers, a desire to have extraordinary knowledge and wisdom or a desire to be more loving. And while such desires are not wrong, they can be unbalanced and can thus take a student into various blind alleys that actually slow down the growth towards a non-dualistic state of consciousness.

    As a student begins to pass the initiations of the fourth ray, it also begins to gain a higher vision of life and its purpose. It learns to see the underlying reality that every aspect of life on Earth has been distorted by the dualistic illusions. This at first gives rise to the recognition that all limiting circumstances – including physical and mental diseases and imbalances – are due to an unbalanced expression of one’s co-creative abilities, which has given rise to a fragmented self. Thus, the true goal for the spiritual path is not to gain power, wisdom or love for that separate self but to transcend the separate self – which must be fragmented by nature – and attain a sense of self that is whole and self-sufficient. The true goal of the path is not power, wisdom or glory but wholeness. The student can then begin to work with the masters of the fifth ray in order to attain this personal wholeness. 
    Yet as a degree of wholeness is attained, the student begins to glimpse another underlying reality, namely that all life is one, that reality is indivisible. Thus, the student broadens its sense of self to include all life, and this naturally gives rise to a desire to raise the All as the ultimate way to raise oneself.
  • Sixth Ray: God Service and Peace. When a student begins to see the underlying oneness of all life, it can move on to the sixth ray of service, of seeking to raise the All. The realization that all life is one also makes it clear that there can be no real conflicts between different expressions of the One Life. All conflict springs from the illusions of duality and separation, and thus the only way to bring true peace is to help people see through and rise above the entire dualistic mind and its veil of illusions. At this point, the student transcends all focus on itself as a separate being and focuses all of its attention on raising the All by exposing the dualistic illusions. This is what Jesus did, and that is why he is called the “Prince of Peace.” Only those who truly see beyond duality can bring peace to this planet, which at this point is the most needed form of spiritual service. The masters of the sixth ray are here to help all people rise above the dualistic illusions and become emissaries of true, non-dualistic peace.

  • Seventh Ray: God Freedom. When one passes the initiations of the sixth ray, one attains true non-violence or non-aggression. Only the separate self can feel threatened by anything in the material universe—the reason being that it identifies itself as a material being. When a student rises to the initiations of the seventh ray, it begins to transcend all identification with the physical body or anything else in the material universe. It begins to reclaim its true identity as a spiritual being who is beyond the vibrations of the material realm and thus cannot be threatened or even affected (except through its own free-will choices) by any conditions in the material world. This is true spiritual freedom.

The fact that one becomes non-violent does not mean that one becomes passive. On the contrary, one becomes very active in seeking to set others free from duality. Yet this is not done from the sense of a separate self that is subject to material conditions. It is done from a sense of a spiritual self that is free to flow with the directions from the spiritual realm, so that in any situation it can be the open door for setting others free. Instead of being forced by the conditions of the separate self and the mass consciousness, one is now free to express one’s Divine individuality and flow with the force that seeks to set all life free. This force is sometimes called the Holy Spirit and sometimes the River of Life. The masters on the seventh ray are ready to help students immerse themselves in this River of Life and eventually become one with it, thus attaining true freedom from all material conditions even while one is still in embodiment.


Understanding chohans, Elohim and archangels

Each ray has an ascended master who is the leader of the beings serving on that ray. This spiritual office is called a chohan. Each ray also has an Elohim and an archangel, both of which usually have divine consorts so they form a masculine-feminine polarity. There are, of course, many ascended masters serving on each ray. The following table shows the names of the chohans, Elohim and archangels for the first seven rays.



Understanding the four levels of the material realm

In order to develop a higher approach to personal healing – and understand how the ascended masters give their teachings – it is necessary to take another look at the fact that everything is energy and that energy is a form of vibration. It is common knowledge that the human eye can detect only light that vibrates within a certain spectrum of frequencies, normally called visible light. It is also common knowledge that there are forms of light that vibrate at both lower and higher frequencies than visible light. For example, ultraviolet light has a higher frequency than visible violet light.

As explained earlier, light of different frequencies can interact and form an interference pattern, and the seven spiritual rays have combined, forming an interference pattern that makes up the material universe. It has also been explained that spiritual light is gradually lowered in vibration until it vibrates in the spectrum of frequencies making up physical matter. However, because physical matter is currently rather dense, there is a large gap in frequency between the matter realm and the lowest level of the spiritual realm. In this gap are three other realms, or frequency spectra, that represent successively lower vibrations, spanning the range from the spiritual to the physical realm. The energy waves of these three realms actually combine to make up physical matter. The three higher levels of the material realm also correspond to three levels of the human mind:

  • The etheric or identity realm. This is the highest frequency spectrum in the material world, and it is the first realm that spiritual light “enters” as it is lowered in vibration. Thus, this is where the light begins to take on the forms that will eventually manifest as anything from galaxies to your physical body. At this level is stored the blueprint for all matter phenomena. For example, the original and pure blueprint for planet Earth is still stored unchanged at this level. The pure blueprint for your physical body is stored in your personal identity body. 

    The etheric level corresponds to the highest level of the mind, the etheric or identity mind. As the name implies, this is where your sense of identity is anchored. As it is the highest level of the mind, it naturally affects everything that comes after it. If you identify yourself as a sinner, this sense of identity will inevitably affect your thoughts and feelings about yourself and thus also impact your actions.
  • The mental realm. This is the level of thought, where the etheric blueprint takes on a more concrete form. This level is denser than the identity level, meaning that the forms that exist here are less fluid and thus harder to change than what is found above. For example, your thoughts about yourself are more difficult to change than your sense of identity. The mental level is more dense, so thoughts are more solidified and thus harder to change at that level. It is more efficient to go to the identity level and change your sense of identity, which will automatically affect the thoughts that follow from it. The catch is that unless you know about the levels of the mind, it is difficult to attune your conscious mind to the higher vibrations of the identity mind. Yet teachings on how to do this will be provided in later sections.
  • The emotional realm. This is obviously the level of feelings, but emotions can also be seen as energy in motion. This is the level right above the physical, so this is where the concrete thoughts in the mental realm are imbued with the energy that is superimposed upon the Ma-ter light and causes it to coalesce as a physical form. Although the emotions might seem fluid and volatile, it is actually quite difficult to change your emotions from the level of the emotional mind. Emotions are followers of thoughts, so only by changing the thoughts can you truly overcome certain emotions. And only by changing your sense of identity can you take command over your thoughts.

The lowest level of the mind is that of the conscious mind, and this is where you make conscious decisions about how to take physical action. However, in many cases your actions are not really the result of free conscious choices, as your decisions are based on what is presented to the conscious mind from the three higher levels of the mind. In order to illustrate this, compare it to a movie projector.

What drives your mental activity is a stream of energy that flows from your spiritual self (explained later). This energy is like the white light produced by the light bulb in the movie projector. As the light enters your mind, it first passes through your identity mind, which can be compared to a film strip in the projector. Obviously, the light takes on the form of whatever images you have stored in your identity mind.

When the light has taken on the identity images, it now enters your mental body. It is as if you inserted a second film strip in the movie projector. The light will now take on a combination – an interference pattern – of the images in your identity and mental minds. You may have thoughts that reinforce your sense of identity or you may have thoughts that block your sense of identity. Yet the combined pattern now enters your emotional body, which is like a third film strip. The emotional body serves as a storehouse for emotional energies. For example, many people have built a reservoir of the energies of anger and fear in their emotional bodies. As the light passes through these accumulations, it creates a new interference pattern that then enters the conscious mind. Yet by that time, the light has taken on the images and feelings stored in the higher levels of the mind, and it may appear to the conscious mind as an impulse that is so powerful that people immediately put it into action. They either do not think there is any need to override it, or they do not feel they have the power to override it with their conscious minds. One might say that one of the main goals of the spiritual path is to take command over one’s mental process, so that one’s life is not driven by subconscious impulses but one can make conscious choices – at the level of the conscious mind – as to which actions to take. 

To put this in perspective to personal healing, what happens in the three higher levels of the mind also has a profound impact on the physical body—which is actually composed of the energies at the identity, mental and emotional “bodies.” The blueprint for a perfectly healthy body is stored in the highest level of the identity realm, but as the light passes through the lower levels, this blueprint can be muddied or modified by a mortal sense of identity, by dualistic thoughts and by impure feelings. Thus, when the light actually forms the physical body, it will correspond not to the pure etheric blueprint but to the interference pattern that is a combination of the identity, mental and emotional levels of the mind. It now becomes obvious why the contents of the three higher levels of the mind have a profound impact on health and why it is necessary to take conscious command over them, purifying them of any imperfections.


Understanding how the ascended masters give their teachings

Most of the following sections of this book will be direct dictations from the ascended masters through the messenger who is trained for this particular mission. Only by understanding the four levels of the material realm can one fully appreciate how the masters bring forth teachings and why the teachings from the masters are unique compared to many of the New Age teachings that are available today. 

The ascended masters have permanently ascended from Earth, meaning that they no longer need anything from the material world. They have become spiritually self-sufficient, meaning that they have raised their sense of identity to fully know that they are spiritual beings who are extensions of the Creator. As a spiritual being, one has access to the River of Life, the flow of energy from the Creator through all higher levels of the spiritual realm. Thus, one needs nothing from any external source, as one can receive all the energy one needs directly from within. This means that when ascended masters interact with each other or with human beings, they need nothing from them. They do not come from a deficit – of needing to receive anything – but from a surplus—of wanting to give. 

The best illustration of this is to compare an ascended master to the physical Sun. The Sun constantly radiates light to the solar system without ever needing to receive anything in return. The Earth is not yet a self-sufficient planet, thus all life on Earth needs the life-giving energies of the Sun. Yet the Sun is self-sufficient because the energy that drives the physical processes of the Sun actually come from the spiritual realm. Likewise, an ascended master needs absolutely nothing from you, which is a good starting point for evaluating which teachings come from real ascended masters and which come from beings in the lower identity realm, the mental realm or the emotional realm.

The fact is that there are beings who are no longer in embodiment on Earth, yet they have not ascended to the spiritual realm. The reason why they have not ascended is that there is some dualistic illusion, some element of the ego, that they have not been willing to let go of. For example, some beings have such anger against God that they simply cannot rise to the spiritual realm. Thus, they are in a temporary holding situation in the emotional realm. Other beings have used the intellect to build a sense of knowing more than human beings, even knowing more than God, and they are stuck in the mental realm. Some beings even have a sense of identity of being superior to both human beings below them and the ascended masters right above them, and they are stuck in the lower levels of the identity realm.

The important point here is that these disembodied beings cannot receive spiritual light directly from within themselves, as ascended masters can. The reason is that these beings have not been willing to overcome the duality consciousness and ascend within their allotted time. They no longer qualify for the opportunity to embody on Earth, yet neither are they qualified to ascend to the spiritual realm, which means they are stuck in between. Therefore, in order to survive, these beings need to get light from other sources, which includes human beings in embodiment. In fact, it is only because they receive such light that they are alive—as the Law of Free Will mandates that people must be allowed to do with their light as they please.

Disembodied beings have always attempted to make contact with human beings, and in this age, one common way for this to occur is through the phenomenon called channeling. There are many beings in the emotional, mental and lower identity realms that seek to channel through a variety of people. They do this because they get energy from people through their attention or even by getting people to do certain things or perform certain rituals. It is important to understand how this works.

The beings who are unascended all have a particular dualistic illusion that they have not surrendered. They will thus seek to justify this condition by formulating teachings that make it seem like it is not necessary to let go of this condition, perhaps even that the condition is a virtue. Who will be attracted to such teachings? The kind of people who are likewise not willing to let go of the condition. This forms a symbiotic or co-dependent relationship, where the disembodied beings tell people exactly what they want to hear, often making them feel special because they are open to these high teachings or helping to save the world or the entire universe. In return, people give their energies to the disembodied beings who can then become stronger and perhaps produce even more “powerful” channeling sessions. 

In contrast to this, the ascended masters have ascended by giving up all of the dualistic illusions. Thus, they are not in any way seeking to make people feel justified in holding on to illusions. They are looking for students who have had enough and truly want to overcome the ego. Thus, the ascended masters will not tell people what their egos want to hear; they will tell people what their real selves need to hear in order to see through the dualistic illusions. Likewise, the ascended masters need no energy from people for themselves. For example, some New Age channelers feel depleted after a channeling session and the audience can also feel depleted of energy. After delivering a dictation from the ascended masters, neither the messenger nor the audience feel depleted, but feel an infusion of spiritual light that can last for hours, even days. The ascended masters do not descend in vibration beyond the highest – and still pure – levels of the identity realm, so a messenger for the masters must be trained to raise his or her awareness to that level and sustain it for the duration of the dictation, which can last for over an hour. In contrast, the disembodied beings obviously give their messages from a lower realm, which makes it much easier for a channeler to tune in to that level. 

Take note that some of the disembodied beings have no qualms about imposing as ascended masters, using the names and vocabulary used by ascended masters in genuine dictations. One can say that for a disembodied being to use its own name is at least honest, but for such a being to use the name of an ascended master is obviously deceitful. In many cases it can be difficult to tell the difference between a genuine teaching and a teaching from a lower source by looking at the words and evaluating them with the analytical mind. Yet by going within one’s heart and using the Key of Knowledge to read the vibration behind the words, one can easily feel the difference. You have an element of truth within your heart, and you can feel how a true teaching resonates with it, whereas a lower teaching either has no resonance or even is in disharmony with the inner truth.

The condition being that one has to be neutral and willing to have a false teaching exposed, even if it says what one wants to hear. What fools people is always the dualistic illusion that one is not willing to let go of, which means one will believe a teaching which says one does not have to let go, or that the condition is not actually an illusion but a virtue that can take one to the spiritual realm. The reality being that one cannot be fooled by an external source—one can only be fooled by what one is internally attached to. Yet if one is willing to let go of such attachments, all people have access to the Key of Knowledge that can discern what is from a higher and what is from a lower source.

Take note of the essential point. The ascended masters have overcome all aspects of the ego, and thus they can help you do the same. In contrast, a being in the lower identity realm might have a level of knowledge that is sophisticated compared to most people on Earth. As such, this being might be able to bring forth teachings that seem to contain great wisdom. Yet because the being has not overcome certain aspects of the ego, there will be certain blind spots in the teachings. No teacher can help you overcome what the teacher has not overcome, and thus you cannot rise higher than the teacher. Which is precisely why you want a teacher who is ascended and can thus help you ascend from the material realm as well.

The teachings from the ascended masters will always tell you what you need to hear in order to transcend your dualistic illusions. The exposure of such illusions might be uncomfortable, even painful, to the ego. Thus, people who are still too identified with their egos will often be offended by the direct teachings from the real masters, and might even seek out a more comforting teaching from the false “masters.” Yet once one has stopped identifying fully with the ego, the teachings of the ascended masters offer a very direct and quick way to spiritual freedom—including freedom from physical and mental diseases.



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My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus

September 25-th 2017
My latest book is truly the most special one I have published:   Through an engaging personal story, this book manages to question all of the paradigms upon which our civilization is built while...

Another conference for 2017

July 20-th 2017
We are happy to announce a new conference that will take place in Estonia this coming December:   Healing the individual and collective psyche in Eastern Europe   International conference with the ascended...

NEW BOOK about stopping poverty

October 21-st 2016
Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to...

NEW BOOK about the initiations of purity

October 21-st 2016
The Mystical Initiations of Intention Learn how to purify your intentions from fear and discover your original motivation for coming...
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