The human dilemma and the way out

By Kim Michaels


This leads to a recognition of what might be called the eternal human dilemma. There are two options:

  • One can allow oneself to become convinced that the illusion of a fragmented world and a separate self is real. This separate self must, by its very nature, feel threatened, and thus it must seek to protect itself. The ego has an inherent need for security or equilibrium, which it seeks to satisfy by controlling its environment—including other people. It can do this through physical power or through ideas—or both. 

    The ego cannot see reality but sees only a mental image. Thus, the ego is constantly seeking to force reality to conform to its mental image, which necessitates forcing all other people to accept the ego’s mental image. The ego is seeking to force the universe to fit into its mental box. Yet the universe refuses to fit, and thus the ego must be in a constant state of denial in order to uphold its world view.

    This turns a person’s mind into a closed mental box that then becomes subject to the force described in the second law of thermodynamics. In reality, this is a positive mechanism, in the sense that the universe is seeking to break down the person’s mental box in order to set the person free to reconnect to reality. Yet the separate self sees this as a threat, and this only reinforces its world view of the epic struggle. Thus, a self-reinforcing spiral is created that leads the person further and further into self-centeredness. As the ego becomes increasingly threatened, almost any act begins to seem justifiable as an act of pure survival. 

    As this spiral intensifies, the person first loses peace of mind and true happiness. Instead, there is a constant state of mental and emotional stress and anguish. This can eventually lead to depression or more severe forms of mental illness. But given that the world is an interconnected whole, it can also lead to diseases of the physical body. Everything is made from energy, so the body is made from energy waves that can form an interference pattern with the energy waves of the mind. This interference pattern can disrupt the natural functioning of the body and lead to disease.
  • One can awaken to the need to break the downward spiral and reach for a better way to live. This can lead people to begin an upward spiral of expanding their understanding of life beyond what is available in both traditional religion and materialism. This can lead to mental and emotional healing that causes one to stop feeling constantly threatened and under stress. It can also expand one’s world view from being focused on separation towards seeing the underlying oneness of all life.

    The result is an upward spiral that leads towards greater peace of mind, a sense of inner wholeness and fulfillment, and this often also leads to physical healing. Yet of even greater impact is that it can lead to a distinctly different state of consciousness, one that has transcended separation and duality and is based on a sense of connectedness with one’s source and with other people. This upward spiral is often called the spiritual path.

What is the underlying message behind the outer teachings of spiritual teachers, such as the Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu and many others? What is the message behind the lives of many truly selfless people in history? It is that it is possible for a human being – any human being – to transcend the state of consciousness dominated by separation, duality and conflict. It is possible to rise to a state of consciousness based on oneness and peace of mind. It is possible to transcend the struggle.

Obviously, most people in the Western world were not brought up with any knowledge of the human dilemma and its two options. From the earliest childhood they were programmed to live in the illusion of a separate self without knowing that there is an alternative. This was done by well-meaning parents and teachers who were also brought up to see this illusion as the only possible way to live. Yet behind the scenes are power elite groups who themselves believe in this illusion and who want all people to keep believing it because it makes people controllable. 

People who are blinded by the separate self can easily be controlled by playing on the ego’s fears and its sense of being constantly threatened. This can be used to define an outer enemy and engage people in a never-ending struggle against that enemy, as has been going on in the Middle East for thousands of years. Yet it can also be used to get people to believe in the epic struggle, so they are pulled into fighting for what they see as a good cause. However, the cause is defined by the power elite and seeks to either keep the established elite in power or help an aspiring elite rise to power.

Is there a way out of the human dilemma and the ongoing power struggle between factions of the power elite? There is, and it is also the way to personal healing. To understand this way, one must reach for something that is beyond the mental box created by the separate self and people who are blinded by the relativistic, dualistic logic of the separate self.


Reaching for reality beyond the ego

In order to find a way out of the human dilemma, it is essential to understand that the ego forms a closed mental box. Once a person is blinded by the ego, the ego’s world view seems to be confirmed by almost everything that happens in life. If one had grown up with red contact lenses, one would be convinced that everything had a red tint. Someone trying to say otherwise would be rejected, because what the other person is saying will seem like an argument that contradicts direct experience. Before one can take off the colored glasses, the mind must be open to the possibility that what one is seeing is not the only possible way to see the world. One cannot even begin to solve a problem until one has recognized that there might be a problem, and most people have never even considered that there might be an alternative to what they see as the normal state of consciousness for a human being.

So many people have grown up in the state of consciousness that makes life seem like a struggle. If a spiritual teacher starts talking about peace of mind, many people will reject it because they have never experienced anything but the struggle. Thus, the teacher’s words will seem like simply arguments that contradict experience. The point is that before a person can find the way out, one must have opened one’s mind to the possibility that there is something outside what is experienced through the filter of the ego. This usually happens in one of three ways:

  • The school of hard knocks. People experience one crisis after another until they hit “rock bottom” and decide that there must be a better way and that they need to do something different to change themselves and their approach to life. This often causes people to seek for a way to change themselves, which can be stimulated through traditional psychology, self-help or a spiritual teaching.
  • The school of rational thought. People use the analytical mind to expose inconsistencies in their personal world view or the one of their parents and society. They refuse to stop asking certain questions, and they seek a resolution to the unanswered questions or inconsistencies in their previous world view. This can happen through inspiration from a scientific source or from a spiritual teaching that goes beyond the doctrines of traditional religion.
  • The school of inner inspiration. People use the holistic, intuitive faculties of the mind to gain an inner experience that confirms the existence of a reality outside the mental box in which they were brought up. This can happen spontaneously, but is often reinforced by finding a spiritual teaching that goes beyond one’s previous world view. These people are using a faculty of the mind that is generally not recognized or valued by science, even though many of the greatest scientists, as mentioned earlier, have used it to make new discoveries.

Once again, the essence is that one must open one’s mind to the possibility that there is more to know about the world than what is found in one’s existing world view. And while some people find something more by going from a traditional religion to materialism or the other way around, most people find the most fulfilling answers by looking beyond both traditional religion and materialism, usually in the field of self-help or universal spirituality.


Human beings are not the only self-aware beings

When one is seeking a greater understanding than what is found in an old world view, a natural reaction is to look for a teacher who has such a greater understanding. Yet once one begins to see how the ego forms a closed mental box, it becomes clear that in order to escape this mental box, one really needs a teacher who is already outside of it, one who has already transcended the illusion of a separate self and has seen through the dualistic illusions. Where to find such a teacher?

When one begins to understand that consciousness is the underlying reality, a tantalizing possibility opens up. If a person’s consciousness is not the exclusive product of the physical brain, then there is no reason why that consciousness should die when the body dies. And if the consciousness does not die, it is possible that it can continue to grow and evolve, until it reaches a level of awareness that has transcended the illusions of separation and duality that form the mental box of the ego. Such an awakened being begins to see the unreality of the ego’s illusions and also begins to see the underlying oneness of all life. Eventually, a being can completely let go of the illusion of the separate self and attain a state of consciousness based on oneness with its source and oneness with all life. This could be called enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, Christ consciousness or many other names. The point is that only a being who has completely transcended the mental box of the ego is truly qualified to teach people how to do the same. Such a being not only sees reality outside the mental box, but it still remembers what it was like to be trapped inside the box, thus being uniquely qualified to lead others up the same path of transcendence.

So should one travel to the farthest corners of the Earth in search of such an enlightened teacher? Some people do, but there is another possibility and, again, quantum physics can form the basis for a greater understanding. The basic fact discovered by quantum physics is that when one makes an observation at the quantum level, one’s consciousness literally co-creates the outcome of the observation. Everything is made from subatomic particles, which are truly waveforms. Thus, everything has a corresponding quantum waveform, even the universe as a whole. The point is that there is an underlying reality, which physics has not yet adequately described (because of the limitations imposed by the materialistic paradigm). The consciousness of a human being has the power to interact with this underlying reality and pull something out of it that materializes as a subatomic particle. 

This discovery has led to questions that for decades have baffled scientists, but they are only baffling when viewed through the filter of the materialistic paradigm. One such question is this: “If consciousness co-creates the object being observed, is the moon really there when no one is looking?” Another example is: “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there, does it make a sound?”

These problems are baffling to a materialist who will not admit that consciousness can exist independently of the physical brain. Yet once this admission is made, the questions are easy to resolve. The simple answer is that human beings are not the only conscious beings involved with this universe.

What quantum physics has proven is that nothing can be created through an entirely mechanical process. Only through the medium of consciousness can something be created. And since human beings are relative newcomers in the universe, it follows that they could not have created the universe that came into existence billions of years before they did. The logical conclusion is that there are other self-aware beings who have the capacity of mind to interact with the underlying reality. 

These were the beings who co-created the material universe, and they are still in existence today. Traditional religion will say this is God and there is only one, but there truly is no reason why an ultimate Creator could not have created many self-aware extensions of itself. Even human beings must be self-aware co-creators—as that is the only way they could have the capacity of consciousness to interact with the underlying reality. As the Book of Genesis says, “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness.”

The beings who co-created the Earth and the material universe obviously are not in a physical body, and they have a greater capacity of mind than human beings. Yet science has already provided a home for such beings, because when Einstein proved that everything is energy, it became obvious that there can be levels or dimensions of energy that vibrate at rates much higher than what can be detected by the human senses or even most scientific instruments. Physicists have for decades been exploring the possibility of other dimensions or even parallel universes. 

Moreover, quantum physicists talk about a realm of probability, where something can exist as a pure form of energy, as a potential to manifest. Yet if this is taken a little bit further than materialists are willing to go, a tantalizing possibility opens up. What becomes clear is that the material universe is not a self-contained unit. It is part of a larger whole, much like an iceberg that has only ten percent of its mass visible above the water. In other words, the material universe is made from energy that vibrates within a certain frequency spectrum. Yet beyond it is another frequency spectrum with higher vibrations. In fact, the material universe is existing within this larger whole.

Scientists have proven that the material universe is not actually made from matter—it is made from energy. This energy originated in a higher dimension or frequency spectrum. The material universe came into existence because some of the high-frequency energy was lowered in vibration until it entered the material frequency spectrum and took on the form of subatomic particles. And these particles were then combined into the material forms we can perceive with our senses. Scientists know that this is what happened, but they cannot explain how or why it happened. Yet by admitting the existence of a group of non-material beings, this mystery is easy to solve. The minds of these beings have the co-creative abilities to lower high-frequency energy into the material frequency spectrum, and thus they provided the basic building blocks of matter, namely subatomic particles. They also have the ability to envision a design or blueprint for the material universe and the so-called natural laws.

What is revolutionary about this idea is that it transcends both traditional religion and materialism by placing the powers of the human mind in its proper context. Materialism is based on the claim that nothing was created as the result of a design—everything happened by chance. Yet research is continually revealing that the entire universe is so delicately balanced that more and more scientists find it difficult to believe that this is the result of a random process. The only thing that blocks science from developing a new paradigm is the insistence that mind cannot exist without a physical brain. Once it is admitted that mind is independent of the brain, it becomes obvious that there are non-material beings who developed a blueprint for the material universe before the energy was lowered into the present frequency spectrum. 

Yet these beings are not the only beings with co-creative abilities. As has been proven by quantum physics, human beings also have the powers of mind to interact with a higher frequency spectrum. Human beings do not yet have the powers to create a new planet, but they may indeed have the power to modify the Earth in ways that have been denied by both traditional religion and materialism. Considering this possibility can indeed resolve some of the fundamental questions of life.


Why is there evil in the world?

This leads to one of the traditional questions asked by both religious and non-religious people: “If there is a God and if that God is good, why is there so much evil and suffering in the world.” In connection with healing, many people obviously ask why God created disease.

Yet based on the discussion of quantum physics and the conclusions described above, a new possibility opens up. Might it be that God did not create evil but that human beings did? After all, the above quote from Genesis says about man, “And let him have dominion over the Earth.” By giving human beings a mind that is able to interact with the underlying reality, God – or the beings who created the Earth – also gave human beings the power to change the original design. Obviously, there are limitations to this power. A being’s state of consciousness has an impact on that being’s power to co-create. Thus, only beings with a very high state of consciousness have the power to create an entire planet. 

Human beings have a lower state of consciousness, so they cannot alter the fundamental design of the Earth, but the power of their collective consciousness can make certain changes, and this is especially obvious in society and in the physical body. Thus, the current state of limited resources, inequality in society and physical diseases is not part of the original design. It is co-created by the collective mind because people descended into the duality consciousness and began to use their mental and physical powers based on the illusion that they are separate beings. They started acting as if they could do whatever they wanted regardless of the consequences, and this turned society and individual minds into closed systems. Immediately, the second law of thermodynamics began to take effect, and over time it has manifested poverty and disease as agents for breaking down the closed system.

This leads to the conclusion that human beings have been given free will, and there are, of course, those who deny free will. Yet this is clearly an outcome of the illusion of separation, as can be seen by considering the following: 

  • The very fact that people have the option to deny that they have free will proves that they have free will. If people’s thoughts were mechanical products of processes in the brain, free will would not be an issue for debate—it would be an irrelevant topic.
  • Who wants the population to deny free will? Obviously, those who want to manipulate the people and turn them into a form of slaves who blindly follow orders. These people are the members of the power elite who want to control the population in order to secure their own positions of privilege and power.
  • The ego likewise wants individual people to deny free will, as free will makes it possible for them to escape the illusions of the ego by making better choices.
  • In terms of personal healing, the bottom line is that those who deny free will are giving away their power to move into the category of those who are healed. If you cannot change your life by making better choices, your only option is to pray for a miracle or hope that the power elite can cure you through the materialistic healing modality. You have no power in your own mind to manifest healing.

These conclusions lead to the next logical step, namely a consideration of the beings who created the Earth and who know the original design


Humankind’s spiritual teachers

These creators of form belong to a group of beings that are working with the Earth for the specific purpose of helping human beings raise their consciousness and escape the dualistic prison. Some of these beings never took on a physical body on Earth, whereas others did embody here and gradually raised their consciousness until they had transcended duality and could ascend permanently to the spiritual realm. Rather than disappearing, they exist in another frequency spectrum, namely what some scientists call a parallel universe or a different dimension. Traditional religion calls it heaven, whereas the universal spirituality calls it the spiritual realm. This is not fundamentally different from the material universe, in that it is also made from energy. Yet the energy vibrates in a higher frequency spectrum, and thus it is not visible to the physical senses or to most scientific instruments. Yet throughout history many people have had visions of this higher realm by using the intuitive faculties of the mind.

Why are these beings hiding themselves from the general population? The bottom line is free will. If there was undeniable proof that there is a God, then people would no longer have the option to deny the existence of God. This would go against the purpose of the universe, namely a growth in consciousness through the exercise of free will. In other words, the spiritual teachers of humankind want people to grow, but they want this to happen as the result of people’s free choices.

Another consideration is that the spiritual teachers are not actually hiding themselves. They are hidden because so many people have descended into the lower state of consciousness in which they have de-activated the faculties of the mind that allow them to perceive beyond the physical senses. Throughout history millions of people have had some use of these faculties and thus have had spiritual, mystical or intuitive experiences. This allowed them to cross the perception gap – also called the veil of Maya or illusion – and directly interact with the spiritual teachers. This is a perfectly natural ability, but it requires one to be willing to look beyond the mental box created by power elite groups, the mass consciousness and one’s own ego. One must reach for true spiritual independence.

Consider – again – what was the real message behind the appearance of the Buddha and Christ. It was to demonstrate through example that it is possible for human beings to transcend the illusion of separation and manifest a higher state of consciousness. In this state of consciousness one sees the underlying reality that all life is one, and thus one cannot be manipulated or controlled by the illusions of duality—one has attained true freedom. One can neither be manipulated by a power elite, the collective consciousness or one’s own ego. Consider that neither the ego nor any power elite group would want this knowledge to become accepted by the general population—as it would mean their demise. Thus, a power elite group attempted to kill Jesus, and when that did not work, they attempted to kill his example by turning him into a special being that no one has the potential to emulate. Yet did not Jesus say: “Those who believe on me, the works that I did, they shall do also, and greater works shall they do?” 

Jesus did – as all other true spiritual teachers – come to demonstrate that it is possible for all human beings to transcend the limitations of the material world and attain true freedom—and that it is possible to do this while still in embodiment on Earth. This is precisely what the power elite do not want the people to know and accept. They want people to believe that true freedom can only be found in the next world, and thus people should submit to the power elite while on Earth. Which explains why virtually every religion has become rigid and stifled by doctrines that actually limit people’s freedom by limiting their thinking, even their sense of who they are and what is possible for them. The power elite will use anything to suppress the people’s true potential, including a spiritual or religious teaching. They can even turn science into a belief system based on the “unquestionable” doctrine that there is nothing beyond the material universe.

It now becomes clear that there is indeed a group of spiritual beings who are serving as the spiritual teachers of humankind. Their purpose and mission is to help individual people free themselves from the mental prison created by their own egos and by various power elite groups. These teachers have won their true freedom from human limitations – including disease – and their only desire is to help all people attain that same freedom. Yet precisely because they are in oneness with their source and the purpose for the universe, they have ultimate respect for free will. The power elite will manipulate people, but the spiritual teachers will never do so. If people reject the spiritual teachers and use the doctrines of traditional religion or materialism to deny their existence, then they must simply bow in respect for free will. 

Yet for those who are willing to look beyond traditional mental boxes, these spiritual teachers — these ascended masters – stand ready to offer their assistance in a variety of ways. Thus, if one is truly serious about escaping the mental box of the duality consciousness – as the true cause of disease – is it not logical that one will want to take advantage of the teachers who have already walked the same path? 

If the existence of such non-dualistic teachers does not seem plausible, then this book has nothing further to offer. Yet for those who are willing to learn more, there is a cornucopia of higher understanding and practical tools offered in the remaining pages of this book.



Copyright © 2009 Kim Michaels


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