The true powers of the mind

By Kim Michaels


Why did materialists deny the powers of the mind? The underlying reason is that a power elite can control the people only by getting the people to deny the true powers of their minds. Yet the official reason was that the mind is unreliable and prone to believe ideas that are out of touch with reality. The primary example given by materialists was that many of the medieval church’s doctrines were out of touch with the reality discovered by scientists, including the doctrine that the Earth was the center of the entire universe. 

Materialism, therefore, claimed that it was universally proven that the mind should not be relied upon for determining truth. Instead, only the objective methods of materialistic science could be used to determine truth. What was being said between the lines was that people should stop believing in the established power elite and their method for determining “truth” (a particular interpretation of scripture) and instead accept the aspiring power elite and their method for determining “truth” (a particular interpretation of scientific data). 

As is the case in the field of religion – where only an elite group can interpret scripture and define doctrine – only an elite group of scientists can perform scientific experiments and only an elite group of people can interpret what scientific findings actually mean. Before materialism, people’s thinking was dominated by the church hierarchy who claimed that they were the only ones who could interpret scripture, and thus the people had no power to know truth on their own. After the emergence of materialism, only the elite controlling science can interpret scientific data, and again the people have no power of their own. It now becomes clear that it is time for the people to understand the true powers of their minds, so that they can collectively improve society and so that individuals can use their own powers to move from those who are not healed to those who are healed.

Where does one begin to look for a deeper understanding of the mind and its true powers? One might start by realizing that although there have always been power elite groups seeking to control the people, history shows that no power elite can remain in control forever. The reason being that the universe has a force that will not allow anything to stand still. This leads to a new understanding of the forces that shape society.

Religion has clearly been used by power elite groups in their attempt to control the people, and for periods of time it has been quite effective in controlling people’s thinking. The medieval church was an extremely efficient mind control machine. Nevertheless, there is an ongoingness in the field of religion, or rather spirituality. 

Although materialism claims that all spirituality is a product of the brain, millions of people do not accept this claim. They experience that there is more to themselves and the universe than what can be explained by material means. There is an underlying reality that cannot be limited by any man-made belief system, be it a religion or materialism. Thus, human beings have the option of contacting this greater reality and gaining a progressively deeper understanding of life. In fact, when one looks deeper, one sees that beyond the mainstream religions (controlled by power elite groups) there is a universal form of spirituality that cannot be limited by orthodoxy. It transcends all man-made boundaries and allows people to transcend the mental boxes of both official religion and materialism.

As discussed earlier, science – or rather a particular interpretation of science – can also be used to control people’s thinking. No human activity is beyond being used in the ongoing power struggle. Yet science is also an activity that does not stand still. When taking a look at the field of science, it is clear that certain areas of science have already made discoveries that go far beyond the materialistic world view. In fact, one of the few branches of science that is still focused on materialism is biology, and thereby medical science. Yet in the field of physics, scientists have made discoveries that clearly transcend materialism. Many of these discoveries point in the same direction as some of the ideas that have emerged in the field of universal spirituality.

A clear pattern now emerges. In order to maintain control, a power elite must be able to control people’s thinking. Yet in order to maintain control, one must be able to stop anything that can overthrow status quo—anything unpredictable. This means preventing the emergence of new ideas, meaning that in order to maintain control, a power elite must seek to stop progress. In other words, in order to stay in power, an elite must stop the creative force that seeks to bring life forward.

The elite must seek to turn the universe and people into machines that function according to invariable, and thus predictable, laws. This was clearly seen in medieval times, where progress was indeed slowed down considerably. Yet eventually new ideas did emerge and the old order was overthrown. This leads one to consider whether there is some built-in force that actually prevents a power elite from remaining in control indefinitely?


The force of growth

Physicists have for centuries been aware of a natural law called the second law of thermodynamics. It states – paraphrased to use the vocabulary of this discussion – that if a system becomes closed to input from the outside, a natural force will increase disorder until the system breaks down from within. In other words, any closed system will self-destruct. Life truly is an open system. It is clear that in order to maintain control, a power elite must seek to turn society and people’s minds into a closed system. Yet the moment this goal is achieved, a natural force begins to break down the closed society, and thus status quo – meaning the rule of the power elite – is eventually overthrown. So far, the downfall of an established elite has often been followed by the ascendance of an aspiring elite. Yet if the people became aware of this dynamic, a truly free society could be created.

So far, science has been so affected by the materialistic paradigm that no deeper explanation for the second law has been proposed. Yet as will be seen shortly, physicists have discovered that the mind or consciousness plays a fundamental role in the workings of the universe. Thus, it might be considered that the driving force behind the second law is that there is a non-material mind that oversees the progression in human affairs by releasing new ideas. 

What ultimately caused the downfall of medieval society and its power structure? It was the emergence of new ideas that caused people to lose faith in the infallibility of Catholic doctrine. Thus, although power and money clearly play a role, one of the driving forces in society is ideas. Yet where do ideas come from? Is there a universal mind that has the capacity to release the very ideas that overthrow the established power elite and bring society to a new level? The question being how long it takes before an aspiring power elite will use the new ideas to gain a position and then cut off the flow of ideas. As has been explained, a power elite must seek to control information, meaning they must cut off people’s ability to get information from a source the elite cannot control, meaning a non-material source.

In the field of modern spirituality, a more detailed understanding of the second law has emerged. While it will be explored in greater detail later, the essence is that there is indeed a non-material mind that has created the universe and designed the laws according to which it functions. One such law is that the universe is created for the sake of helping individual beings grow in awareness. And in order to ensure this goal, nothing can indeed stand still. Humankind has access to a greater mind that contains ideas that can empower people to set themselves free from material limitations—including disease. 

When a society is in a growth phase, it is because the members of the creative elite have attuned their minds to this greater mind, receiving new ideas. When a society is in stagnation or decline, it is because the members of a power elite have managed to get the people to shut off the creative flow from the greater mind. In many new spiritual teachings, this greater mind is personified as a group of spiritual teachers that oversee the growth of humankind, a concept that will be explained in greater detail in coming chapters.

The conclusion is that there is a force that brings about progress in society and also can bring growth in the individual mind. Human beings have the free will to either tune in to this force or to shut off the creative flow. There is a power elite that wants the population to shut off the flow, yet in allowing this, the people turn their society into a closed system in which problems will emerge that have no solution. The reason being that the problems cannot be solved within the prevailing paradigm of society. As Albert Einstein expressed it, “You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created it.” 

What is the prevailing paradigm of modern society? It is a mixture of dogmatic religious beliefs and materialistic beliefs, both of which deny the powers of the mind. Thus, if one wants to move into the category of those who are healed, one needs to align oneself with the force that works to raise the awareness of humankind and look for a new understanding of the mind. This search might begin by looking at what science has discovered about the mind.


The new religion of materialism

During the 1800s an aspiring power elite attempted to place itself in a position of control by taking a twofold approach. One aspect was the creation of a new world view or belief system, namely materialism. The other was the discrediting of not only a specific old belief system – medieval catholicism – but the belief in all religion. This was a highly ambitious attempt, given that all previous civilizations have had a religion. It was also seen by the power elite as having a huge potential benefit, namely that the power elite who achieved it would become the ultimate authority—they would become as powerful – or so it seemed – as God. They would be as gods on Earth.

How could this ambitious project possibly be achieved? Here are some of the main elements:

  • The introduction of the concept that there is an objective reality. This means that there is a level of reality that is completely unaffected by the human mind—or any other mind. For example, it was always an objective reality that the Sun is the center of the solar system and that the solar system is one small part of a very large universe. Thus, it was clearly a subjective and superstitious claim when Catholic doctrine stated that the Earth was the center of the entire universe with the Sun revolving around it.
  • The claim that all religious sentiment is the result of belief, and that all belief is subjective. Thus, it simply is not possible to know the objective reality through the subjective filter of religious faith. People believe what they want to believe. Every religion claims it has the only correct view of God, yet since their doctrines contradict each other, they obviously cannot all be right—meaning that none of them are right.
  • The creation of a barrier between the people and the objective reality. Given that all belief is subjective, the human mind is completely useless for determining truth. Thus, the only way to know the objective reality is through science. However, the way is not simply through science but through a strictly materialistic interpretation of scientific findings. If a theory proposes a supernatural cause, it is no longer a scientific theory but has entered the realm of philosophy, in which everything is also subjective.
  • The creation of a new elite who are the only ones that can determine what is an objective truth. These are not pure scientists, but people who understand the importance of advancing materialism and can thus interpret scientific findings accordingly. These people are not motivated by a quest for truth but by a quest for ultimate political power.
  • The underlying claim is that materialism is not a philosophy or belief system, as is every religion, every philosophy and even the so-called softer sciences. Instead, materialism – based on hard science – is fundamentally different from any previous world view in that it alone is based on the objective reality. This is an attempt to set materialism up as the ultimate authority, an authority that cannot be gainsaid by any human being. Is it not ironic that this is the exact claim made by the Medieval Catholic Church, from which materialism claims to have freed people’s minds?

One thing immediately becomes clear from these elements, namely that materialism is a closed system. It is as closed as the Catholic system it aims to replace, and thus it is not likely to free people’s minds but to simply create another closed mental box. How is a closed system actually created? By establishing certain fundamental axioms that are seen as self-evidently true and thus never need to be questioned or transcended. The result is that the system seems valid and true only as long as one does not question its basic axioms and thus cannot see that there is an alternative explanation. Consider that each element described above has a clear alternative:

  • An objective reality. As will be explored in the coming section, quantum physics has questioned this assumption. Yet what is often overlooked is that materialism is not the first attempt to discover such an objective reality. The Greek philosophers talked about it but did not conclude that the mind was unsuited for discovering it. In reality, a true spiritual teaching is also aimed at putting people in contact with an objective reality that is not affected by the normal level of human consciousness. As explained above, spirituality seeks to help people raise their level of consciousness beyond what is considered normal. It is in this “normal” state of consciousness that people tend to subjectively believe what they want to believe. Yet by transcending this state of consciousness, people can know a higher reality through direct experience.
  • All religious sentiment is not the result of belief. The reality is that orthodox religion requires people to believe what is given from an external source, whereas true spirituality seeks to raise people’s consciousness until they know through an inner experience. The fact that all religions make conflicting claims about God does not mean it is impossible for the human mind to know God. It is possible that the objective reality is beyond what can be expressed in words and confined to a particular belief system, including materialism. God may be too transcendent to fit into any man-made mental box. Thus, the conflicting claims made by religions are caused by the lack of direct experience combined with the ambiguity of words. Yet beyond this is the possibility of a direct experience of a transcendent reality.
  • The creation of a barrier between the people and reality is simply another ploy of a power elite to put itself in a position to control people’s thoughts. This alone indicates that materialism is not fundamentally different from any other philosophy but is simply another tool in the ongoing power struggle. Universal spirituality and quantum physics both claim that the mind does have the capacity to interact with ultimate reality. Thus, every human being can have this interaction without the need for a power elite as an intermediary.
  • The new elite of materialists are simply the priesthood of the new belief system. The very fact that materialism requires one to accept a set of unquestionable axioms proves that it is a belief system and not based on reality. One of the basic axioms of materialism is that there is nothing beyond the material universe—a claim that simply cannot be proven, as one cannot prove the non-existence of something. One can only say that one has not found God through the means employed by materialistic science. Yet since God is by nature non-material, how likely is it that the existence of God can be proven by material means? And since materialism does not recognize any non-material means, how can it ever be proven wrong from within the system itself (thus actually failing the scientific need for falsifiability)?
  • As stated, materialism requires its followers to accept a set of axioms that cannot be questioned. This alone makes it like any other belief system, such as the Catholic religion. Yet the alternative to such closed systems is the open-ended process of discovery, in which one never claims to have an absolute truth but remains open to a progressive revelation of deeper levels of understanding. True spirituality and true science are both expressions of this universal drive for growth.


A new view of mind is needed

The fundamental claim of materialism is that it is objective because the obtaining of scientific data is not in any way affected by the mind, i.e. the beliefs of the person performing the experiment. This claim is based on a particular world view, a view that implies a fundamental separation between human beings and the universe in which they live. Thus, it is (supposedly) possible for a scientist to take the position of a neutral observer, who is observing a natural phenomenon without influencing the phenomenon itself. The importance being that only if the scientist is not influencing the phenomenon, can his or her observations be unaffected by the mind and thus be truly objective. Yet the underlying assumption is that there is no connection between the human mind and the natural or material world. Take note that this is the fundamental claim of materialism. If it is proven to be incorrect, then the very foundation for materialism has been invalidated. 

The basic assumption behind materialism is that the world or universe is not a unified, indivisible whole. Instead, it can be split into divisions that are separated in a fundamental way. During the 1800s – when materialism emerged – most physicists and chemists accepted such a dualistic world view. The fundamental division was between matter and energy, which were thought to be the basic building blocks of the universe, yet so different that one could not be converted into the other. This matter-energy duality also led to the assumption that there was an inseparable barrier between matter and mind, and this led to the emergence of the materialistic claim that the influence of the mind can be taken out of science. It is doubtful whether materialism would have gained widespread acceptance without such a dualistic view of the world.

The first serious blow to dualism came with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, which proved that the matter-energy duality was an illusion. Matter and energy are not separate elements or substances, for one can be converted into the other, as proven by nuclear power plants. However, the deeper reality is that matter as a separate substance simply does not exist. Matter is made from energy that has taken on a different form. And since energy is currently understood as a form of vibration, it follows that “solid” matter is truly vibrating energy. The energy simply vibrates within a certain frequency spectrum. The human senses are attuned to this frequency spectrum, and that is why matter appears solid to the senses. Likewise, matter will appear solid to scientific instruments that are made out of matter and thus vibrate in the same frequency spectrum.

The underlying consequence – a consequence largely overlooked by scientists and philosophers alike – is that since Einstein, it has been proven that the human senses cannot provide a reliable view of the universe. This was already suspected before Einstein, but the theory of relativity proved it in a fundamental way. To understand this, one must look at another achievement of science, namely the general discovery that behind the phenomenal world (the world visible to the physical senses) there is an underlying level, or rather several levels. 

What happens in the visible or phenomenal world is often simply effects of causes at a deeper level. For example, the human body is visible to the senses, but what is not visible is that the body has a deeper layer, namely the cells. The function of the cells is determined by an even deeper layer, namely the DNA. Yet the cells are also made of molecules that obey an even deeper set of laws. The molecules are made from atoms, which form a deeper layer with its own laws. Yet atoms are made from subatomic particles, and there is an even more fundamental set of laws at this level.

The consequence is simple. If one truly wants to understand the universe, one cannot confine one’s investigation to the phenomenal world visible to the senses. That is why materialistic science has focused on creating scientific instruments that can detect the deeper layers. Yet most of these instruments simply extend the range of the senses, for example a microscope allows a scientist to see something that the naked eye cannot see. As an example, consider a disease that has a physical effect, such as a tumor in an organ. One cannot discover the cause by looking exclusively at the organ. To discover the cause, one must go to the level of the cell and even to the level of the DNA. Yet this is where current medical science stops its investigation, based on the material claim that every aspect of the cell can be explained by the information stored in the DNA. However, since the cells are made of molecules – that are made of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles – does it not seem reasonable that to truly discover the cause of disease, one must go to the deepest layer possible? Which means one must find a way to study these deeper layers.

What has been overlooked by materialists is the need to take scientific inquiry into a fundamentally different direction. What exactly does this mean? The theory of relativity states that matter is simply the effects of underlying causes, and these causes are to be found only in a realm of pure energy—a level of existence where there is no matter because energy has not yet taken on the form of matter particles. The human senses are designed to detect matter. Thus, any scientific instrument that extends the range of the senses cannot be used to investigate the realm of pure energy. The conclusion being that the instruments and methods developed based on the materialistic paradigm are unable to investigate the underlying reality that was proven by Albert Einstein in 1905. This limitation is a clear proof that the materialistic paradigm has created a mental box that has held back scientific progress.

How can this lack be overcome? What options do human beings have that can empower them to go beyond the limitations of the senses and investigate the realm of pure energy? The reality is that this cannot be done through the five senses and scientific instruments that merely extend the range of the senses. It can only be done through a faculty that can “see” beyond matter and directly detect a realm of existence beyond the material world. 

Human beings have always had such a faculty, and it has indeed been used successfully by scientists. For example, Albert Einstein did not develop the theory of relativity by performing laboratory experiments. He developed it purely as a thought experiment, and it took decades before the theory was confirmed by actual observations. 

Thus, the faculty that allows people to study deeper layers of reality – layers that cannot be seen by the senses – is the mind—not the “human” mind but a higher aspect of the mind. The simple fact is that by disproving the matter-energy duality, Einstein also disproved the mind-matter duality. Since 1905 it has been scientifically proven that there is no fundamental barrier between matter and mind and that the mind has the capability to explore a fundamental reality that is beyond the material world (at least according to a strict materialistic definition of the material world). To fully understand this, one must understand how a group of physicists took Einstein’s findings and developed quantum mechanics.


A quantum view of mind

When physicists went beyond Einstein’s findings and began to develop quantum mechanics, they made a discovery that instantly invalidated the basic materialistic claim of objectivity. This doesn’t mean that objectivity itself is impossible, but it does mean that it cannot be achieved by attempting to shut out the mind. Objectivity – in the post quantum mechanics world – can be achieved only by attaining a higher understanding of the mind.

As explained, science has continually revealed deeper layers of the world, and the most subtle or basic layer currently recognized by mainstream science is the level of subatomic particles—particles that are considered the basic building blocks of matter. Yet as far back as the 1920s, quantum physicists discovered that at the quantum level, subatomic particles do not actually behave as traditional particles. They are not miniature billiard balls (that have no internal parts and cannot be divided), rather they can behave as both particles and waves. Even more surprising, the human mind can interact with these subatomic entities. As explained, a materialist claims to be a neutral observer who is observing a natural phenomenon without influencing it, and that is why the observation is claimed to be objective. Thus, there are two elements of a scientific observation, namely the phenomenon and the instrument being used—the mind of the scientist playing no part. Yet in the quantum world, the neutral observer simply does not exist. Instead, the observation made by a quantum physicist is a product of three elements, namely the subatomic entity being observed, the instrument used and the mind of the scientist. 

This was a stunning observation, and thus it has been checked and re-checked by numerous observations and experiments. Therefore, since the 1920s physicists have known that at the quantum level, there is no such thing as a neutral observer. One might wonder why this has not killed materialism, and the explanation is simple. Most physicists would rather stay out of a political power struggle, so they prefer not to draw the philosophical consequences of quantum physics. And most materialists simply ignore these findings, hoping that the public will do the same. And, of course, the power elite who created materialism do not want anyone to make the inescapable conclusion that materialism is based on a flawed premise, so they have used all of their influence to keep their creation alive. Yet the members of the materialistic power elite are living on borrowed time.

What are the philosophical consequences of the discoveries of quantum physics? To understand this, one must begin by looking at what actually happens when a human being observes a subatomic entity. The reality is that before a scientist performs an observation by using a particle accelerator, there is no subatomic particle. This does not mean that there is nothing there. However, it does mean that what is there exists at a level of reality that has not yet been directly observed by scientists and thus is not generally recognized as having existence. Some scientists have recognized that such a level must exist, and they have called it various things, such as a quantum field, a parallel universe, a different dimension or an intricate order.

When a scientist performs an experiment, his or her consciousness interacts with this deeper layer of existence. As a result of the interaction, a subatomic particle is created. Note that the scientist is not merely observing a particle, but that the particle is actually created as the experiment is being performed. Or one might say that the particle is brought into the frequency spectrum of the world that can be observed by current scientific methods. Thus, the scientist is not a neutral observer but is actively participating in the experiment. In fact, it can be said that the scientist is co-creating the subatomic particle being observed.

This simple fact has stunning consequences for all aspects of life, but especially for personal healing. In the materialistic world view, reality can be divided into at least two separate compartments. There is the objective physical reality and there is the subjective reality of what is happening inside your own mind. To a materialist there is no connection between the two, meaning that your physical body is part of the objective reality and your mind is in its own world. 

In reality, this is a highly dis-empowering view of reality. It states that what is happening in the world outside the mind is the result of natural processes over which human beings have no control. The natural environment on Earth and the conditions of people’s physical bodies were created by external forces, and the human mind has no power to influence these forces. Thus, human beings have little ability to personally influence their environment and the health of their bodies. They need a mediator, namely the power elite and its representatives.

The findings of quantum physics open up vast new possibilities for changing every aspect of life, including personal health. To begin with, quantum physics gives far greater importance to the mind than materialism. Consider again that science has proven the existence of progressively more fundamental layers of reality, the layer of subatomic particles being the most basic one currently recognized. Every layer has its own set of laws, but the laws at the most fundamental level affect all other levels. For example, in the United States, each state has its own laws, yet they are subservient to federal laws that again are subservient to the Constitution. 

Because everything in the material world is made from subatomic particles – this layer being the most fundamental level of the world – everything is affected by the laws that exist at the quantum level. And at this basic level, the human mind has the ability to interact with the very building blocks of matter. Why is this so significant?

According to materialism, all aspects of human mental or psychic processes are the exclusive products of the physical brain. Yet the brain is an organ in the human body and the body exists at a surface level of the world, namely that of visible phenomena. There is a deeper layer of reality beyond the brain, namely that of cells. Yet cells are made from organic molecules, and the molecules are made from inorganic atoms, and the atoms are made from subatomic particles. The conclusion is logically simple, yet it will be resisted by all who want to preserve the materialistic world view. 

Quantum physics has proven beyond any doubt that the human mind has the ability to interact with the most fundamental layer of the material world, namely that of subatomic particles. Given that the physical brain exists at a less fundamental level, the only possible explanation is that there is an aspect of the mind that is not the product of the physical brain. Given that the brain exists at a less fundamental level, it simply is not capable of producing something that can interact with a more fundamental layer. Cells are made from molecules; they do not make the molecules. Molecules are made from atoms; they do not make the atoms.

This does not mean that the physical brain cannot affect thoughts and feelings, as is documented by both science and common experience. Yet it does mean that there is an aspect of the mind that is not a product of the brain but flows through the brain. The difference is fundamental. If the mind is produced by the brain, then the mind does not have any power at deeper levels of reality than the level of the brain, nor can it change the brain or any other aspect of the body. Yet if the mind has an aspect that can interact with these deeper levels, then the mind must have far greater powers than recognized by materialism and traditional religion. In other words, consciousness is not produced by the brain but streams through the brain in order to express itself in the material world and operate the physical body. Sunlight may be colored by a stained glass window, but the light is not produced by the glass in the window—it comes from something beyond the Earth, namely the Sun.

In streaming through the brain, consciousness – especially at the level of the conscious mind – can be colored by the processes in the brain. Yet this is similar to how the white light produced by the lamp in a movie projector is colored by the images on the film strip. The light is obviously not created by the film strip but is only temporarily colored by it. This opens up the perspective that human beings have the capacity to expand the power and mastery of their minds and potentially create positive changes in their minds, bodies and environment. It sets the foundation for a radical new approach to personal healing.


What is mind—really?

What does it truly mean that the mind can interact with the level of subatomic particles? According to a materialistic world view, this should be impossible. Materialism says that the world is a materialistic phenomenon that exists independently of mind. Mind is a phenomenon that is produced by the brain, meaning that mind or consciousness did not come into existence until the very early humans had developed enough brain capacity to produce self-awareness. 

Yet what quantum physics has proven is that the mind can interact with the most fundamental level of matter, a level that was in existence at the time of the Big Bang. How can this happen? There is only one possible conclusion, namely that there is no real separation between mind and matter. Quantum physics has undeniably proven that there is a fundamental connection between mind and matter. The logical conclusion being that at the level of subatomic particles, there must exist a form of consciousness that is beyond but connected to the human mind. Consciousness can interact only with consciousness, so for the human mind to interact with the level of subatomic particles, there must be a form of consciousness present at the level of subatomic particles. 

The logical consequence is that consciousness predates the emergence of the human brain, which means consciousness cannot be a product of material processes. Instead, consciousness seems to have an aspect that is independent of material processes and thus could also be beyond space and time. In other words, a form of consciousness – a mind – could have – even must have – existed before the beginning of the material universe.

It has been seen that materialism is based on a dualistic world view, stating that reality can be split into divisions. Yet science has consistently revealed that this division exists only at the level of the senses. When one goes to deeper levels, there is no matter-energy duality, but every material phenomenon is actually made from vibrating energy. Yet what is energy? Scientists can only say that it is a form of vibration. Yet what if there is a connection between energy and consciousness? What if energy is a form of consciousness, just as matter is a form of energy? 

In other words, the shocking conclusion is that consciousness is the fundamental reality. The universe is one, indivisible mind that can take on many forms, and these forms appear to be separate phenomena to the senses. Yet this appearance of division exists only at a surface level, the level of visible phenomena. As one goes to deeper levels, one discovers an underlying unity, and the conclusion is that reality is an indivisible whole. It even becomes clear that the human mind has the capacity to connect to this underlying reality and experience it directly.

Whereas the separation of matter and mind is highly dis-empowering, the realization that consciousness is the fundamental reality is highly empowering. It opens up the possibility that human beings have had an influence on many material phenomena, including physical diseases. Thus, it now becomes possible that particular diseases are the manifestations of a particular level of consciousness. And by raising one’s level of consciousness, the very cause of the disease is transcended and true healing occurs. In other words, the difference between those who are healed and those who are not healed is determined by the level of consciousness. Instead of seeking for an external healer, you can take command over your own destiny by actively raising your level of consciousness.

Is there any scientific evidence for this concept? Aside from quantum physics, there is a growing number of medical scientists – members of the creative elite – who are exploring the mind’s ability to affect healing. It has long been known that a patient’s mental attitude can have a positive or negative influence on the healing process. It has been proven in many studies that patients given a placebo are still healed, meaning that the healing cannot come from a drug-induced chemical reaction but must be affected by the mind. Many scientists realize that a majority of diseases are psychosomatic, meaning they are caused by a psychological condition. There is even growing evidence for the fact that the function of the cell is not exclusively determined by DNA but that the cell can respond to external stimuli, including a person’s state of mind.  

For those who are willing to look at history and project into the future, it is not difficult to see that Western civilization is on the brink of a breakthrough in ideas that could potentially rival the renaissance. Once the creative elite begins to accept the philosophical consequences of quantum physics and apply them to other aspects of life, both the old power elite of traditional religion and the new power elite of materialism will lose their grip on the minds of the people. This could bring truly revolutionary changes to all aspects of life, including personal healing. Yet for those who are not willing to wait for the official breakthrough, some additional considerations will help make these ideas much more practical.



Copyright © 2009 Kim Michaels


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