The Creators and the Organizers

By Kim Michaels


Human beings are psychological beings. You cannot fully understand why organizations fail unless you understand a mechanism that has destroyed numerous organizations.

The simplest way to explain this mechanism is to start with the fact that the human brain is divided into two halves. The right brain is the more artistic part of the brain, and it looks at the big picture. The left brain is the analytical part of the brain, and it looks at the details.

Most people have a tendency to use one part of the brain more than the other. They have a dominant side of the brain. One might say that people who are left-brain-dominated are the Organizers. People who are right-brain-dominated are the Creators.

If you want an organization to be successful, you must realize that both types of people are needed in the organization. And you must realize that both types of people are useful only when they are balanced.

The Creators are often the people who can start an organization, and they can bring it to a certain point. They can also help ensure that the organization remains vital and alive, so that it meets the needs of its members. Creators can always come up with new ideas that will help the organization adapt to changing times and to the changing needs of its followers. 

The Creators simply cannot run the organization on a daily basis. They are not well-organized, and they quickly get bored with the mundane details of the everyday life of an organization. In the business world you often see that Creators can start a business, but that they cannot ensure its survival. Virtually all of the people who founded a new religion were Creators.

The Organizers are people who have a flair for organization and detail. These people rarely start an organization, but they can run it with constancy and consistency. However, if the Organizers are allowed to run the organization, the organization will never change.

Times change, and the needs of an organization’s followers will change. The Organizers are not able to adapt the organization to these changes; they will keep running the organization the way they think is right. If Organizers are allowed to run an organization, the organization itself might go on forever, but the number of members will dwindle. People begin to find that the organization is no longer meeting their needs, and it is not willing to change either. Therefore, they quietly leave. One might argue that this has already started happening to many of the large churches of today.

It is essential to realize that successful organizations are those who have a balance between Creators and Organizers. The Organizers give the organization stability and endurance, and the Creators make sure that the organization continues to meet the needs of its members.


The Rise of Conflict: Rebels and judges

To fully understand why balance is so important, you need to look at what happens when the Creators and Organizers move too far away from the golden middle way and take their characteristics to the extreme.

The Creators will reason that to create something new, you cannot be bound by what is already in existence. Organizers like to organize things and maintain stability, and you cannot maintain stability if you are constantly trying to go beyond what is already there.

To maintain balance, you must realize that there is a built-in tension between the creative and the organizing tendencies in our brains. In essence, this is precisely the creative tension that gives rise to the universe. The ideal form of this tension is expressed in the symbol of the Tai Chi in which the two creative forces are in perfect balance.

The Yang force represents the Creators and the Yin force represents the Organizers. When these forces are balanced, the result is a creative tension that creates a balanced and sustainable growth. While there is constant change, this change never occurs so rapidly that it destroys the stability of the universe.

As long as balance is maintained, you have harmony, and that is precisely what takes place in the spiritual world. Some Ascended beings are Organizers and some Ascended beings are Creators. The tension between them leads to growth, but it never leads to conflict. 

When you add the relativity of the carnal mind to the mix, the creative tension is all too easily turned into an unresolvable conflict. A Creator, who is not balanced, will reason that he needs to create without being bound by any rules or regulations. He will see the Organizers as backward-looking people who are trying to limit his creativity. He will resist these restrictions, even to the point where he rebels against them or leaves the organization altogether.

An unbalanced Creator often becomes a rebel who accepts no authority above his own desire to create. This is obviously unbalanced, because the rebel does not accept divine law. The rebel does not accept that although he has a right to create, he should do so within the framework created by God. This framework is not meant to restrict him, but to channel his creativity in such a way that it does not lead to self-destruction. In its extreme, the rebel becomes a person who is no longer concerned with the mission of the organization. Instead, the rebel seeks self-expression for the sake of self-aggrandizement.

An unbalanced Organizer reasons that the most important thing of all is to maintain stability and continuity. In the context of a spiritual organization, an unbalanced Organizer will reason that the most important task is to maintain the purity of the spiritual teachings and rituals. This must be done at all cost. When there is no balance, the Organizer quickly becomes the “letter-of-the-law” person who sets himself up as the judge.

The judge will often reason that it is his supreme responsibility to maintain and enforce the letter of the law in its most literal sense. Anyone who seeks to go beyond the literal interpretation of the law is a rebel and must be shut down or restricted. In the extreme, the judge becomes a person who is no longer truly concerned about maintaining the stability of the organization. Instead, the judge is now consumed by a desire to punish anyone who questions the authority of the judge and his interpretation of the letter of the law.

A classical example of this phenomenon is the conflict between Jesus and the Orthodox Jewish church. The church hierarchy had set themselves up as judges, and they thought their supreme responsibility was the upholding of the letter of the law. In doing so, they were willing to kill the embodied Christ.

When they go to the extremes, the rebel seeks glamour and the judge seeks power.


A recurring pattern

Most churches have gone through the classical struggle between the Creators, who turned rebels, and the Organizers, who turned judges. If such a conflict is allowed to continue, one of two things will occur:

  • The judges will gradually gain complete control of the organization, and they will enforce that control by all means available to them. As a result, the Creators will all leave the organization. The organization will then become gradually more rigid, and many of the ordinary members will also start leaving the organization. Many spiritual organizations have dwindled in size after the founder left.
  • The organization will fragment into different factions. This is what happened to the early Christian church. The Creators, turned rebels, will create a faction of the organization and they will claim that they have sponsorship from Above and that the old organization is simply stifled by the judges. This faction represents the Gnostics. The judges will claim that they must maintain the purity of the teachings, even if those teachings (or the organizational structure and culture) no longer meet the needs of the followers. This faction became the organized and orthodox Christian church.

In either case, the divine potential of the organization is lost in the ongoing human struggle for power and control. If you step back from the situation, do you really think the Ascended Host want either of these options to come to pass? If you do not, then the question becomes: “How can we prevent this from happening?”


Let No Man Take Thy Crown

An important question here is: “Are the rebels and the judges willing to look in the mirror and admit that they have moved too far into the extremes?” And if they come to this realization, are they willing to do what is necessary to come back to the center of the Christ?

The Ascended Host cannot interfere with this process, because they cannot violate the Law of Free Will. They can only sit back and watch with their fingers crossed, hoping that at some point in time a group of people will actually decide to rise above the carnal mind instead of simply watching that their organization slides into the abyss.

The only possible solution is that all members of an organization become more alert and learn to expose the subtle mechanism that can cause people to become spiritually blind. Your supreme responsibility on the path is to make sure that nothing comes between you and your God. “Let no man take thy Crown” means that you must not let anything in this world take away your inner connection to your higher self.


The Key to Spiritual Growth

You must understand that the real key to your spiritual growth is the realization that your spiritual growth stands and falls with the decisions you make with your free will. These decisions should be made by your conscious mind. Unfortunately, most people allow a lot of decisions to be made by the subconscious mind, where they are almost always influenced by, or completely controlled by, the carnal mind. 

The key to spiritual growth is to realize that you must take back your free will and your power to make decisions. You must also realize that the only way to make right decisions is to have right knowledge and right understanding. So before you can make right decisions, you must make an effort to get a higher understanding of the topic at hand. With all thy getting, get understanding!

What often happens to people is that they do not make the effort, and in the beginning it can be a tremendous effort, to bring their decisions about life into the conscious mind. Therefore, many subtle decisions are made in the subconscious mind and the individual is not fully aware of of what is influencing the decision. This explains why it is sometimes very difficult for people to realize what they are doing wrong, even though it might be obvious to many other people.

The more you identify with the carnal mind, the more that mind will influence the decisions you make. What the carnal mind will do is to create some kind of condition that seems to make it either impossible, unnecessary or impractical for you to exercise your spiritual potential. In other words, your carnal mind will tell you that because of this or that condition, you either cannot be the Christ in action, you don’t have to be the Christ in action or you don’t have to be the Christ in action right now – you can do it in the tomorrow that never comes. 

In essence, your carnal mind is saying that because of this or that condition, you do not have to change, and you can stay within your (or rather its) comfort zone.

If a religious organization is to change, the individual members must understand the mechanisms that will either make or break the organization. People must consider if they are Creators or Organizers. If you determine that you are a Creator, then you must ask yourself: “Have I become a rebel?” If you determine that you are an Organizer, you must ask yourself: “Have I become a judge?” 

You must then consider if the tendency to rebel or judge is really just an excuse, created by your carnal mind, that prevents you from exercising your Christhood. Are you in reality saying to yourself: “My involvement with my church and the issues at hand are so important, that I cannot be the Christ until this is resolved!” If so, you need to realize that the only way to resolve the issues at hand is to be the Christ. Do not throw the Christ-child out with the dirty bath water of the organizational struggle!


The formation of opposing sides

If the tension between rebels and judges is not resolved at an early stage, an organization will often see the formation of two opposing factions. One wants to bring change, and one wants to avoid change. If the two sides have become unbalanced, there is seemingly no way to resolve such a conflict. 

What is happening here is really just a new version of the story that was told in the fairy-tale about the emperor’s new clothes. Both the rebels and the judges are completely convinced that their position is the only right one, and that the opposite side is completely wrong. In reality, both sides are wrong because both sides are (at least in part) motivated by the carnal mind. What is needed is that a little child, a little Christ child, in the organization will finally cry out: “But they've got nothing on!”

In this respect, it should be pointed out that the outcome of this conflict is not merely determined by the rebels and the judges. In all reality, it is unlikely that the rebels and the judges will be able to pull themselves back to the center. The move back to the center can only be instigated by those who are already balanced. Therefore, the people who have a healthy balance between the Creator and the Organizer within themselves have a responsibility to speak up and state their case.

Unfortunately, history has proven that once the battle between the rebels and the judges has started, it will often consume the organization to the point where it is very difficult for the balanced people to have a say.

However, it is still necessary for such people to speak up and try to make the rebels and the judges realize that they have gone too far. Unfortunately, making the rebels and judges come to this realization can be extremely difficult. Because the more they go into the territory of the extremes, the more convinced they are that they are right and that they have to keep going in that direction despite the warnings they receive from others.

It is important for the balanced people to realize that the rebels and the judges are not bad people, and they are not willingly doing their thing. They simply do not realize what they are doing (if they did, most of them would be willing to change). In other words, it is important not to create a new struggle between the balanced people and people in either or both extremes.

The true spiritual potential of community is that people can help keep each other balanced so that neither individual members, nor the community as a whole, stray too far from the middle way. If this can be done in love, conflicts can be healed rather than strengthened. Trenches can be filled in rather than made deeper. So, the final question is: Do you love something, be it your church, God or your higher self, more than the human desire to be proven right?



Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels


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