Poisoning of Air, Water, and Food


April 20, 2015  Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guests: Diane Bacchus-Quddus and Ashwin Srisailam, developers of Ahhaa app.

Topics: Working with elementals. Posting inspiration on the Ahhaa app. Kim's book, How You Can Help Change the World, is mentioned.

Parthenia:Oh, I'm always delighted to be back here at CRN, where we have free speech and it is honored. Today, I'm also very, very happy to have our special guest, Ashwin Srisailam. Did I say that right, Ashwin?


Parthenia:OK. And Diane Bacchus-Quddus. Who both are the developers of this amazing app, called Ahhaa, that's a social media app that you can use to spread inspiring and encouraging waves around the world to help people deal with a lot of the stresses. For instance, what we're dealing with here in California with the drought. So, today, we'll be discussing, along with my co-host, Kim Michaels, who is joining us via Skype. Kim, are you there?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I'm here.

Parthenia:OK. We're going to be talking about what each individual can do to counterbalance the power elite poisoning the air, water, and food supply on this planet. I know that everywhere I look people are very, very concerned about the rising cost of water, the water rationing, here in California. And, of course, the soaring price of foods; because the crops are failing because of the drought. And, of course, the air conditioning costs are going up. So, there's a lot of concern. And the one thing that we know is that we can't go to the people that are causing the problem and ask them to solve the problem that they're causing. So, today, I wanted to focus on what individuals can do to counteract this situation with the poisoning of the water, air, and food on the planet. So, Kim, I'd like to start out with you. And then, bring in Ashwin and Diane.

Kim Michaels:OK. I think the first thing you can realize, as an individual, is that there is a spiritual solution to almost every problem we can encounter. And nature has a wonderful ability to right itself, to balance itself. And that's because there is something called nature spirits or elemental beings. And what unfortunately happens is that when they get – They are very sensitive. They are very sensitive to our energy. And when they get too burdened by the negative energy that we produce, emotional, mental energy, and also through our physical actions; then they can't find that balance. They can't purify nature as they are meant to do. And so, what we can do is use spiritual exercises to help free them from that burden. And I've actually just recently published a book called, How You Can Help Change the World

Parthenia:Oh, wow.

Kim Michaels:And it talks more about this, in greater depth and detail. How we can actually invoke positive energy, in order to counteract any type of pollution.

Parthenia:OK. What's the name of the book, again, Kim?

Kim Michaels:How You Can Help Change the World.

Parthenia:Oh, I love that. OK. So, I've got to download that and get on top of that ASAP. And I personally use the violet flame. And it's a very short little invocation that just says: “I am a being of violet fire. I am the purity that God desires.” And I set an intention to clear the smog or the fog that might be covering the particular area that I'm in. And literally, within less than 15 minutes, there is a visible clearing of the atmosphere by just calling on the elementals of wind, water, earth, fire and air. They do respond to us talking to them. So, now I want to bring in Ashwin and Diane. You have this wonderful app, Ahhaa. … 

(Ashwin explains their app.)

Parthenia:… So, there is something that every individual can do. Ashwin, you and Diane are doing an amazing job by coming up with this app and promoting it. Kim, you're doing a tremendous body of work, publishing all these books that are getting us in touch with our spirituality. And I'm very excited about this new book. Kim has over 40 books on spirituality and personal growth and development that he has published. And I know, for one, I've been helped tremendously by his body of work. … “You'd think with all this technology, that the government could at least make it rain.” And I said: “Well they can. It's just that by creating droughts they can charge us more money and create more stress and create more fear.” So, Kim, I'm going to pass that off to you.

Kim Michaels:I was thinking what you said about loving the sun. Don't forget to love the rain clouds. It might start raining. (Parthenia laughs.)

Parthenia:Well, yeah. I gotta start talking to the sylphs and the clouds. You're absolutely right.

Kim Michaels:But I thought it was a beautiful image when you were talking about we can appreciate nature. And, actually, when you become more aware; you realize that everything is connected. And we are living inside this wonderful whole. And we are part of that whole. And that is, unfortunately, the key right there to all of our environmental problems is that for centuries, and even beyond that; we have had this underlying philosophy that separates us from nature, from each other, and from our true spirituality.


Kim Michaels:And right there, that consciousness of separation is what really has to go. And I think that's where a lot of normal people can do amazing things by connecting inside themselves to their own spirituality. And then, you also begin to connect to all the other amazing beings that are around you. And I think what you were saying was beautiful, because these nature spirits – It's like they say a rose will smell good, even if there's nobody around to smell it. But the nature spirits are part of the whole that we are in. And they are actually at a lower level of development than we are, as humans. And therefore, it actually means something to them when we appreciate what they produce.

Parthenia:Yes. And acknowledge them. So, when we come back, after commercial break, we will be continuing this discussion and empowering and inspiring people through the Ahhaa app. ...


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk on CRN. I have my guests, who are the creators of the Ahhaa app that you can download on your android or your i-phones today, as soon as possible, and start inspiring the world with solutions to many of the social ills that we're facing today. And I also have joining me, my co-host, Kim Michaels. Give us the name of your new book again, Kim.

Kim Michaels:How You Can Help Change the World

Parthenia:Yeah. Love that. So, the whole idea and the premise of today's show is that we can choose to be victims and sit around in fear and complaining about what they are doing to us or we can educate, enlighten, and inspire ourselves to move back into that space of divinity that is within all of us. And that power, that God-given power that is within all of us by reconnecting with the nature and the elemental spirits and calling on their help in cleaning up the atmosphere. At the same time, we need to be doing our part to pollute less …

(Diane mentions teaching children to love and support the environment and upcoming Earth Day events.)

Parthenia:Great. Now, Kim, could I get some more input from you on things that we can do?

Kim Michaels:Yes. Well, my tools are always the spiritual tools and that's what transcendencetoolbox is full of. And it has a lot of invocations, a lot of decrees. You were talking about the violet flame. It has a lot of decrees to the violet flame. It also has a lot of invocations, where you name specific conditions. And then, you direct the spiritual energy into those conditions. That's part of the whole invocation, where you have a rhythmic invocation of energy; but you also direct it. And you can find those for free on transcendencetoolbox. And there are many different kinds. There are, I think 25 of them that are for various world conditions.


Kim Michaels:And the other thing is, of course, I'm coming to California, this summer – 

Parthenia:That's right!

Kim Michaels:– for a conference about – For all of North America. It's not just for California. But, nevertheless, I'm sure we will make invocations for the drought and other conditions.

Parthenia:Oh. That's wonderful. Thank you for reminding me to remind everybody that for the first time in five years, Kim will be coming to the US with the help of the ascended masters to anchor the ray of love on the US continent. …


(They come back from break and Diane, Ashwin, and Parthenia discuss elementals and various experiences.)

Parthenia:… Kim, have you ever had any experiences like that?

Kim Michaels:Well, yeah. I've certainly felt connected to nature. But I focus more on the ascended masters, because that's my job. I was doing a little bit of research during the commercial break, here, and on ascendedmasterlight.com there is actually a teaching about what causes various kinds of earth conditions.


Kim Michaels:And I looked up, specifically, drought. (Mitigating natural disasters.) And it says here – This is a teaching from Mother Mary. – that drought is actually caused by greed. The spiritual poison that produces it is greed. And if you look at the history of California, you can see that.

Parthenia:The gold rush.

Kim Michaels:The gold rush. And what it specifically says, the teaching here about greed, is that this is the sense that nothing is ever enough. And it actually creates the desire to destroy what you can't have or can't control.


Kim Michaels:So, greed is like a fire that burns everything. And it can never be satisfied. You can never fulfill it.

Parthenia:Well, what a metaphor; because we're actually on fire. There are all these forest fires right now in California. So, wow, how powerful is that? Thank you for sharing that. So, that's on ascendedmasterlight.com?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. And what I want to say, also, the teaching talks about there are five Dhyani Buddhas, they are called.


Kim Michaels:And in Buddhism they are often seen as meditation Buddhas, but I see them as ascended masters, also. And there is one that is named, Amitabha. And he's very powerful for counteracting the poison of greed.


Kim Michaels:And you can actually give a chant to him that is very simple. It says it is: “Om Amitabha Hrih.” (Sounds like: Ohm Ah mee tah bah Hrrrree) And you can chant it. You can draw it out.

Parthenia: Om Amitabha Hrih.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:Ashwin, I bet you can say that one real well. (Parthenia and Ashwin laugh.)

(Diane shares about feeling the presence of trees. Parthenia talks about her experiences using violet flame and more about elementals responding to us.) 

Parthenia:… I know that they (elementals) do respond to us. So, Kim, I'm passing it off to you.

Kim Michaels:And that's why I think we have to be a little bit careful. Because the elementals will respond, but there are many different people with many different needs and desires. So, who are they gonna respond to?


Kim Michaels:Obviously, when you have a severe situation, like you have in California; then people need to decide: “We do want rain. We are willing to have rain.” And you need to ask for it and make the calls for it. Especially, the more spiritually attuned people; because they are the ones that have the greatest connection.


Kim Michaels:Jesus, for example, I see as the ultimate attuned person. And he could command the elementals to stop the storm.

Parthenia:Yes. That's true.

Kim Michaels:And this is a potential we all have. And it's a right we all have. But we have to be very careful how we exercise it.

Parthenia:Yes. Well, and I think as long as we're exercising it for the greater good; then it's in alignment with nature. And right now, the greater good is we need to do something about the drought. And I also want to mention working with the Native Americans and their rain dances and their connection to the earth. They have been persecuted throughout history, specifically because of their connection to the elementals and the earth. So, I'd like to encourage people to connect with some of the Native Americans who are doing rain dances. Does anyone have any comments on that?

(Both Ashwin and Kim start to talk. Ashwin lets Kim speak first.)

Kim Michaels:Well, yeah. I obviously think the native peoples from around the world, they have a much greater connection to nature than we have in our western culture. Because what unfortunately happened was that our history has, again, blinded us with this consciousness of separation. And it actually started a long time ago. And Christianity has certainly played a part in this separation. And then came materialism, on top of that; which says that anything we can't measure with science is not real. But when native people, for thousands of years have connected to nature; then we can't just sweep that aside and say that's not real anymore. Because it is real, or they wouldn't have done it for so long.


(Ashwin shares about the two aspects of feeling and doing. Becoming more conscious and then choosing something to do to make this planet a better place. Then, Diane adds some more. Parthenia talks about our effects on the weather.)


Parthenia: OK. We're wrapping this up on Divine Love Talk with your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. And my co-host, Kim Michaels, has a new book. Kim, one more time, the title?

Kim Michaels:How You Can Help Change the World

Parthenia: How You Can Help Change the World. And Ashwin and Diane, the creators of Ahhaa, the app that you can download on your Android or your Apple to create waves of inspiration around the world. So, again, I want to say that we can sit around and complain and whine about being victims of what the power elite and the major corporations are doing to the planet. Or we can reclaim our God-given right to have dominion over the earth and work in harmony with the elementals on the planet to help unburden them. 

(Parthenia, Ashwin and Diane give final statements.)

Parthenia:Kim, I'd like for you to close out with a statement.

Kim Michaels:What they are doing to the planet is a reflection of our state of consciousness.

(Parthenia closes the show.)



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