Open Your Eyes Activism

Open Your Eyes Activism

January 11, 2016  Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guests: Dr. Sarah Larson, Jose Munoz

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Parthenia's new documentary (

(Parthenia and Sarah discuss Open Up Your Eyes, Parthenia's new documentary. Jose Munoz gives the energy glyph for the day. Jose joins the discussion.)


Parthenia:OK. We're back with Kim Michaels and his message from the ascended masters. Thank you, Kim.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary and I would like to speak to you today about the energies and the initiations that you will be facing and that the planet will be facing for this coming year. We give many teachings on our websites and in our books about the fact that there are seven spiritual rays, seven primary energies that were used to create the physical universe. Starting in 2013, each year the planet will be initiated in one of these seven rays; which means that 2016 will be the year of the fourth ray, which is often seen as the ray of purification and acceleration.

You will, therefore, see that in this coming year many impurities will be brought to the surface, where they can no longer remain hidden and they can no longer be ignored by the people. You have already seen this happen, to some degree, right after the new year with the executions in Saudi Arabia that has stirred up the long-running conflict in the Islamic community between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. You have seen it in Cologne in Germany with the attacks on women on New Year's Eve. And you have seen revenge actions from those who are not seeking a good cause; but seeking to stir up conflict. So, these are just a couple of examples what you can expect to see in this coming year.

This, of course, does not mean that I want to portray this year in a negative way. It is simply that when the energies are released by the ascended masters, these are positive, love-based energies. But because they bring more light, it becomes easier to see the darkness that has, so far, remained hidden in the shadows. I do not, in any way, intend to promote fear in you. You do not need to fear when the impurities are exposed. Instead, you need to take action; which you can do in many different ways. But the one we primarily promote is, of course, giving our invocations and decrees, where you invoke spiritual light.

War is not a much greater possibility in 2016 than it will be in the coming years. We are not here talking about a planetary conflict, or anything like that. But we are talking about the fact that conflict will come to the surface and that there will be certain trigger events that will release conflict. What you can do by giving these invocations is in many cases make a contribution to preventing these trigger events. This is why I released my book on how to stop war and how you can help stop war before this year, 2016, knowing what the initiations are for the planet.

You will notice that if you take a glass of water and fill it, there can come a point where the water is actually almost running over and there is a tension in the surface of the water that prevents it from running over. But if you ask that last drop, then it runs over. This is where you can have an impact, even though there are not so many spiritual people on the planet. If you invoke the light, you can, in many cases, prevent that last drop from making conflict spill into the physical world.

We give many teachings on the fact that there are three higher octaves of the material universe. The emotional being the one right above the physical; then the mental and the identity. Often, you will see that there is great tension in the emotional body of a country or a region. You know that this is the case in many places on earth. You will, therefore, know that any spark can set off a more wide-spread conflict, as you have seen many times.

And that is why at these crucial moments, when the tension has reached a peak, the calls of the spiritual people can have a tremendous impact on preventing that trigger event that will make the conflict physical; and therefore, much more difficult to stop. Usually, when a conflict spills into the spiritual; the only thing that will stop it is that it is taken to such an extreme that people finally realize that they have had enough of conflict and stop. Even if they have not solved the problem, they realize that peace is more important than being right.

Sarah:That was so beautiful. Wow!

Parthenia:Right. Kim, can you hang on? We're going into commercial break. I'd like for you to explain a few of the things in the dictation.

Kim Michaels:Sure.

Parthenia:... That was a very powerful and very timely dictation from Mother Mary. Thank you so much, Mother Mary. … And that was Kim Michaels delivering his weekly message from the ascended masters.


Parthenia:OK, we’re back with Divine Love Talk and our discussion on opening up your eyes and activism that you can take. And we just finished with Kim Michaels' dictation from Mother Mary about this year being the year of acceleration and purification. So, Kim, my question to you is: “OK. With all this light coming in that's exposing the darkness on the planet; does this mean that whenever there is a new influx of light that those who are working in the darkness, or with the darkness, that there is this backlash that happens?” I just want a little more clarification on that.

Kim Michaels:What exactly do you mean with the backlash?

Parthenia:You know how whenever there is a forward push for progress, the people that don't want progress – There's a backlash. They're going to react.

Kim Michaels:Well, they're going to resist it. Yes. And, of course, those forces who are doing something that they know the public shouldn't be allowed to know; because we wouldn't accept it. They will, of course, try to hide. But, that's the beauty of the light. You can't really stop it. If you take a dark room, the more you increase the light; the less you hide in the shadows. There are no shadows. And so, yes, of course, they will resist it. And that's where we can have an impact in our calls and invocations. Mother Mary mentioned the book on war can have a tremendous impact on exposing these forces of war that are constantly seeking to create conflict around the planet.

Parthenia:And I want to mention that next week we are going to be going back to the book (Help the Ascended Masters Stop War) and continuing part 2 on how we can help the ascended masters stop war. And that is an amazing book, Kim. I've been doing the invocations and they are pretty powerful. So, I do want to recommend those as a powerful antidote to the things that we see going on on the planet. ... Dr. Sarah you have something.

Sarah:I want to say it's so important to do the invocations and to have this small group of committed people.

Parthenia:There's that quote.

Sarah:Margaret Mead says: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” And if you wonder about what is my part? Well, what can I do? Invocations, calling on and referring to the ascended masters and giving this to them in those invocations is such a great way to contribute on a regular, daily basis. If you love Mother Mary – And I love Mother Mary. I love feeling her energy. Every time – living in Southern California – we see this image of a beautiful mother every where. Loving, devoted.

Parthenia:And, after all, we live in the city of the angels.


Parthenia:And calling on Archangel Michael, right?

Sarah:Right. Calling on these masters. Doing this work, you're joining powerful others and your light burns brighter from – When you bring one log burning, it's such a flame. But, you bring up two or ten logs; it burns so much brighter, exponentially brighter. And so, that's one of the things that you can do towards activating. Sharing the video. Sharing those words. Sharing Kim Michaels' words.

Parthenia:Yes. And Kim, you pointed out, and I'd like for you to reiterate that, about why we need help from the ascended masters. So, if you could explain that again for the audience?

Kim Michaels:Well, because we don't have the power to stop, for example, war. We all know that. But, the ascended masters do have that power. The trick is, they don't have the authority to step in. We have to give them the authority through our free will. And one way to do it is in invocations. But, another thing is doing, for example, what you're doing with the video. Or in other ways speaking out. Because, the alpha is the invocation of the light. But the omega is that we decide that we have had enough of a certain condition.

Parthenia:Exactly! And I do point that out in the video.


Parthenia:When you've had enough. And I have this image of the Berlin wall falling down. And what was so powerful to me about that image, people just got to the point where overnight they said: “Wait a minute! This is just a wall! (Sarah laughs.) Why have we been hiding from our families and we can't even cross it. We have enough people. We can break this wall down.” And that's all it took. And Communism just fell with that wall.

(Parthenia and Sarah discuss.)

Parthenia:… And Kim, you mentioned in one of the dictations – I think it was Buddha, who said we have to agitate for peace. I love that. (Laughs.)

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I want to say about the Berlin wall that tens of thousands of ascended master students had actually been giving decrees for the fall of Communism for quite sometime before it happened.

Parthenia:Wow! OK. OK.

Kim Michaels:And it really was miraculous that it happened without a war breaking out.

Parthenia:Isn't it?

Kim Michaels:And I think that's very much due to the invocation of the light that was able to prevent that from being physical.

Parthenia:Well, thank you for pointing that out. And I do want people to really understand that feeling powerless in these situations, where you have huge governmental agencies that are suppressing freedom and literally poisoning the food, air and water; you can get very frustrated and feel like a victim or you can do what I call casting the burden on the Christ that is within, or the higher self, or the power that's within. And when I do that, I feel more empowered and I get more inspired. And that's, I think, the most powerful gift of those prayers and invocations and rosaries.

Sarah:Absolutely. Wisdom is knowing what to do next. Skill is knowing how to do it. And virtue is doing it.

Parthenia:Right! That was the think that most impressed me about the reactions to the video was people saying: “Thank you for giving us some simple, practical things that we can do that can make a huge difference.” So, again, tune in next week. We're going to be talking about how you can help create a world without war with the powerful tools in Kim's book. And I want to mention some of the other things. That if you go to Doctor Parthenia Grant (, underneath the video I have this call for action. And there's so many simple things that you can do.

(Parthenia and Sarah discuss water purification, things you can do, and more about the video.)

Sarah:… Someone bright enough walking into a leader's office that's completely in integrity will cause the changes, will cause the shifts; because the ascended masters, because those that came before us, those that are highly committed for us to have a world filled with peace.

Parthenia:That's so beautifully spoken, Dr. Sarah. Thank you for that. Kim, are you still there?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. 

Parthenia:So, Kim, I'd like for you to say something about this.

Kim Michaels:Well, the primary thing that the masters want us to understand is that we are never powerless.


Kim Michaels:And so many times the only reason why the power elite that we have talked about, and the dark forces, have any power is because they are making us think we have none.


Kim Michaels:And we don't have personal power; but we do have the power of the ascended masters, when we release it. And I think it's amazing that you can sit at home and give an invocation. And I've been doing this now for thirty five years, I think. And from the moment I started doing it, the reason why I've kept doing it is that there comes a point where you feel that you're not giving the invocation. It's flowing through you.

Parthenia:Yes! Absolutely.

Kim Michaels:And that means that you know, you feel, you experience that the light is being invoked into the physical. And that's when you KNOW it has an effect.

(Parthenia and Sarah end the show discussing practical solutions regarding the government poisoning our water, air and food.)



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