Move out of duality without being in denial


August 17, 2015 Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Jose Munoz, Mayan Time Keeper.

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Moving out of duality without being in denial. Receiving Love

Parthenia:Alright, I’m so excited to be back this week and every week at CRN studios, where we get to talk about topics that I think are so important for our spiritual growth and our health, physical health and mental and emotional wellness. And I’m so blessed to have joining me, as always, my co-host, Kim Michaels, via Skype. Kim are you there? OK, he is there. He’ll be with us. There he is. There he is.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I’m here now.

Parthenia:Alright, Kim, welcome. Later, Kim is going to be giving us our weekly message from the Ascended Masters. Oh my goodness. (She started to say ascended Michael and laughed.) And we have back in studio Jose Munoz, who is the Mayan Time Keeper. And you’re also the historian. What’s the word for that? For the Mayan — you keep the history of the Mayan people.

Jose: You actually said it. It’s called the Word.

Parthenia:Oh, the Word. Yes, he’s the Keeper of the Word.

Jose: From the year 1444 to the year 1529. And that includes the history of the world and the galaxies as we knew it back then.

Parthenia:OK. I definitely want to get into that at some point. But, today Jose and Kim Michaels and I are going to be talking to you guys about how we can move out of duality without being in denial. I think this is an incredibly important topic, because there’s so many people that I run into in the Metaphysical New Age community who believe that if you talk about the fact that darkness exists, that you’re actually feeding the darkness and that you should be in this place of denial about the darkness. So, Jose, would you first start out — We’re going to go into that after he gives us the glyph for today, according to the Mayan calendar. And then, we’re going to go right into the topic of moving out of duality without being in denial.

Jose: Excellent, what we have here is this is the symbol of today’s energy. And we call this one (Taagh. spelling?) which in one of the Mayan languages it means the sun. It means the sacred fire. … That fire has the authority to burn everything and make everything new. And that includes, of course, that duality. …

Parthenia:OK. Wonderful. So, we’ve moved into the new sun. And so it’s appropriate that at this point we should look at the whole issue of duality, where the planet that we’re on is a planet of duality. We have free will on this planet and so we can choose to actually dance with the darkness or play with the light. And that’s an aspect of free will that tends to be a double edged sword, but it does exist. What’s your take on that, Jose?

(Jose answers and they discuss light and dark and moving from problems into the new world.)

Parthenia:And I don’t think we’re going to get there by saying: “Oh, we can’t talk about it. I don’t want to hear about it.” Now Kim, I know you and I talk about this a lot. And so, I would like your take on how we can move out of duality without being in denial about it.

Kim Michaels:As you said, we are in denial about the darkness in many cases; because both traditional Christianity and materialistic science can’t really teach us about it. And most of the New Age movement won’t teach about it; because, as you said, they don’t want to look at it. And I think you are absolutely right that you just look at history and you see that what has brought society forward is that we have come to a new awareness about a certain issue. And this darkness or evil or whatever we call it is just another issue. But, unfortunately, I think partly due to Christianity that gave us this fear of the devil and fear of hell; many people in the New Age movement react to that by saying: “If we talk about darkness, we will have to go into the same fear vibration that the Christians have and we don’t want to do that.” And so, they close their minds to the fact that there is a middle way. And I hear that from Jose, also, that it’s just a matter of looking at it and deciding whether we want to drag this along anymore.

Parthenia:And I also pick up, Kim, from a lot of the people that I — You’re talking about world conditions or something. And then, if you say the dark forces or the power elite, or as soon as you acknowledge any of that of the oppression that’s going on; they’ll literally go into a knee jerk fear based reaction that’s actually their own fear of the darkness. And then,, they project it on whoever is talking about it. And I believe that we can intelligently discuss these things without any fear about it. So, Jose what’s your take on that? My feeling is the only way you feed something is if you’re in fear of it, but just discussing something without fear; that’s to me intelligent. It’s an intelligent way of dealing with a problem without being in the problem.

Jose: Yes. The way we see it in some of the traditional ways as natives — And I’m speaking from (name of tribe?) that tribe where I come from. — is that we see the darkness as an addiction.


Jose: So, just like any addiction in the English worlds, you first have to recognize it and acknowledge it.


Jose: And once you do that, then you can work on it.

(They continue to discuss.)

Parthenia:… So, we’re going into commercial break and I want to remind everybody that Kim Michaels is coming up after commercial break with his message from the ascended masters. And we will be taking calls. The call in number is (818) 353-1276. After Kim Michaels gives us his message from the ascended masters. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk on CRN. I am talking with Mayan Time Keeper, Jose Munoz and Kim Michaels from transcendence toolbox. Like us on facebook at Divine Love Talk.


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk and Kim Michaels, who is going to deliver to us his message from the ascended masters for this week. OK. I’m turning it over to you, Kim Michaels.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I wish to continue the talk I gave last week on love. Do you know, my beloved, that for us who are the ascended masters, one of the big problems we have is that people find it very difficult to accept that we do not have any hidden agenda, that there is no catch, that we give our teachings and our love freely? You have heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true, it always is. But, is it, my beloved?

Is the sun too good to be true? Is not the sun only giving of its light? Does it ask anything in return? Is it then so difficult to accept that there could be spiritual beings who also only give and ask nothing in return? Why do we give? Because we are self-sufficient spiritual beings. We have access to the light of God within ourselves and we need nothing from you who are in embodiment on earth. We only desire to give to you?

What does this have to do with love? Well, if you were to look at planet earth and ask yourself: “What is the biggest problem on this planet?” I am sure that you could come up with many outer conditions. It may be war. It may be the economy. It may be inequality. It may be many other things that you would think of. But, from my perspective the biggest problem on earth is this: People do not know how to receive love. If more people knew how to truly receive love, then many of the other problems you see on earth would start melting away under the burning sun of love.

Why can you not receive love? It is in most cases because certain dark forces have come up with a very subtle plan for making it impossible for most people to receive love. And part of their plan is simply this: They make you believe that you have to receive love from a source outside yourself. And in most cases that source is another human being of the opposite sex.

Look at love relationships on earth and look at how many problems begin right in the home. I can assure you that were it not for the fact that there is a basic conflict between men and women, then war could not exist on a planetary scale. Why is there this basic conflict between men and women? Because neither men, nor women, know how to receive love. They think they have to get it from each other. And then, when they don’t get it; they go into a control game of seeking to control the person they live with and whom they supposedly love.

But, you see love, true love, does not want to control. That is why I would point out to you that ultimately you can receive love only from a source inside yourself, namely your higher self, your spiritual self. But, because of current conditions on earth, this teaching is too advanced for most people. Most people need an intermediary step before they can receive love from their higher selves and this is where I can offer my assistance through my office of the Divine Mother.

Because the love of the Divine Mother is the nurturing love that all people are capable of receiving, if they will acknowledge that this love comes from the Divine Mother and that it is not a love they need to earn. There is nothing you need to do to earn my love. As I said last week, I already love you very personally for who you are. And if you will apply to my heart and use my teachings, I will teach you how to receive love directly from me so you do not need to get it from anyone else.

Parthenia:Thank you so much, Kim Michaels and Mother Mary, for that amazingly timely discourse on love. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk. That was Kim Michaels. You can check him out at And coming up next we have Mayan Time Keeper, Jose Munoz. You can find him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll be back with more of moving out of duality without being in denial on Divine Love Talk. I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant.


Parthenia:Oh, OK. Alright, we’re back with more of Divine Love Talk. And, Kim Michaels, thank you so much for that timely discourse on love. … 

Jose: Again, we are moving into a new world. So, there are some people that they are in denial of the darkness and they don’t want to talk about. And so, they’re either there or they are into the new world and that’s why they refuse to talk about it sometimes.

Parthenia:And that’s OK, if you’re already there. But, at the same time we’re still here on planet earth in 3D. And we have to deal with the issues that are associated with third dimensional reality.

Jose: And there is 8 billion on the planet.

Parthenia: Thank you.

Jose: And only we, what we call the light workers, we don’t even make 1% of the population in the human world.

Parthenia:Exactly. And if you are already there in the new world, I don’t think that you’d be in fear.

Jose: You wouldn’t.

Parthenia:And there would be no reason to react. There would be no reason to judge. So, that would be all good. Kim, what’s your comment on that?

Kim Michaels:I think you’re right. If you are in the new reality, you’re not afraid of talking about anything.


Kim Michaels:Why would you be? It’s just another topic. And I think you are right, what you said earlier, that there are a lot of new age people who, because they never processed the fear from the Christian religion, the fear of the devil, the fear of hell; they have an unrecognized fear of talking about these issues. And I have always had the attitude that if there is something I am uncomfortable talking about, then I know there is something in my psychology that I haven’t’ resolved concerning that issue. And then, it’s my responsibility to look at that and deal with it.

Parthenia:Exactly. Because nobody else can help you with it, if you’re not even willing to talk about it. It’s like what you were saying, Jose, if you’re an addict in your culture; you gotta first own it.

Jose: And it is a very good point that Michael (Kim) is saying. It comes down to take the responsibility for your own darkness. That’s what it comes down to.

(They talk about not being afraid and situations in 3D and doing what we can. Then they took some callers’ comments. And Jose did some readings on the callers.)

Parthenia:(Jose,) You’ve been such a blessing to me, as Kim Michaels, you have been such a blessing in my life and you still are. So, Kim, let’s go back to Mother Mary’s dictation. I don’t know how much, when you’re taking those dictations, how much of it you remember.

Kim Michaels: A fair bit.

Parthenia:A fair bit. (Laughs.) OK. And you and I have talked about relationships a lot. And that whole aspect of us not being able — we all say we want love, but we just can’t receive love. What do you think that’s all about? I mean, can you expound on that? We want love, but we push it away. And we run from it.

Kim Michaels:As Mother Mary was saying, the dark forces have really tried to drive a wedge between men and women.

Parthenia:And they’ve done a good job.

Kim Michaels:And it ties in with Mother Mary has given a lot of teachings through me over the last several years and one of the themes she has brought out is that everything in the entire universe is created from the two basic forces that you see, for example in the Yin and the Yang. She calls them the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. And when there was no darkness in the world, the two forces worked in complete harmony.


Kim Michaels:And they would complement each other. And so, there is no contradiction between expanding and contracting when they are balanced. And so what has happened is that after darkness became a choice and therefore, there were dark forces that have tried to lead the innocent astray. They have created these — What Jose was talking about is duality, where now, all of a sudden, there are opposite forces. And they oppose each other. And that’s when you get into thinking that men and women are also opposites. And this, of course, was reinforced in our time and in our western tradition by the three monotheistic religions who are portraying God as the exclusively masculine and portraying women as the cause of the fall of man.

Parthenia:Of course.

Kim Michaels:So, putting this enormous burden on women.

Parthenia:And blame. And blame on women.

Kim Michaels:Exactly. And really I think that if you have grown up in that kind of a patriarchal tradition and if you have bought it hook, line and sinker; you can’t have a natural relationship between men and women.

Parthenia:Absolutely. And love cannot exist where you’re at odds with each other and at war with each other. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk with my in-studio guest, Jose Munoz, who is the Day Keeper of the Mayan calendar. You can send him an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And Kim Michaels at transcendencetoolbox. And like us on facebook at Divine Love Talk. We’ll be back, wrapping this up after commercial break. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. Thank you for joining us.

Jose: Let’s practice unconditional love.

Parthenia:Absolutely. What a concept. (Laughs.)


Parthenia:OK. We’re back, wrapping this up, with Divine Love Talk on CRN with Jose Munoz, the Day Keeper of the Mayan calendar, and Kim Michaels, with a beautiful message for us for today on love from Mother Mary. And it really is all about learning to love yourself. And as Jose said as we were going into commercial break, we really need more unconditional love for ourselves. Right?

Jose: Absolutely. And the definition for us in the Mayan world, unconditional love is when you just do without expectations. 


Jose: Because every time you have expectations, you’re going to get disappointed. So, we’d rather just do without any expectations. … We practice with ourselves first. … We understand that by doing these readings, we are helping as many as we can, changing the vibrational fields so they can come into the new world, where there is no fear.

Parthenia:Exactly. Thank you so much for the work that you’re doing to help people identify who they are and get on task with their purpose, get in alignment with themselves. I think that that’s more important than any of the work that we are doing at the current moment. And Kim Michaels, thank you so much for being such a clear vessel for the ascended masters to deliver these messages to us every week. So, in closing I know you have something to add to our discussion.

Kim Michaels:I want to back to what Jose was saying about giving. Because I think we have been so screwed up in our culture, we think giving is tied to not only an expectation, but an expectation of a certain result, a certain outcome. But, when you give unconditionally, you are not risking losing anything; because the giving is its own reward.

Parthenia:Wonderful. And Jose just held up the butterfly of harmony and joy. So, we’re wishing all of you out there today peace, inner love, harmony and joy. And look for those butterflies of harmony. Thank you so much for joining us. If you want to talk to Jose again, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information about the workshop that he has coming up. And we have one more week with Jose. Right? Next week. …



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