Forgiveness and Our Connection to Mother Earth

Topics: Forgiveness, letting go of illusions, our connection to Mother Earth. 

March 24, 2014

(Parthenia introduces the show and asks Kim Michaels the name of his book.)

Kim Michaels:Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras

Parthenia:  Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras, oh my goodness.  The benefit and the energy that I’m feeling just by doing the invocations.  I can’t thank you enough for that.  It was just what I needed at this point in the healing process for me.  So, I want to encourage everybody to go out there and get that book.  And Kim Michaels, joining us today is Adam C. Hall and we’ve had him on the show before.  He’s the author of The Earth Keeper.  Adam, the website is

Parthenia:So, Adam, your book – I see this theme of forgiveness, redemption, and then finding and fulfilling your divine plan… (1:36) Because Kim Michaels’s work deals so much with the importance of forgiveness and getting on that path of redemption and your story really brings it home to the audience.  So today, I wanted you to share with us that process for you as you went through it.  Adam.

Parthenia:But, Kim Michaels, your work really emphasizes forgiveness and turning the other cheek.  And Adam’s book is an amazing example of turning the other cheek in his divorce.  So, Kim Michaels, I’d like for you to step in on the forgiveness process, as well.

Kim MichaelsWell, I think it’s very profound what Adam said and I think it’s very profound what the course said.  I haven’t actually done the Course in Miracles.  I have studied it.  I have read most of it.  But, I had already found the ascended master teachings when I found it.  And I just felt that that was where I needed to focus my attention.  Because there is so much out there, you can’t study it all.  But, what the ascended masters say is that there is sort of a short-term and a long-term reason to forgive.  And this is actually described in a new book I have out, which is called Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything.  And it also has a number of exercises about how to actually forgive.  But, the short-term reason to forgive is that if you are holding negative feelings or a grudge against somebody; you are creating an energetic tie to that person.  And if you think about somebody who has wronged you, why would want to be tied to them energetically?  Why would you want to tie into their consciousness and be at a similar level of consciousness?  But, the long-term reason to forgive is that you are not actually going to ascend from earth until you have forgiven absolutely everything that ever happened here in any of your lifetimes.

Parthenia:Wow.   That’s huge.  Yes.

Kim Michaels:Well, but think about it.  Free will rules everything.  When are you going to be ready to ascend?  When you ascend, you leave the earth behind permanently, forever.  There’s nothing you’re going to be able to fix here or do or experience.  You leave it all behind.  And you can’t do that until you can look at earth and look at everything that has happened here and say: “It’s no longer relevant to me.  I want more than this earth has to offer.”  And you can’t do that until you let go of everything.

Parthenia:… You really ascended to a whole other level of being in consciousness, once you moved into this place of forgiveness and turning the other cheek.  So, I think even the Course in Miracles and having us look at all of our illusions and the things that we’re attached to and that we hold on to; I saw that process in your book of you letting go of the old career and then jumping into the unknown of something brand new that was similar to what you were doing, but it was sort of a leap into the void.  That is, I believe, a part of the ascension process.  So, Kim Michaels, what do you think about this gradual ascension that we’re kind of in, in terms of letting go?

Kim Michaels:Well, it is absolutely necessary to let go in order to ascend.  And that’s what I said.  In the end you’re going to have to stand there – I used to thing that ascension is just a matter of giving enough violet flame and fulfilling your divine plan and doing a few other things.  But, I’ve realized that in the end you are standing there and there is a gateway.  And if you walk through that gateway, you walk into the ascended state.  But, you can’t walk in there until you ready to leave everything on earth behind.  And, in a sense, you can say that the entire spiritual path is a matter of having different experiences where you really come and you say: “No this is not who I am.  This doesn’t express who I am.  I don’t want that experience anymore.”  And that’s why - you know, Adam was talking earlier about we’ve all made mistakes and we have all this big load of stuff.  But have we really made mistakes, if we use whatever experience we have to come to that point where we say: I can let go of this, now.  If you can really let go of something, it’s never a mistake.  It was just simply an experience you needed to have before you consciously realized you had had enough of this.

Parthenia:…  But, there is this energy you get from the tree.  And then the earth has this electromagnetic field that when you walk barefoot on it and you just sit in the grass or lay in the grass.  That has always been very comforting to me, and even being on the beach.  Kim Michaels, what is your connection?  I know you have a strong connection to Mother Earth, but do you have anything to add to that?

Kim Michaels:Well, my connection actually goes more the other way.  It goes up to my I Am Presence and to several ascended masters.  And Mother Mary has for me always been the one that has exemplified surrender.  And she’s given a lot of profound teachings on it and she’s the one I always try to tune into by giving an invocation to her and just meditating on Mother Mary as a spiritual figure.

Parthenia:Yeah.  Well, I’ve found that going into nature and doing the invocations tend to be way more powerful than when I’m doing them inside.

Kim Michaels:Oh, that’s true.  Yes.

Adam:It’s all good.  Just show up.

Parthenia:… (36:26) But, I think what it speaks to is that fact that sometimes we need new tools.  And I know, Kim Michaels, you talk a lot about combining all the different modalities of healing, psychological, emotional, whatever, physical, to get to that next level.  Generally one tool is not going to do it for you.  Kim Michaels?

Kim Michaels:No.  My basic philosophy is that there is definitely a tool that works.  There is no problem that can’t be overcome.  But, the question is you have to find the tool that’s for you.  Because, really, what needs to happen is that there is something in your mind that clicks, where you realize: Oh, now I can let go.  And so, the question is: What is the particular tool, what is the particular insight, what is the process you need to go through to come to that break- through point where oh now?  You’re not even deciding to let go.  You just feel like: Ahhhh.  Now it’s gone.

Parthenia:… (Adam,) I’d like for you to wrap this up what you see as your divine plan and your goal with the

Adam:We’re here and I’m here at this time to bridge ostensibly what we think is two different worlds, the world of spirit, the inner world, and the outer world of what’s manifest.  And to integrate those more deeply into our lives.  Not only personally, but also what we’re doing around Earth Keeper Alliance and land and communities. …

Parthenia:… Kim Michaels, I’d like for you to give us a closing comment.

Kim Michaels:Yes, if you’re concerned about healing Mother Earth, the most important step you can take is to realize that there is a fundamental connection between our consciousness and Mother Earth.  Because Mother Earth is really a spiritual being, who has vowed to out-picture in physical form whatever we human beings project upon her.  If you want some deeper understanding of this, I have an older book called Healing Mother Earth that gives profound spiritual teachings about this.  And so, really, it’s just like Adam said earlier.  You have to start by healing yourself.  Because the problem on earth is that so many people are trying to change everybody else, but themselves.

(Laughter from both Adam and Parthenia.  And then, Parthenia closes.)


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