Facing the Darkness


August 10, 2015 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guests: Athena Starseed, Divine Love Talk producer; Jose Munoz, Mayan Day Keeper

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Facing the darkness finishes your flight from fear.

Parthenia: OK. I'm Dr. Parthenia Grant. And we are here live in the studio with my new producer, Athena Starseed. And, of course, back for the rest of this month is Mayan Day Keeper, Jose Munoz. Welcome back, Jose.

Jose: Thank you.

Parthenia:And I also have my co-host, Kim Michaels, joining us. Kim, are you there? Uh-oh, I can't hear Kim. OK. She's working on the technical difficulties. … I am so excited today to talk about how facing the darkness finishes your flight from fear. OK. Kim is on line. Kim, can you hear me?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I can hear you fine.

Parthenia:Wonderful! OK. And then, coming up, we also have Kim Michaels, who's going to be delivering another weekly message from the ascended masters. And Kim, I know you and I have talked a lot about how important it is for us not to run away from our darkness. So, I'm going to have Jose bring up the subject right quick.

Kim Michaels:OK.

Parthenia:And then, Kim, I want you to jump right in. So Jose, why should we not run from the darkness?

Jose: When we face our fears or our darkness, as we call it today; we live better. We pretty much lose the basic fears and the biggest fears and then you start flowing. Your life is better once you lose all your fears.

Parthenia:Well, I can attest to that. Now Kim, I know that you have something to add to that. Because that is something you and I have talked about a lot. So you could you add something about how in a lot of the metaphysical groups they talk about: Oh, don't talk about the darkness, because you give it power if you talk about it. So,could you address that for all the people who feel that if you just talk about it you're giving power to it?

Kim Michaels:Like Jose said, you can't run away from it forever. And if you're really a serious spiritual student, there will come a point where you have to look at it. Because it's the only way to be free from it. There are so many of these new age groups that promise you that if you practice some kind of technique or study the teachings or be positive; then its automatically going to go away. But it's never going to go away until you look at it, because you created it.

Parthenia: Alright. Jose, what are you going to add to that?

Jose: The darkness, as we are calling it, they're actually part of who we are. So, when we face them; we are actually a reflection of each other. And it comes down to – it's not really negative or positive. It's we're all one. It's part of it. Therefore, facing it is easier. But that's something hard to wrap around your head when you are not in a spiritual path. 

Parthenia:I agree 100% because I just finished reading this book that I was asked to review and one part of it – And Kim and I have talked about it. – is retrieving those parts of your soul. Like these soul fragments that you have disowned and that you have abandoned within yourself. And then, you stuff them away. And then, when you see it in other people; it just brings all of that stuff up. And so if we don't look at all of those fears face to face, we're not going to get to the next level that we are trying to get to. We're just making it harder to climb up to that next level. So Jose, what would you add to that?

Jose: Again, when we start facing these fears and we start honoring ourselves, then it is easier to face those fears. First we have to identify them, of course, and then deal with them and move forward. 

Parthenia:And a lot of times we think: “Oh, you know” – Like the new age thing, Kim. – “It's all good.” OK. It is all good and so is facing the darkness, right Kim?

Kim Michaels:That's very true. 

Parthenia:I know you have something else to add. (Kim and Parthenia laugh.)

Kim Michaels:It really is a matter of transcending that whole concept of truth and falsity, light and darkness, good and bad, good and evil. Because we have to get to the point where we just dare to look ourselves and realize that it's all a condition we have to overcome. And the darkness is part of who we are until we see that we are more than that.

Parthenia: Exactly. I'm wondering if many of us are thinking, when we're on a spiritual path, that if we own that darkness in ourselves; then maybe we're not as evolved or as enlightened as we think we are. I know I've seen that in myself. And I had to transcend that and go: “Well, it needs to be dealt with.” So, Athena, what were you going to add to that?

Athena:… Jose basically came into this planet with a special life mission. And the elders of his tribe actually knew he was coming to earth before he got here. And they took him and trained him as a Wisdom Keeper and a Day Keeper, and a Mayan Calendar Keeper. So, he, since infancy, has been trained in these wisdom esoteric knowledges to actually help us figure out what our soul purpose is, how to transcend our own egoic demons to come into our full ascension into light. … One wonderful thing that he taught us (at a seminar) was: you go back and talk to three aspects of yourself. One, when you were a little child. And you go pick up that soul fragment. And you go encourage that little child at all the little times that she was hurt.

Then, you come into the present time. And then, you encourage the person now to say: “You're here as a life on purpose for God to live through your lifestream.” And then, you go into your future, into your future self and you say: “Show me and inform me what my divine purpose looks like.” So that all three can coalesce. And then, you have the strength and the power of the trinity. And that soul power. So, that was one of the things that I was profoundly affected by. …

(Athena tells about her reading. They discuss a little more.)


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with Kim Michaels and his weekly message from the ascended masters. Kim, it's all yours.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary. I hold the office of the Divine Mother for Earth. I have many responsibilities as part of this spiritual office. But, the primary concern I have is that each and every human being, each and every child that ever grows up on this planet should know the love of the Divine Mother.

It is a very unfortunate state of affairs that so many children in the world grow up without knowing this love, because it puts you at a disadvantage from the very beginning. It sets your life on a track. And for many people, it becomes a downward spiral from which they cannot recover in this lifetime. Many people have created such a spiral and sustained it over several lifetimes and it makes it more and more difficult to pull themselves out of it. And this is a great burden and concern to my heart.

I wish that I could give you the kind of childhood you deserve to have, but I cannot change what you have experienced on earth. What I can do is offer you my personal assistance to help you overcome the childhood you have had. If you will use some of the tools and teachings that I have given through this messenger or other messengers that appeal to your heart, then I can assure you that I am fully capable of working with each and every person on this planet.

I will be able to assist you, if you are willing to tune into my heart. There is, my beloved, nothing you cannot leave behind. There is nothing on earth that has stained you permanently. There is nothing that could ever have happened to you on this planet that has changed who you are as a unique divine being, who deserves the love of the Divine Mother.

I know very well that so many people have been burdened by such a difficult childhood that they have come to accept many of the subconscious beliefs that are deliberately engineered by certain dark forces to sabotage your path. So many people feel they are unworthy, because of what has happened to them. So many people have gone into blaming God, or even the Divine Mother, for why certain things have happened to them on earth.

But, you do understand, I hope, that everything on earth is a result of the free will decisions of the people who are in embodiment. We can give divine intercession when people ask and when they are willing to change themselves, to look into their own psychology and see what is hiding there in the subconscious. If people do not ask, we cannot interfere; for contrary to the dark forces, we of the ascended masters do have ultimate respect for free will.

You need to understand that this earth is a very treacherous environment. You need to understand that you have been brought up with a woefully inadequate view of what is really happening on this planet. We have attempted to correct this through many of the teachings we have given. I would recommend my own series of books, called A Course in Abundance, for they will give you a much deeper understanding of who you are and how this planet works. This will be an essential part of your healing, for surely, in a five minute message; I cannot give you everything you need in order to overcome lifetimes of abuse.

But, what I can do is give you the impetus that you are my unique child and that I love you with a love that is unique to you personally. Do not bother your linear mind with how this is possible. For as I said last week, my consciousness is fundamentally different from the consciousness of those of you who are in embodiment. I do have the capacity to love each and every one of you personally and this is my great joy and my great privilege. So, my beloved, if you will apply to my heart; I WILL assist you.

Parthenia:Thank you, Kim Michaels and Mother Mary.

Athena:Thank you so much, Mother Mary!

Parthenia:I feel so blessed on this Monday morning.


Parthenia:And I'm so delighted to be able to host a show where I can bring you weekly messages from the ascended masters. I can see Athena has tears in her eyes. (Athena laughs.) It just touched her heart. We will be back with more after commercial break. ...


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk. Oh, my God! That reading from Mother Mary. (Athena laughs hoarsely.) Did that touch our hearts?

Athena:I'm still crying. Yeah. That's right. I'm still crying. (In a voice hoarse from crying.)

Parthenia:I mean, Athena's still crying. Kim, are you still there? Or did he get off line?

Kim Michaels:No, I'm here.

Parthenia:Oh, he's still there. … We have our Mayan Time Keeper, Jose. Kim, he pulled up – Can you hold it up to – The map of the new Mayan calendar. And Mother Mary is in the center of the map. (Laughs.)

Kim Michaels:Oh. That's beautiful.

Jose: First of all, I want to thank my elder and the ascended masters for just tapping into this energy that we are carrying. I've been given this new calendar for the next 26,000 years. It is a collaboration of the Tibetan, the Mayan and the Hopi tribes and a team of scientists. And when I heard you speaking about Mother Mary –

Parthenia:Look at this. There she is. In the middle.

Jose: We have an image of the Madonna, Mother Mary in the middle of this new (?) that is provided for us for the next 26,000 years to know exactly what we came to do in this world. So, it was very, very humbling to me to tap into your sub-conscious and you into ours that we are talking exact same language at this very eternal moment. So, thank you for doing that.

Parthenia:Wow. That just gave me chills.

Kim Michaels:Thank you, Jose.

Athena:Jose, can you talk about the divine feminine ushering in this new period? We talked about it last night.

Jose: All prophecies from ancient times brought us to the knowledge that in this new period we mention, it is the time of the divine feminine, or, as we call it, the female nation, to step up into the grounds, put their feet on the ground, and lead us into, what we call, the joy, the harmony, the balance, the unity, the love and peace new world that we're all co-creating, being led by the female nation.


Athena:Thank you, Parthenia, for having Jose on this show and bring in Kim Michaels. Thank you.

Parthenia:Thank you, Kim. And you know, Kim, you and I have been talking about, when you here, the importance of the divine masculine actually healing himself – 

Kim Michaels:Right.

Parthenia:– so that he can let go of his fear of the divine feminine. So, you might have a word to share on that.

Kim Michaels:We have some really amazing talks, where I realized that, as a man, I also have to heal my own masculinity and actually dare to express it freely. And that was very, very beautiful that we got around so many different angles of that topic. And maybe it's something we could do a show on one day, actually.

Parthenia:Absolutely. We're gonna do quite a few shows on that.

Athena:I think it's important, too. Because Kim was saying in his seminars that there's a feminine aspect in all masculine. And there's a masculine aspect in all feminine. And when we balance that, even though the divine feminine will usher it in; that the feminine in all beings, all sentient beings will come up in a more balanced, harmonious way.

Parthenia:But at the same time, we do need to heal the masculine that has been wounded in the process of patriarchy actually trying to dominate and control and subjugate the divine feminine. Kim?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. But that's a really important point that Athena brought up, because what we have in our culture is, of course, that it has been so male dominated. And that has caused most men to deny the feminine in themselves. And so, the result of that is that the masculinity becomes very unbalanced. And so, the question is: “What can balance it?” And it's, of course, only the femininity that each man has inside himself that can balance his masculinity. So, if we deny it in ourselves or look for it outside of ourselves; how will we ever find balance?

Parthenia:Yeah. And patriarchy taught that if you're a man, you gotta be ALL man. What is it Schwarzenegger calls it? You're a girly man. (Laughs.)

Athena:Right. So, the feminine aspect of men –

Kim Michaels:Well, I'm happy to be a girly man.

Athena:The feminine aspect of men, or the divine mother, is inclusiveness, nurturing, caring – 

Parthenia:And giving.

Athena:And giving. And men can be that in such beautiful ways. You see a lot of men raising children these days. …

(They took some phone calls for Jose to give readings. One of the callers mentioned the fear of death.)

Parthenia:… Kim, did you want to add something about fear to share with the audience?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. I have, all of my life, been aware of these fears. And I have always had, somehow, the dumb luck courage to face them. (Parthenia and Athena laugh.) Because I must have learned this in a past life. Because, even as a child, I had a very strong fear of skeletons. And I faced it by letting myself be locked in a dark room with a skeleton.


Kim Michaels:And when it didn't kill me, I realized it had no more power than I gave it in my own mind. And you really will not be clear of a fear until you face it, because you are actually not fearing the condition. You are fearing the fear.

(They continue to discuss fears, death, and clean slates from past fears and lives. They take some more callers for readings from Jose.)

Parthenia:… Alright. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Parthenia:Check him out and Mother Mary's book, A Course in Abundance, at transcendencetoolbox.com. (Closes show.)



Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels


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