Clearing Stress


March 16, 2015 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Joy Phoenix (Samantha-Joy McCormick), Nicole Barreras

Topics: Techniques for clearing stress.

(The music was recorded over the first couple minutes, including the introductions.)

Parthenia:– living in America, who does not have to deal with stress on a daily basis. And, Kim, I don't know about where you are; but I'm sure you get your share of stress. Am I right?

Kim Michaels:Yes. A little bit once in while.

Parthenia:(Laughs.) That's really nice to hear, that it's only once in while. But I think it's the human condition on this planet, which the ascended masters describe as a very treacherous planet. So, I think that learning how to manage stress or clear it is a very, very valuable tool. And we need as many tools as we can in our toolbox. Kim Michaels' website is called transcendencetoolbox. And you can find Joy's joyful messages at Is that correct?

Joy: Yes.

Parthenia:OK. So, Joy, you want to start out? I'm turning to over to you.

(Parthenia and Joy discuss diseases that are based in stress and medications.)

Parthenia:Kim, do you ever see any of those ads with those ridiculous side effects? And what do you think when you see them?

Kim Michaels:The side effects are obviously worse than the disease, in some cases.

Parthenia:What do you think – Because Joy and I were talking about it last night. – What would possibly compel people to take medication that's worse than the actual symptoms?

Joy: Desperation. They need to clear the stress, which is why I would love to give some really fast, easy, simple ways to, not just manage stress; but to bring your stress down to zero. I have an udemy course on And actually the course is called, Clear Stress in Less Time than it Takes to Find a Valium. And I want to share some of those skills with you, because they literally save lives.

Parthenia:OK. Let's start with the first one.

Joy: Alright. So, how would you like to learn how to relax instantly?

Parthenia:OK. Let's go for it.

Joy: OK. Actually, before we begin, I'd like to invite you just to take a few moments to measure your stress levels, right now, on a scale of 1 to 100. With 100 being just kill me now. …

Parthenia:I'd say, usually mine, like right now, I'd say about 25%.

Joy: Excellent. What about you, Kim?

Kim Michaels:Probably a little less. But not that much.

Joy: So, I'm going to invite you to get really specific; because one of the reasons that stress gets away from us is because we don't think about it. We're trying to do everything, except clear it. … You, too, at home, measure what is – If you could imagine that you had a stress meter inside your body, where would it be right now, Kim?

Kim Michaels:In the solar plexus chakra, I think.

Joy: Oh, fantastic. And on a scale of 1 to 100, what would the stress levels be?

Kim Michaels:Umm. Probably 10.

Joy: Excellent. Good Job. OK. So, 25 and 10 and whatever yours is at home. Ahhhhh. (Exhales audibly.) So, let's take a deep breadth. (Exhales audibly, again.)


Joy: How do we breathe when we're stressed?

Parthenia:I tend to hold my breadth or breathe very shallow.

Joy: Exactly. Sends a super bad message to the body. Not only is there stress going on, but there's no oxygen, either. But, how do you breathe when somebody tells you: “It's OK. Everything's going to be just fine. You can relax.” What do we do? Ahhhh. ... So, what are your stress levels now, after about 30 seconds?

Parthenia:I can't even think about stress.

Joy: Well, I want you to; because this is –

Parthenia:I'm good.

Joy: Is it still 25%?

Parthenia:Oh, no. Yeah. I'm good.

Joy: Wow! And what about you, Kim? Are your stress levels still 10?

Kim Michaels:Definitely lower. Maybe 5.

(Parthenia and Joy talk about the importance of sound.)

Parthenia:I think, Kim, a big part of your teachings with the ascended masters is that everything is sound and vibration. And with the decrees and the invocations, the sound helps to quiet my voice when I do them. So, would you say that the sound has a lot to do with it, as well as the breathing?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Definitely. The breathing is good, too. I also think the sound can help. Certain sounds, like the OM, for example. Chanting the OM can help.

Parthenia:OK. Alright, So give us another one.

Joy: Alright. So, how would you like to be able to keep a clear head, no matter what is going on around you?

Parthenia:I would love that.

Joy: (Laughs.) What about you, Kim? You up for that?

Kim Michaels:Yes. Certainly.

Joy: Alright. It's another super simple technique. Think about what happens when somebody tells you something really incredibly stressful. What's our first instinct? It's to clap our hand to our forehead, isn't it?

Parthenia:Yeah. When it's really bad.

(Joy wants people to focus on thinking stressful thoughts for three minutes, while holding their hands on their forehead. During that time she explains the physical reasons why we can't think under stress. And how keeping the hand on the forehead keeps the blood in the fore-brain.)

Kim Michaels:Joy, I think you need to explain what points we have to hold, because we can't see you.

Joy: I'm sorry. I'm looking at a video. I thought this is live on video.

Parthenia:He's on Skype

Joy: Oh. I beg your pardon, darling. So, if you clapped your hand to your forehead, Kim, you're already covering these points. On most people, they're just two wee little bumps between the eyebrows and the hairline. … So, just holding these points for five minutes, while you're thinking about a stress; will begin to clear that stress all by itself. Because the chances it's the first time you've thought about that stressful thing with actual blood in your fore-brain.

Parthenia:Actually, I feel better already.

(Parthenia and Joy talk a little about the technique. Then Parthenia takes us into commercial break.)


Parthenia:OK. We're back, with Joy Phoenix teaching us some techniques on how we can clear stress in less time than it takes to find that Valium. … And joining us, in studio is one of our staff, Nicole Barreras. You said that you automatically do this when you feel stress?

Nicole:Yeah. She was going over that put your hand on your forehead. And I do it. Whenever I'm stressed out, I'll get in a corner and sit down. And then, put my hand on my forehead. And I don't know why. It just makes me feel better.

Joy: Isn't it amazing! Our bodies already know this stuff. ...

(The three discuss the two techniques some more.)

Joy: ...And when you combine that (hand to forehead) with breathing out more than breathing in, especially with inhaling and exhaling.

Parthenia:So, Kim, did you try it?

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:What happened for you?

Kim Michaels:The same thing. I felt a very calming effect. And I also felt my thoughts were a little clearer. So, I think it works.

Parthenia:So, I was thinking when you come in July – Kim is going to be coming to do a conference in July. July 17th through 19th. Let's start out with some of these relaxing exercises that Joy is sharing with us.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. That's a good idea.

(Parthenia and Joy discuss how body hydration affects brain function until commercial break.)



(Joy does a 10 minute visualization with the audience to help clear stress levels in the body.)

Parthenia:Kim, checking in.

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Very good. 

Joy: … Because what happens is we literally take our stress, and because we don't know what to do with it; we stuff it into our bodies. This is why so many of our illnesses have a basis of stress.

(They talk about the physical locations in the body where they found stress.)

Parthenia:Kim, did you find it in any other area, other than your solar plexus?

Kim Michaels:No, not this time. But I actually experienced a very interesting feeling. The stress had the shape of a bat (Parthenia laughs.) that was flittering around. And it was all black. And then, after that, there was a black butterfly that I had to clear out. And finally, there was some kind of a black beetle that I had to zap, also.

Joy: Nice. So, it just gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.

Parthenia:Mine was fire. It was just this red fire that just was consuming me. Did you get any image, Nicole?

Nicole:Kind of like a blue whirl wind of something. At the end of it, I felt like a sunbeam all over my body. It felt amazing. A ray of light just all in it.

Parthenia:Wow! I replaced mine with joy and rose petals. (Joy laughs.) What did you replace yours with?


Parthenia:Oh, yeah. I love the sunlight. Kim, what was your replacement?

Kim Michaels:Silence. Just complete silence.

Parthenia:Ooohh. That's beautiful.

(Parthenia and Joy discuss how little time it takes and the less desirable alternatives.)

Parthenia:I'm always baffled by people who just keep the same old tools. And Kim, you and I talk about that all the time, how we're supposed to be constantly self-transcending. And when people – I look at them and I go: “Well, how's that working for you?” And it usually isn't, but there's like a disconnect.

Joy: I have my favorite tools. But I make it a point to learn something new, at least every week.

Parthenia:Exactly. Kim, what were you saying?

Kim Michaels:Evil loves to make you think that now you've found the ultimate tool and you just need to keep using it for the rest of your life. And then, you'll be saved at the end.

(Parthenia takes us into commercial break.)


(Parthenia and Joy discuss the Joyfest this weekend in Los Angeles. And a workshop on maintaining joy in everyday life. And the video and skills on her website,

Parthenia:And I think joy is something we all need. Right, Nicole?

Nicole:Um-hum. Yes, we do.

Parthenia:And Kim, if we're going to reach that level of Christ consciousness, I think joy is a logical pathway. Would you agree?

Kim Michaels:Yeah. Definitely. The spiritual path should be giving you more and more joy.

(Parthenia and Joy close the show.)



Copyright © 2015 KIm Michaels


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