Clearing Emotional Clutter


March 12, 2016  Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-hosts: Kim Michaels

Guest: Donald Altman (

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Donald's book, Clearing Emotional Clutter.

Parthenia:Good morning. I'm excited to have an international mindfulness expert, Donald Altman, joining me today. Along with Kim Michaels, who is my co-host and who delivers his weekly message from the ascended masters. Welcome, Kim Michaels and Donald Altman.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Donald:Hi Parthenia. Wonderful to be here today. Kim, Hello.

Parthenia:So, Kim, I hope you will stay on the line and join us; because Donald has some amazing tools that incorporate quantum physics, epigenetics.

Kim Michaels:Sure.

Parthenia:And I'm so excited, Donald, to actually talk about our epidemic of affluenza and how we can clear that bug out of our life; because it's certainly cluttering up the lives of most Americans. So, those of you who have been wondering what on earth you can do to get rid of all of the obstacles that are standing in the way of you transforming your life and getting back on track; Donald has something for you today.

(Donald tells his background, studying in a monastery, and how his book, Clearing Emotional Clutter, came about.)

Donald:... And I continued, afterwards, to work with some of the monks, continue to train with them; even though I wasn't in the monastery. Because I felt my work was going to be out here in the world.

Parthenia:I want to bring Kim in on the discussion; because, Kim, in a lot of your books – Donald, Kim has over 40 books. He's very prolific in terms of receiving these messages from various ascended masters. And one of the things that you talk about, Kim, is how in the old school it was kind of traditional to go off into a monastery; but today, in terms of our spiritual growth and enlightenment, we kind of have to deal with this stuff. And it's not necessarily recommended that we all, in order to grow, go into a monastery. So, Kim, could you talk about that a little bit?

Kim Michaels:I can certainly identify with what Donald is saying, because I also personally felt that it wasn't my role, in this lifetime, to withdraw. And I think in the Aquarian Age, most spiritual people will not be in a monastery setting. They will be out in the world, because this is the age where we need to integrate spirituality with everyday life.

Donald:I agree with that. For me, it was a kind of booster jump-start. It started my engine, but I agree with what Kim is saying.

Parthenia:Well, I notice that you only did it for a few months. And I think that that would be ideal. … Let's talk about the book. It's jam packed. You studied so many different modalities. And I love the way that you integrate metaphysics and spirituality and cutting edge quantum physics and science and all of the latest research on epigenetics. ...

(Parthenia and Donald discuss epigenetics and using it to reprogram our subconscious mind.)

Parthenia:Kim, I know that you're also very cutting edge in your research. And, of course, the ascended masters are definitely cutting edge. So, what are your thoughts on our ability to reprogram the neuro-transmitters in our brain?

Kim Michaels:I think that's very, very true. I don't have the particular expertise about it, from a medical standpoint. But I think it's an incredibly exciting field. And I think we will find that, in the next twenty years, all of the things we thought could not be changed about our bodies and our minds; they're going to break down. And we're going to find out that we actually can change them.

Parthenia:And I think it's already happening, Kim. What do you think, Donald? I see it everyday in myself.

Donald:Absolutely. In fact, there's evidence now, research going on, even some kinds of cancers can go into remission when we do meditative practices. And it doesn't require a whole lot of time. And that's the beauty of this, too. That even just doing some meditation a few minutes a day has been shown to really change brain function and new neural networks.

Parthenia:And Kim, I'd like for both of you to kind of address this; because the ascended masters have touched on it a little bit, in terms of our inability to just sit still. I'm sure both of you have noticed how difficult it is for people to be alone with themselves. … So, Kim, maybe you could address very quickly – and then I'll go back to Donald – how invocations can help quiet that, what I call it, the monkey mind. Because I still have my moments, where I just have a hard time quieting my mind and just focusing on meditating. It can be very, very challenging.

Kim Michaels:I think we all do, Parthenia. It's not just you. I think that it's very important for spiritual people to understand the concept of spiritual protection. And that you can protect your energy field from the influence from the mass consciousness, where you just have so much bombarding you all the time. And, especially, of course, now, where everybody's always online and always on facebook and this and that. You just get so many impressions, that it's too much. And that's where invocations can really help invoke that shield of light around your sub-conscious mind so you can actually quiet that down and have these peaceful moments.

(Parthenia and Donald discuss affluenza.)


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk and our weekly message from the ascended masters with Kim Michaels. And we will have Donald Altman returning with Clearing Emotional Clutter. Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Thank you.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I am always delighted when I hear people talk about breaking the boundaries that have been traditionally put upon humankind, where you think there is something you cannot get beyond. This, of course, is something that the forces that seek to limit this planet, that seek to control human beings, are always using anything that comes up in society.

And so, they have, of course, used science, the knowledge about DNA and the knowledge about evolution, to try to say that you cannot escape being, essentially, an animal. But, as the ascended masters have said many times, you are not essentially an animal; you are essentially a spiritual being in an animal body. But the animal body is subject to your mind, when you take command of your mind.

This age is an age where the boundaries that have not already been questioned will be questioned. This is not because we, of the ascended masters, alone, are giving messages; but because millions of people around the world from many different fields are tuning into us and to the ideas we are bringing forth. We are not bringing these ideas forth through one particular messenger, through one particular organization or philosophy. We are bringing it forth through all minds that are receptive to receiving some new idea. This, of course, applies to many scientists. It applies to people from all spiritual and religious traditions. And certainly, the traditions of the East and their mindfulness yoga, and other practices that have come to the West, have made a major contribution to the forward progression of the collective consciousness.

It is, of course, very important for us that science becomes incorporated and that we break down the traditional barrier between science and religion that is one of the major things that actually limits new ideas, that closes people's minds to new ideas. And therefore, we are always delighted when there are people who will use the latest discoveries of science and try to combine them with spiritual traditions.

And certainly realizing that you can reprogram your DNA, that you can reprogram the deepest mind patterns, is an important step forward for humankind. But I would like to point out that reprogramming your neurological patterns and your DNA is not actually a new invention. You are simply describing an age-old process in scientific terms. We have traditionally called that process the spiritual path. For you are, indeed, when you are serious about the spiritual path, reprogramming every aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and identity bodies. And this is, of course, very exciting to us when science or other fields make progress; so that we can bring forth ideas that make it easier for people to grasp and actually believe that this is possible.

I would like to point out, however, that you, who are serious about the spiritual path, need to be aware that there are no quick fixes here. It is so common in this day and age, where time has become so short, to think that there must be an easy way out. There must be some quick technique so that you can solve the problem very quickly and get on with your busy life. But I would like those of you, who are serious about the spiritual path, to realize that it isn't a matter of finding a quick fix.

There comes a point on the spiritual path, where it is OK for you to be looking for a quick way out. But there also comes that point, where you need to step up and realize that if you really want results on the spiritual path; it cannot be done by maintaining the same lifestyle as most people have in this material age. And it is not so much a matter of changing your outer habits, but of changing the way you think and look at yourself. You cannot artificially or superficially reprogram your DNA or your deepest brain patterns. It is something that requires a very deep and very committed shift in consciousness. And this is, of course, why we have brought forth so many books and so many techniques to help you accomplish this.

Parthenia:Wow! Thank you so much Kim Michaels and Mother Mary for that amazing message. We will be back after commercial break with Donald Altman and more on his book, Clearing Emotional Clutter. And with Kim Michaels. You're listening to Divine Love Talk. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. Kim Michaels can be found at Donald Altman at And I am at You're listening to Divine Love Talk at


Parthenia:OK. We're back with more of Divine Love Talk and Donald Altman, with his book, Clearing Emotional Clutter. Donald, that was an amazing message from Mother Mary. I'm always impressed with how tapped in and tuned in the ascended masters are. And she touched on something you said in your book about the fact that we don't always realize that we are in control of the negative behavior patterns in our lives. And one of the points that you make is about distractions and how we allow distractions to determine our intention. And that when we do that, we relinquish what makes us most human, because intention is the essence of free will. Wow. I thought that was so powerful and so cogent and so in alignment with the teachings of the ascended masters. Kim, I'd like to bring you in on that discussion about distractions and the power of intention, before I turn it over to Donald.

Kim Michaels:It is very, very important to realize that there are so many things in this age that are just distracting us. But even so, there are so many things in our own sub-conscious that are just patterns that just repeat endlessly. I remember going through a difficult time several years ago. And I realized that there is a part of my mind that is simply programmed to create problems. (Parthenia laughs.) And it projects at me that I have to solve them, but they have no solution.

Parthenia:(Laughing.) And so, how do you handle that?

Kim Michaels:It was a matter of actually becoming aware that this is happening. And because they have no solution; I don't need to do anything about them.

(Parthenia and Donald discuss being programmed to solve problems. They also discuss mindfulness practices.)

Parthenia:... I'd like to make a distinction between distractions that are mindless and just taking a moment to be thoughtful and kind and compassionate. Maybe you can address that, and then I'd like to bring Kim Michaels in on that discussion.

Donald:OK. So, a lot of times distractions are things that are grabbing our attention that maybe – and our intention, which is really one of the most precious gifts that we possess. We need to shepherd that. I think we need to guard against being grabbed by all these things. (Talks about paying attention to how we spend our time and being aware of how technology affects us.)

Parthenia:Well, Kim, you're highly productive and highly prolific, in terms of the amount of books and materials that you produce. And you use computers to do this. So, how are you able to balance this in your life?

Kim Michaels:I think that if you're doing something creatively on the computer, such as writing; that's very different from just taking in information that you normally do passively with a lot of things, like computer games or facebook or whatever. So, I think that's one way, when you're doing creative work. But I also have to get away from the screen, once in a while. I just simply come to a point where I feel like I have screen poisoning. (Parthenia and Donald chuckle.) And I have to go out in nature. I love taking walks.

Donald:I am right in line with you there, Kim.

(Parthenia and Donald mention having orgonite or smoky quartz near the computer to absorb electromagnetic haze. And that absorbing the white and blue light frequency of the screen inhibits our melatonin hormone level and can disturb sleep for two hours. Then, they discuss affluenza some more.)

Donald:... So I think we need to overcome that dissatisfaction that can crop up. And that's clutter, right? And I think that statement: “Pray for what you already have in your life. That way you'll never be disappointed.”

Parthenia:Ha-ha. I like to tell myself to learn the difference between what I need and what I want.

Donald:Oh. That's nice.

Parthenia:And we haven't learned how to distinguish our needs from our wants or our desires. So, Kim, I want to bring you in; because Master More talks about how we are here on this planet to experience more. So, let's make a distinction, now, between the fact that we are here to experience constant self-transcendence and to grow into becoming more of a spiritual being; versus growing into accumulating more. And I think that that's an important distinction.


Kim Michaels:That's very good, you bring that up. Because we have a built-in mechanism that is made to prevent us from becoming completely lost in the material world. Because we are spiritual beings, who have come down here. And we've come down here to have two kinds of experiences. One is an immersion experience, where we immerse ourselves in the material world and experience what it has to offer. But only for a time, and then we have to transcend that and want more than what the material world can offer.

Parthenia:Wonderful. Thank you so much for that distinction. ...


Parthenia:OK. We're back with Divine Love Talk, wrapping this up with my discussion with Donald Altman about clearing emotional clutter. ...

(Donald gives his closing remarks.)

Parthenia:… So, Kim, what would you like to leave the audience with, in terms of this discussion about clearing emotional clutter from our lives?

Kim Michaels:The cure for affluenza is to realize that there are millions of people in the western world who have had so much material goods that it cannot satisfy us anymore. And the only way to be satisfied is to engage in the spiritual path, where we raise our consciousness; instead of seeking more and more material stuff.

(Parthenia closes the show.)



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