Break-through Experiences

May 20, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guest: Kute Blackson

Topics: Man Break-through Experience for Women Workshop for women understanding men.  Where are the blind spots?   What is being attracted?

(Describes the transformation of women learning that they ARE love.)

Parthenia:  … I would like to pull Kim Michaels in on the discussion, because Kim, you’ve been mentioning about us humans here on the planet being manifestations of the Divine Feminine and I’d love for you to (sedge away sp?) into that a little bit.  

Kim Michaels: Well I think it sounds really good what Kute said about developing a relationship with yourself, with your higher self, and knowing who you are.  Because I think a lot of the times it’s almost like we have been brought up to play these roles, both men and women.  And I think honestly that these roles don’t function anymore.  I think back on my own parents and grandparents when the men talked about certain things and women talked about other things.  And I actually think about how we could sit a dinner conversation at a birthday party and the men were talking across the table to each other and the women were talking across the table to each other, but they weren’t talking with each other.  And I think that’s something that really needs to happen in this age, where we learn how to communicate with each other.  And I don’t see how we can do that unless we get in touch with something inside ourselves really.




Parthenia:  … Kim, I went to Bali after the conference when I met you last year and the whole purpose of my trip was to go to Australia to meet Kim.  And Bali was just like – that’s where you need to go.  And I didn’t know why.  And I went by myself.  And it was the most amazing experience.  So Kim, I’d like to bring you in about the importance of and connecting with the Divine Feminine.  You know people in LA, especially, in all cities – we’re so disconnected from nature, the importance of connecting with Mother Earth in terms of healing the Divine Feminine.  I’m sure you’ve got something you can contribute on that.

Kim Michaels: Well I think Kute has made a very good statement when he talked about Bali and Kwan Yin and he said the Divine Mother didn’t give him anything to resist.  And actually that triggered in me a deeper understanding of what I feel about the Divine Feminine, because I really feel that is the essence of Divine Feminine.  It still manages to force us to face this need to transform ourselves, but it doesn’t do so in a controlling way and it doesn’t do so in the way that the masculine normally does where it’s in your face forcing you.  It’s a very gentle way.  And that’s why I actually think, like Sarah was saying about the Dali Lama.  I think he’s in tune with something when he says that the women - because I have felt the same thing; that it is feminine energy that will transform the world.  Just like we talked about in the last show with the rabbi, with the three monotheistic religions – really this has been force, force, force.  And we look at everything in our culture, our technology even is force based.  And I really believe that we need to transcend this force-based mindset, and I think the Divine Feminine is the only way to do it.  But we have to find it in ourselves, instead of thinking it is some goddess out there.  Because that has, of course, been the problem with the monotheistic religions, that God is out there.  And that’s where we need to find the God within.

(Resonance of places, intuition of steps to take)

Dr. Sarah: …When you get to a place where you are not trying to fix something within yourself, you can feel within yourself that healing space, that wholeness that already exists…

(Acceleration in energetic spaces, safe spaces, enlivening the matrixes through devotion)


Parthenia:Well, Kim, what would you like to leave the audience with in terms of our purpose in life and love?

Kim Michaels: Well, really that life is a flow, that love is a flow.  And that we spend most of our days, most of our lives resisting, trying to control, trying to get to a certain point.  But, there comes a point where we just have to surrender into the flow.



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