About Kim Michaels

Born December 16, 1957 in Horsens, Denmark. Given name: Kim Worm.


Graduated from Horsens Statsskole (High School) 1976.

Aalborg Universitet 1977.

Graduated from Arkitektskolen i Aarhus as an architect in 1987.

Writing experience:

From 1980 to 1996 wrote monthly articles to Denmark’s largest outdoors magazine. Also took photos and illustrated articles with drawings.

Published three books in Denmark on topics related to hunting.

1997 to 2002 had two jobs as a technical writer and illustrator. One for the world’ largest manufacturer of fitness equipment, the other for a software company.

Since 2002 Kim has been living as a self-published writer. Has published over 50 books on topics related to self-help, spirituality and mysticism.


Kim has lived in United States (Montana, Utah, New York, Washington D.C. and Virginia), Sweden and Estonia. He now lives in Denmark.


Why I am not a spiritual Guru


Harassment by internet trolls

Since 2009 I have been the target of a group of people who have created websites with the declared purpose of exposing to the world that I am "working for the anti-christ." They have also used false Facebook accounts and false accounts to post negative reviews of my books on Amazon.

These people claim to be affiliated with my second ex-wife from whom I did separate in 2009 after 20 years of marriage. However, the person to whom I was married for 20 years had personal integrity, honesty and a dedication to truth. I therefore find it hard to believe that the same person could create material that is intended to destroy the reputation of another human being and that also uses either lies, distortions or completely made up "facts" in order to do so. 

Why this material was created and why it is still maintained so long afterwards I cannot explain, other than by referring to the phenomenon of internet trolls. 

I have not commented on the material because it is so full of lies and distortions that it paints a picture of a person who has nothing to do with who I was during my marriage or who I am today. 


A longer biography


My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus

September 25-th 2017
My latest book is truly the most special one I have published:   Through an engaging personal story, this book manages to question all of the paradigms upon which our civilization is built while...

Another conference for 2017

July 20-th 2017
We are happy to announce a new conference that will take place in Estonia this coming December:   Healing the individual and collective psyche in Eastern Europe   International conference with the ascended...

NEW BOOK about stopping poverty

October 21-st 2016
Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to...

NEW BOOK about the initiations of purity

October 21-st 2016
The Mystical Initiations of Intention Learn how to purify your intentions from fear and discover your original motivation for coming...
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