The ego can use a spiritual teaching to abort your growth

February 25, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guests: Dr. Sarah Larson and Kim Michaels

Topics: The oscars.  Bless Me, Ultima.  How the ego can use a spiritual teaching to abort your quest for truth.  Intuition versus submitting to a system.  Ignorance of dark forces.  Facing your fears and ego justifications.

(Discussion of the Oscars.  The film ‘Bless Me, Ultima’ about a curandera, a female healer.  Having independent thinking and standing up for what you value.)

Parthenia: … Now, Kim, I want to pull you in, because on your websites – and you have quite a few, now.  Would you give us the names of some of those websites?  You know I’ve only been talking about transcendence toolbox, but I notice you’ve revamped a lot of it.  But you have a ton of information about the divine feminine and the ego.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, there’s and  And they all contain links to all four, now.  There’s also

Parthenia:Yes, and anybody who wants to know anything about how to get their ego under control – Kim, your work is, I would have to say, premiere.  And I would like to bring you in on this discussion about the divine feminine.  And even today, it’s 2013, and women all over the world are still being persecuted for healing and –

Dr. Sarah:- for speaking up or making choices of their own.  Two thirds of the world, women don’t really get to choose how the dress, or their jobs.

Parthenia:OK.  So Kim, I want to turn the discussion over to you.

Kim Michaels:  Well, I think you both made some really interesting comments about how the divine feminine is put down.  In terms of the Oscars, Anne Hathaway got the supporting actress one for Les Misérables and her role there as Fantina actually is was an example of that, of how she is put down for trying to do the right thing for her child.  But I was really struck when I saw that movie that – how even the workers, who work with her at the factory, don’t have any solidarity like the other movie you were talking about.  And so, I actually think that even beyond just taking about women and men, I think that there is something in us all where we have the ability, whether we are men or women, to use our intuition to know truth from inside ourselves.  And when you were talking about the witch hunts -   that was actually what I see as being put down in that whole process, where we are not allowed to know truth inside ourselves.  We have to submit to the system of the elite.  And we have to accept their system and we have to accept what the experts say; and not what we know is right in our hearts.  And to me, that’s the saddest think, that that has been put down in so many people.  But I also see, of course, that so many spiritual people today are reconnecting and daring to reconnect to their intuition and bring that out.

Parthenia:And you have got so many tools on transcendence toolbox and your other websites.  There was that one article that I really wanted to address today about how the ego can use a spiritual teaching to abort your quest for truth.  Because there are a lot of people that have broken out of fundamentalist religions and they’ve gone into metaphysics, they’ve gone into various schools of spirituality; because they are looking for truth.  And then, they will get into a new organization or with a new guru or a new teacher or whatever, and then they will feel like: ‘Yes, I have the absolute truth.  And I have arrived.  And this is it.’  And they don’t connect with what, I think you call it – what do you call it, ongoing revelation or on – there’s an expression -

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, progressive revelation.  And the idea is that there isn’t a fixed truth, but that we are given a certain knowledge, a certain spiritual teaching in order to raise our consciousness to a new level.  And then once we are at that level, we’ll get higher instructions; which will then take us to the next level.  And this can go on indefinitely.

Parthenia:Because we are in an infinite universe.  And so you know – I had this discussion in class about how we can become arrogant and think that we know everything.  …


(Discussion about how the speeches at the Oscars were more from the heart and a number of the movies.)

Parthenia:Now Kim, in terms of the ego, I really want to pull this discussion now; because what makes Ultima such an amazing character is her humility, her grace, and this compassion and empathy that she has even for the dark forces in the film.  And the film does show you the light and the dark, but how you shouldn’t be afraid of it and how you should not let that stop you from helping people who need help.  Even though the people that are operating from their dark side, they want to oppress you and prevent you from doing what you know you are supposed to do on the planet.  So, if you could talk about – what did you call it – the least you should know about the ego?  Could you open up the discussion on that?

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, well, one of the big effects about the ego is that it makes everything seem so personal and we take everything so seriously when we are in the ego.  And you are talking about dark forces, and it’s perfectly true.  I see a lot of new age spiritual people that don’t want to even hear about dark forces; because they have gotten this idea that if you put your attention on it, you give it power and you magnify it.  So therefore, you should just ignore it.

Parthenia:And act like it doesn’t exist.

Kim Michaels:  Yes.  And just try the next time you are out walking and imagine you get a stone in your shoe.  Is ignoring it really going to get it to go away?  Or should you just bend down and take it out.  So what we can do when we get free of the ego is we can depersonalize our lives so we can look at these forces dispassionately and not be afraid of them.


Parthenia:Now, Kim, I wanted to jump right back into the discussion on the ego and how the ego has this tendency once they move into a particular organization or teacher or guru to believe that they have this guarantee of salvation and how the ego can move people into this holier than thou attitude, which that is that attitude that Jesus denounced in the scribes and the Pharisees.  And I want you to break down truth and the spirit of truth for the audience.

Kim Michaels:  Well, I remember when I was young and found my first spiritual organization.  The contrast between growing up in a western society, where I hadn’t had any really spiritual upbringing - and I’m not talking about religious, I’m talking about spiritual – and then finding a spiritual organization was very big for me.  And what I went through, I’ve seen in many other people.  We actually fall in love with a spiritual teaching or guru.  And it’s just like when we are in love with somebody; we don’t see anything else but the positive and what we want to see.  And we, obviously, think that everyone else is going to look at our group and our organization the same way that we do.  And that’s why we tend to think that this is the solution to all the world’s problems, if we can just convert everybody to our organization.  And there are even some teachings and gurus that play on that and they claim they have the one solution to all problems.  You know, I never really believed it even when I was young; but I’ve grown over the years to certainly see that there is no one organization.  And I actually think that ties into what we talked about earlier, about – the only real solution to the world’s problems is that more and more people get in touch with their inner being and find answers within.  I was just this weekend talking to somebody here in Estonia.  And you know Estonia used to be a former Soviet Republic.  For fifty years Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union.  And I say occupied, because it was an occupation.  And the people here completely felt it as an occupation.  And my friend I was talking to was saying that so many people in Estonia – they are very intuitive, but they are not religious and they don’t want to hear about – like Christianity coming in and having this system.  And the reason for this is that for fifty years they have seen in their own lives that there is no system that will solve all of our problems for us.

Parthenia:That they’re going to solve it.

Kim: Yeah, the dream we’ve had – like you were talking about – how suppressing all the women that were called witches, but were really intuitives – The dream is that we can create this outer system that will resolve all of our problems, if we just submit to it.  And that is what we need to let go of.

Parthenia: Well, you know, Kim, when I met your wife, Helen, in Australia; one of the things that impressed me so much about her and the other friend of hers from Estonia, was how out of that oppressive regime they grew into very independent, very conscious, very courageous women that are full of integrity and spunk and spark and very inwardly driven.  And that was really, really impressive for someone like me coming from the west and I have that same kind of spunk and ability to just stand up and speak the truth and not be afraid.  But to see it in a younger woman coming from a Soviet regime, I thought: ‘Wow, we could use a lot more of the Helens over here in America.’  Because it’s almost like we lost that after the 60s and 70s.

(Discussion about being taught that we can find it outside ourselves, even still in the man we marry.)

Parthenia:But I also want - Kim, I want you to address that in terms of a lot of– you were talking earlier about the new age people and how they tend to want to just deny and not address the darkness that comes at them from other people.  And try to find a balance there, because I see a lot of denial when people run into people that are literally meaning you harm.  They are intending harm.  That is their intention.  And a lot of new age people say: ‘Oh, just send them love.  You know just ignore it.  Don’t address it.  It’s OK.’  I have not found that to work.  That analogy you gave about getting that rock out your foot.  It’s like telling a woman, who is with a battered man, a guy who is battering her; just love him.  You just be a better woman and you just love him a little more, and he’s going to stop beating you. …

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, well, you should talk to people who have lived in the Soviet Union or in Nazi Germany and you will see that loving the dark forces is not really going to work in the ultimate extent.  I mean there is no way the concentration camp victims are going to get anywhere by loving the guards who are shutting them into the gas chambers.  What I find is this, that when I’m really honest with myself; I can see when I look back when I was younger.  I also was very reluctant to acknowledge the existence of dark forces.  Because I think –

Parthenia:Absolutely, it’s scary.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, but I think we have a survival mechanism, so that if there is something we think that we have no defense against, or we cannot deal with; then we tend to deny it just in order to survive.  And so it was really only when I started invoking spiritual light and started working with Archangel Michael; and I realized that we do actually have a defense.  But it’s not a material defense.  There’s no material defense against it, but there is a spiritual defense.  And that was when I could start looking at it.

(Parthenia and Dr. Sarah discuss speaking out, and also the tools in transcendence toolbox.)

Parthenia:… A lot of people like to pretend that there is no negative energy, that people aren’t sending jealousy and hate and all kinds of negative stuff at you, because that’s the place they’re at.

Kim Michaels:  Yes.  And here’s the real danger of denying this is actually that - denying that there are dark forces actually prevents you from looking at yourself and seeing what is it in you that makes you vulnerable to these forces.  And that’s the real thing that I found with myself was that once I acknowledged that there are certain forces that can influence me; I could then start looking into my own psychology.  Because one thing that we learn from our spiritual teachers, the ascended masters, is that the dark forces cannot actually – they can attack us physically, yes, even against our free will - but they can’t enter our minds against our free will.  That means that there has to be some belief that we have in our own minds that gives them a way in.  It’s like, even Jesus said: ‘The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me.’  So the prince of this world has to have something in you and that’s a wrong belief.  And if you don’t look at that, you cannot overcome it.  And so that’s the worst part of this denial.


(Dr. Sarah talks about the Healing What Hurts Seminar.  Facing what you fear and being able to authentically share who you really are.)

Parthenia:And Kim, when you were talking about ‘when the prince of this world comes and he has nothing in me;’ what I learned from all the persecution … it will get worse and worse if you don’t look at what’s going on inside of you … once I faced that and said: ‘They don’t have any power over me.’ … It’s still very important to work on your mental state of mind, but also shield yourself energetically with protection.  Kim?

Kim Michaels:  No, but I think we do to that as long as we are in embodiment, because we will be attacked as long as we are in embodiment.  But I went through the exact same process.  You know, where when I started looking at what is it in me that causes me to react when I’m attacked by people, that’s when I started overcoming it.  And in terms of what we were talking about the difference between tuning into your intuition and submitting to an outer system, is that you submit to the outer system; you no longer have that inner standard, if you want to call it, that intuitive sense of what it is life-supporting and what is not.  And that’s when you see people do these atrocities.  Because one of the big - in my mind - one of the big mysteries - growing up in Denmark I saw movies about the concentration camps, and the big question for me was: ‘How do they get somebody to shove children into the gas chamber?’  Who are these (???)?  And then when you actually see that they have done – BBC has actually done an amazing documentary about Auschwitz, where they actually interview some of the guards.  And you realize that these were actually quite normal people.  They were not evil in any way, but they had submitted to some system that they thought could tell them what was right and wrong.  So they had completely neutralized their own inner ability to know.  And that’s why they just kept blindly doing what they were told to do.  And there was one guard that was interviewed in this Auschwitz documentary, who to this day believes that is wasn’t wrong, what he did.  And he actually even said in the interview that I saw, he actually said: ‘I have to believe that; because otherwise I couldn’t live with myself.’

Parthenia:… The prevailing belief (in that era) was submitting to an authority.  And so what these guards and the people who kill people said was: ‘I was following the rules.’ …


Parthenia:Now Kim, you were talking about how the guards in the concentration camps believed that they had done nothing wrong.  And that was the prevailing attitude that I saw in all my research.  That it’s not my fault and not taking responsibility.  But also with the ego, it has an excuse for every atrocity … but I want to turn that back over to you with the ego.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, the ego is a giant justification machine.  And actually the ego works by taking – let’s say you take a compass, which has 360 degrees, and in order to know the fullness of life and what life is about; you have to look at all 360 degrees on the circumference of the compass.  What the ego does is it blocks out some of those degrees and it says you don’t need to look at those.

Parthenia:Most of them.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, yeah, in some cases many.  And that’s actually what happens to people.  They block out more and more until they can’t move anymore.  And sometimes that’s the only thing that makes them start looking at the ego.  But what I want to say is that once you have blocked out a certain amount of truth that you don’t need to look at or that you think you understand fully; then you can always justify any viewpoint in the remaining degrees, because you are excluding something that would actually overturn the ego’s logic.  You are refusing to look at that.



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