Ego discussion, Part 3

March 18, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guests: Dr. Sarah Larson and Kim Michaels; Michael Ray De Los Angeles

Topics: The very least you should know about the ego.  Games of the ego.  Mechanisms for moving beyond ego.  Movie: The Great OZ.    Rebirth and growth.

(Discussion of the film and the transformation of creativity.  The resilience of the porcelain doll helps to show that we aren’t so fragile.  Our broken places are often our strongest places.  Oz is portrayed as developing himself.  Michael Ray’s transformational process.)

Parthenia: … Now, Kim, I want to bring you in on the discussion, since you did see the original Wizard of Oz – and the ego – if you can tie it, bring something in.

Kim Michaels:  Well, I think one of the real powerful messages in that movie is that they are on a quest, they are following a path, they are following a road; and we are all on a quest to discover something.  And just like you said in the beginning, we always think what we have to find is this savior, outside ourselves, who can do it all for us.  And I really believe that that is because one of the primary functions of the ego is actually to make it seem real that we are powerless, that we are not good enough, that we don’t have the creativity inside of ourselves to deal with the world.  And so we are on this false quest to find the savior outside of ourselves.  And then, what happens, I mean in the original one, they finally come to the wizard and then they realize it’s that silly old man, who is sitting behind a curtain making these weird noises.  And I think that’s what we all have to go through, if we pursue this outer savior, or this perfect guru, this perfect spiritual guru.  We have to at some point let those idols come tumbling down, so we start looking for the savior inside ourselves.

(Owning faults and weaknesses.  Experiencing to know our own powers.  Being vulnerable.)

Parthenia:Kim, I know you were getting ready to add something.

Kim Michaels:  No.  Actually, I was thinking about this with the whole quest we are on to find this.  I’ve seen over the last so many years, I’ve seen spiritual people searching for this perfect guru that really is like the Wizard of Oz, because he supposedly has this magical ability, you know.  If you are just around this guru, if you are just following this guru; then you are guaranteed to go heaven or become enlightened.  And the real question is: ‘How long do you have to follow that impossible dream, before you realize it’s impossible and then start looking inside yourself?’  And unfortunately, what I’ve seen a lot of people do is they project this superhuman image upon some kind of guru.  And then, inevitably, something happens that cracks it.  And then, they become angry and disappointed and may even become discouraged.  So they say: ‘I don’t want to be on the path anymore.  I don’t want to have anything to do with gurus or spiritual movements or even spiritual teachings.’  And that’s actually a typical ego game, you know, where it’s all or nothing.  If I don’t get my way, then I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

(Discussion about discouragement on the path.)


(Michael Ray shares his poem Mother’s Garden. They discuss some of his works.)

Parthenia:… I’m also seeing how your poetry is softening and really and truly flowering into this thing of divine beauty, honoring the Divine Feminine.  Kim, I wanted to get your comment on that, because you have so much information about the Divine Feminine on your websites.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, and one of the big problems, of course, in that respect is that for so long we have, in our culture, been dominated by religions that are male oriented and that have portrayed God as an exclusively male being.  And the big problem with that is we overlook god in ourselves, because we are the Divine Feminine.

Parthenia:After commercial break, Kim, let’s expound more on the Divine Feminine aspect within in all of us, but in particular the male.  Because if you say that to a man, they say: ‘What do you mean the Divine Feminine in me?’ …


Parthenia:   OK.  We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk on CRN with the games that the ego plays.  So we’re going to cover that in a minute; but, Kim, I wanted you to finish up where we left off, because we had to cut off for commercial break.

Kim Michaels:  Well, the big misunderstanding that has come into religion is, of course, that God is a male figure and this simply is not correct.   There is an element of God, there is a presence of God that is undivided and indivisible and that one God – it’s meaningless to talk about male and female.  You can only talk about male and female when you go into the world of differentiation, the world of form.  And the first thing that the one God created was a polarity between two forces - they have been called Yin and Yang in Taoism, they have become masculine and feminine, male and female; but they are expanding and contracting forces.  And out of the creative dynamic between those two forces everything else has been created.  So everything is meant to be in a polarity.

And what that really means is that here on earth we cannot yet embrace that God is fully here with us and is in everything.  And that means that we thing that we are separated from God.  And that’s why Jesus said: ‘I am the open door, which no man can shut.’  Because he had become so one with his higher self that he was the open door for God to shine into this world.  And because of the law of free will, God will not interfere with what we are doing on earth; unless someone becomes that open door.  But the problem is, we all have that potential and that is the one knowledge that has been taken away by formal religions and many spiritual teachings that God is not in each one of us.  And that’s why I’m saying everything is a polarity.

If we unite with our higher selves, we become the open door.  And therefore, we become in a polarity with God, with the spiritual realm.  And that means that God is then the masculine polarity and we are the feminine polarity; whether we are men or woman doesn’t matter.  And that’s our rightful role, to be in that polarity with God; which Jesus and the Buddha and other spiritual teachers have exemplified.  What the ego does is immediately turn these people into an idol and say: ‘Oh, yeah, but Jesus was so special.  He could do it, but you can’t.’


Dr. Sarah:I think it’s so amazing what Michael just shared, Michael Ray, Kim Michaels and this conversation with the divine.  The higher self - we really have a concept of what we think is the higher self ego-based.  It’s a collection of all the heroes we’ve seen in movies, all the people we’ve read about or met; and that’s a higher self that we place in the ego.  And our first quest is this journey to find that higher self, all those lessons.  And when we connect with that ego driven base one and we’re disappointed - ‘Oh my gosh, this is not the way back.’ – then oftentimes we continue the search for that part within us that is that higher self, that will never die, that’s never been born, that is connected to source at all times.  And that really is the returning back to ourselves.  Making ourselves the open door, that open source, that connection.  And those are the gifts that we get to give ourselves, being present in the moment.  …

(Discussions about being of service and being present.)

Parthenia:… And, Kim, I know you can expand on that with the masculine and how the ego keeps the masculine in conflict over wanting, or allowing the feminine within the masculine to rise.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, well, in terms of service to others – service to others is a very good first step to get beyond the ego.  But when you go further and further on that; you actually see that the highest service is to overcome the illusion that there are others, because we are all one.  And that’s the ultimate trick of the ego.  And it is very true, as you said; more men fall for this trick of saying: ‘There are always others.  Anyone who is different is a threat to me.’  And it’s one of the games that I actually describe on the website.  It’s called the ultimate survival game, where the ego can only see itself as a separate being.  So for the ego, there will always be others.  And the ego must have a scapegoat.  So that it’s not my fault, right.  It’s those other people that are doing this to me.  Yeah, it has to blame somebody.   

And that directs the attention away from the one fact that we talked about earlier, that the kingdom of God is within you.  Because as long as you are focused on changing somebody else out there, you are guaranteed to overlook the kingdom of God within you.  It cannot be any other way, because you can’t look at two different things at the same time.  You can’t look in and out.  It’s impossible.  And so this is one of the main tricks of the ego.  And whether it’s men or women, as long as we are trapped in this game, we are really – the ego is just laughing all the way to the bank.  And one of the ways to get beyond this is really to get to that point where you are looking at yourself and you are saying: ‘Do I want to continue in this pattern for the rest of my life?  Or is there something more that I want?’

(Discussion on how there is nothing to be afraid of.)

Dr. Sarah:The Course in Miracles is one my favorite, one of the things that I teach from and talk.  “Nothing real can be threatened.”  And that’s one of the most important things to remember whenever you’re getting into this space.  Nothing real is ever threatened.

Parthenia:… Now, Kim, can you go into that a little bit more?  Because it’s very difficult, I know, from the Course in Miracles – It was very difficult when I was doing it to wrap my head around: ‘How could all of this be an illusion?’  Help us out, Kim.

Kim Michaels:  Well.  It isn’t necessarily an illusion.  This is a very tricky point.  I agree with you.  And I’m not sure I have a total understanding of it, but, nevertheless, I’ll give it a shot.  It isn’t that everything is an illusion; the world is not an illusion.  But what is an illusion is how we personally look at it and how we ascribe all these value judgments and all these fears to it, like you said yourself – Where does your fear exist?  It exists only in your mind.  And what the Wizard of Oz shows is that process where you go through, you travel the path, you go through various initiations and tests.  And finally you get to the point where you can look straight at your fear and see that it only exists in your mind.  And what you thought you had to be afraid of was an illusion created in your own mind.

(Discussion on the cosmic mirror and the energies of thoughts and emotions.  We’re responsible for what we feed.)


Parthenia:… And I promised you that I would tell you the secret to discovering the mechanism that can bring you beyond the prison of the ego.  And that secret is your quest for truth at all costs. … 

(Caller Princess makes a comments on the movie.  Dr. Sarah and Michael Ray give closing points.)

Parthenia:Kim Michaels, would you give us a closing point as we end the show today?  Kim Michaels from transcendence toolbox.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah.  One of the articles on my website about the ego, talks about making life decisions or death decisions.  And what the ego loves to do is to make you think that this who you are based on some criteria here on earth.  You are just a human being, you don’t have God within you, who do you think you are, you can do what Jesus did, even though he said we can.  And so whenever we affirm that limited sense of identity, that’s a death decision.  Whenever we question that limited identity and look for a higher one, that’s a life decision.



Copyright © 2013 Kim Michaels


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