Healing Mother Earth, Part 2


February 15, 2016  Divine Love Talk

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Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-hosts: Kim Michaels and Dr. Sarah Larson

Guests: Dr. Greg Larson, Jose Munoz

Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Topics: Helping the earth by transcending fear, accepting responsibility, stating intents, interconnecting, listening, being pro-active, and taking practical physical actions. Kim’s book, Healing Mother Earth.

Parthenia:OK. We've got a really exciting show lined up today where we want to invite everyone to take a role in helping to build a new earth by healing mother earth. So, in studio we have miracles makers Dr. Sarah Larson and Greg Larson. And we've also got on line the Mayan historian and timekeeper for the six sun calendar, the new six sun calendar, Jose Munoz. And we also have Kim Michaels joining us, who has a book called, Healing Mother Earth.

So, today, we're all going to be talking about the role that we can take on the physical plane, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual plane to all do our part to help clear all four octaves of this energy that's literally, not only smothering and killing us; but is damaging the planet. … 

(Parthenia and Dr. Sarah discuss the call to help and a local methane gas leak.)

Parthenia:… So, Kim Michaels, can I bring you in first? And then, we're gonna bring in Jose Munoz, who's going to talk about what the indigenous people are doing and the ceremony that we did on Saturday night. So, welcome Kim Michaels.

Kim Michaels:Thank you. Well, what Mother Mary says in the book, Healing Mother Earth, is, of course, the whole connection between our consciousness and the physical planet. And I think that is the critical step that people who are spiritually inclined, that we begin to understand this. Of course, as you said, indigenous people have understood this for thousands of years. But we've lost it in our scientific attitude that has actually reinforced our sense of being separated, because we thought we had to be the conquerors of nature; instead of working with it. And so, that's what Mother Mary talks about in the book, how we can do this spiritually, as well.

Parthenia:Yes. And thank you so much for that. I have the audio book and I've listened to it over and over and over. And it's so powerful, because she covers it in depth. And I mean she doesn't miss anything in there. So, I highly recommend that you get a copy of Healing Mother Earth, by Kim Michaels. (Audio book at morepublish.com.) And see how we can address it from a spiritual level. ...

(Parthenia, Dr. Sarah and Greg discuss accepting responsibility and being interconnected. They discuss with Jose the ceremony, in which the participants stated an intention for the planet.)

Sarah:And if you're listening, we ask you to set an intention for the planet. We are holding that symbolic, spiritual candle to you right now. And we ask you: What is your intention for the planet?

Parthenia:And speak it out loud. So, Kim Michaels, I'd like for you to come in and talk about the importance of the spoken word, in terms of setting your intention.

Kim Michaels:The spoken word has a tremendous power of bringing our intentions through the three higher bodies, the identity, mental, emotional, and into the physical. And I think it's very, very important. We don't really make things physical until we speak it.

(Parthenia and Dr. Sarah discuss the power of writing things out, as well.)

Parthenia:So, after commercial break Kim Michaels will be back with his message from the ascended masters. And, hopefully, it will be Mother Mary addressing Mother Earth. You're listening to Divine Love Talk. Jose, please hang on. We'd like you to continue the discussion with Dr. Sarah Larson, Jose Munoz, Greg Larson and Kim Michaels. And I'm your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. You can find me at doctorparthenia.com and at Divine Love Talk on facebook.  drsarahlarson.com. Kim Michaels at transcendencetoolbox. And Jose Munoz at lovepeaceharmony33 –

Sarah:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with Kim Michaels and his message from the ascended masters.

Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: I am the ascended master Mother Mary and I am grateful to be able to address the topic of how you can help heal Mother Earth. First, I would like to make you aware that even though there are many philosophies that talk about Mother Earth, as a specific being; this is not necessarily the most constructive way to look at it in your present state of consciousness. There are people who can consider Mother Earth as a separate being, without feeling separated from her. But the problem in western culture is precisely the sense of separation.

And so, what happens to many, many people is that they have the best of intentions and they get awakened to the problems that are burdening nature; but then, they react with fear. And in their fear, they project mental images upon Mother Earth and upon nature. And what I need you who are the spiritual people to realize is that this will not actually help Mother Earth. Because what is burdening the earth is, as we have explained many times, the energies and the matrices projected upon nature through the identity, mental and emotional bodies of human beings.

And so, you who are the spiritual people, if you want to do something to heal Mother Earth; you need to first transcend your own fear. I have talked about this before. And it is because it is extremely important. There are so many of you who are beginning to awaken spiritually. You have the best of intentions. You often have much knowledge. But you have not made that final step of transcending the fear in your emotional bodies. And therefore, your positive intentions can so easily become colored by this. And you are actually projecting out a man-made image upon Mother Nature that is perhaps more positive than some of the man-made images that have caused the current imbalance and pollution; but it is still a man-made image, my beloved.

You see, as one example, Mother Nature does not have a fixed amount of what you call natural resources. Mother Nature does not have anything that is fixed. The planet is able to change almost instantly, when the consciousness of enough human beings will change. And that is why you need to be very careful not to lock your minds on a closed image, that there are only so many resources and there needs to be great fear and something absolutely needs to be done now.

The resources of Mother Nature are almost unlimited, when you are willing to transcend a certain level of consciousness. There are so many resources that are just waiting to be used by human beings; but they cannot be accessed by the current level of consciousness. And that is why I need you who are the spiritual people to be the forerunners for rising to the next level of consciousness, where you can use technology that is not based on forcing Mother Nature or forcing each other. And you do not do this if you are projecting your fears upon Mother Earth. It will only add to the fears that have already been projected for so many thousands of years.

And so, there are, of course, many valid steps. There are many valid teachings. I am not here criticizing anyone. But I am saying if you want to do one thing that, more than anything, will have a positive effect on Mother Nature; look at your own fears and transcend them. And realize that if you know who you are as a spiritual being, then you also know that you are connected to us, the ascended masters. And you will also know that we have the power to change any limitation on earth, when we're given the authority by those in embodiment. And that is what you do when you transcend the consciousness that has manifested the current conditions.

Parthenia:Thank you so much, Kim Michaels and Mother Mary, who is very cogent. We'll be back after commercial break. …


Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk, where we're addressing your part and how you can join in on the process of building that image of a new earth and helping to heal the earth. And, Kim, that dictation was very, very powerful and on point. So, my question to you and to Jose, after Kim answers the question, is I'm very much in agreement that the the physical body, the fear body, has to be addressed. And I understand the difference between being reactive when you're dealing with a critical situation and being proactive. Now, getting to that place where I could be proactive, when there's a problem, versus reactive, has taken me years. And the invocations on your website and in your books have helped me tremendously in clearing a lot of the fear out of my physical body. But what I want to ask you is can you clarify how people can get to that place of – We do have problems that need to be addressed and they should be addressed. But how do we address it from a place of being proactive, versus fear-based, which is reactive?

Kim Michaels:Well, fear is partly an energy that has built up, primarily in the emotional body. Although, there can also be fear in the mental body. And so, what the invocations do is they help clear it out, just the energy. In other words, there's a mechanical component of it. It's just like you have a certain amount of mercury in your physical body and it's going to have an effect at some point. You have a certain amount of toxic fear-based energy in your emotional body. So, you can clear that out. And you begin to clear it out, it doesn't pull on you so much anymore. And that means that now you are free to look at some of the beliefs, underlying beliefs of why you are afraid. And Mother Mary talked a little bit about it in the dictation, where she said that basically we all come to believe that there's a limited amount of resources and we're gonna run out, if we don't do something. And that's a lie. That's an outright lie.

Parthenia:That's true.

Kim Michaels:And so, those are the kind of beliefs we can begin to look at and, as she also said, when we realize who we are, we're spiritual beings; we're connected to the ascended masters. There really isn't a problem that can't be solved.

Parthenia:I agree 100%. So, Dr. Sarah's going to address the physical body in moment. Because in that I agree 100% with what Kim said about the emotional and mental body; I know for a fact that there has been trauma that I've had to work on in my physical, that's been locked in the physical body. ...

(Dr. Sarah shares. Jose shares.)

Parthenia:Alright. So, Kim Michaels, what came to mind when Dr. Sarah was saying that was the violet flame. So can you address has we can use that to help these people who are in serious physical pain? …

Kim Michaels:What we can, of course, do on our part. We can clear out the energies that are burdening them. But I do think this a very good question you raise, because sometimes it isn't enough to do spiritual exercises. Physical actions have to be taken.


Kim Michaels:And what – In a five minute dictation, Mother Mary couldn't, necessarily, address everything.

Parthenia:Of course.

Kim Michaels:And what I sense that she wanted to say was that when you go into a fear-based reaction; you are projecting out what you think should happen. And when you are projecting out, even when you are projecting on Mother Earth; you're not listening. Because you can't project out and listen at the same time.


Kim Michaels:And so, what we need to do, in many situations, is we need to actually listen for what she calls the wisdom of the Divine Mother. Which is not a spiritual wisdom that's up there, high flung; but it is a very practical wisdom. What needs to be done in order to change the situation? And obviously, some practical steps need to be taken. Somebody needs to take responsibility. The government needs to give information. Actions, practical actions need to be taken. Which, I'm sure they, to some degree, already are. But the people, also, can be involved and demand more transparency and openness.

Parthenia:OK. Thank you. Because that is what I wanted to address. …

(Parthenia discusses rights to transparency and information, particularly regarding this public utility that is leaking methane gas.)

Kim Michaels:I think there's a mechanism that comes in here and that is that I sense that in situations like this, the government says: “Oh, we can't tell the people, because there's going to be a panic.” And this ties in with what Mother Mary was saying, because we, as the spiritual people, if we overcome our fear; we can help avoid that the population at large goes into these panic reactions.

Parthenia:That's true.

Kim Michaels:And that will create a mutual positive spiral, where the government can open up more and more and should open up more and more. And if they don't; well then, we need to expose that, as well

Parthenia:Exactly. And that's why I wanted to do this show, today, on Divine Love Talk, to say to the people: We need to come together and just demand this information. …

(Parthenia and Dr. Sarah continue to discuss how to demand information. Jose contributes regarding overcoming fear.)

Parthenia:Well that's exactly what I addressed in my video, Open Up Your Eyes, with Dr. Parthenia Grant. That was the first issue I addressed is death and that it is only a transformation. ...


Parthenia:OK. We’re back, wrapping this up with Greg Larson's going to do a quick little sound bath. Greg hit it.

Greg: Well, this is a crystal signing bowl. And it's actually tuned to the heart chakra. And so, fear, all of things we've been talking about; if we can live life more from the heart, I think we'll have the solutions and the action steps we can take. …

Parthenia:… So, very quickly, Dr. Sarah, you close out. But I want Kim Michaels and Jose to leave the audience with one quick thought on this topic. Kim?

Kim Michaels:Yes. Fear is what stands in the way of everything. And it stands in the way of us connecting to Mother Earth and to each other; because we can't be the open door for love, when we're in fear.

(They close out the show.)



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