Healing Mother Earth

April 22, 2013 Divine Love Talk

Guest: Emerson through quotes

Topics: Taking personal responsibility for your health, wealth and happiness.

(Parthenia and Dr. Sarah discuss honoring the Earth.)

Parthenia:  Kim , I’d like to bring you in right quick on your thoughts about – I know you even have a book on that – would you give us the title of that – about honoring -

Kim: Yes, Healing Mother Earth.

Parthenia:  Yes, so I’d like for you to begin the discussion about us becoming more self-reliant and taking responsibility for healing the planet that gives us life.

Kim Michaels:  Well, I think the only way to really start that is that we human beings, we really can’t deal with things unless we see a connection between it and ourselves.  And I think in our society we have really been alienated from the earth and from nature.  And this is something that started centuries ago, obviously with both religion and science.  But, I think as spiritual people – you know I actually found in myself that for many years I looked at the earth and physical world almost as an enemy of my spiritual growth.  And it’s only been in the last, probably, five years that I’ve started re-examining that and coming to the conclusion that it’s actually not the correct way to look at it; because we are in this world to make a difference.  We are not here to get out of here as quickly as possible; but I think, as spiritual people, we sometimes think that way, that we just have to get out of here, and we have to overcome what we see as the resistance to our growth from the physical world.

Parthenia:  So Kim, how did you make that shift; because I, also, have witnessed that in my travels around the world where people on a spiritual path tend to disconnect and live really for the future of transcendence and moving beyond this veil of tears and suffering and ya-da-ya-da?  So, how did you make that leap?

Kim Well, over the many years I’ve been on the spiritual path I’ve so many times experienced that you have a certain idea and you think this represents the highest understanding, or even the highest truth, and then after some years something happens and you just come to question what you earlier thought you didn’t need to question.  So, I’ve sort of developed this attitude that I really don’t have any absolute beliefs anymore.  And I realize that what I understand right now is what I can grasp with my present level of consciousness, but there is more to grasp that I simply can’t grasp right now.  But as I continue to raise my consciousness, I will be able to grasp a higher understanding.  But I can only do that if I question my existing beliefs.  And so what actually started happening was, I started considering the whole interaction between the masculine and the feminine in a spiritual sense.  What is the divine masculine?  What is the divine feminine?  And I actually started receiving some teachings myself from the ascended masters that talks about that WE are actually the divine feminine.  And up until then, I had looked at the divine feminine, just as I looked at God or spiritual beings, as something that is up there in the spiritual realm.  And I realized that we human beings actually have the potential to be the representatives of the divine feminine.

Parthenia:  That would include men, right?

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah, of course.  I mean all of us, because masculine and feminine down here is sort of a different level of the polarity.  Whereas, what I’m talking about is that we actually see that all of us who are in physical embodiment are in a polarity with the spiritual realm.  And the spiritual realm is the masculine part of that polarity and we have the potential to be the feminine, when we recognize who we are.

(Dr. Sarah and Parthenia talk about how people in the west tend to take more for granted.  The difference between east and west with what is considered trash, how the homes are built, how things and the land are utilized.  Even a daily ceremony to honor the sun going down.  Emerson’s essay on self-reliance.)

Parthenia:(She quotes from Emerson and then says the following.)  Now Kim, I would like to get your take on this rather long quote from Emerson, but very, very cogent in terms of us saving our own selves.  Because we tend to look outside of ourselves and conform to whatever the cultural norm is to feel safe.  So I’d like for you to take it up from there.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, well, I think Emerson is right, of course, along with many other philosophers who have pointed that society has a tendency to squash individuality and creativity, because you are more concerned about conforming to a norm than actually bringing forth new ideas.  And I think really if you look at history – I think that the missing ingredient in our understanding of history is that there has always been a small elite who wants to control the general population.  And they do this, not through physical means, even though in past societies they have had military suppression of people; but there is a limit to how much you can suppress us that way.  But you can suppress us if you can control the way we look at ourselves.  And I think that’s very much what Emerson was talking about and it’s very much in line with the whole emergence of America and the founding fathers, who also rebelled against the restraints put upon them by the king of England and also were very spiritual people, all of the founding fathers.  And I’m sure Emerson got some inspiration from them.  But I also think we have to bring the ego in, because the ego can really pervert this quest.


(Parthenia starts with a quote from Emerson: “We are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death and afraid of each other…)

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, well, the ego always has two polarities and in this case one of them is that you want to completely disappear into the crowd, into the group, and conform to society so you don’t stand out and you don’t get any condemnation.  Because we all know that if you do stand out from the crowd, you tend to be condemned for it.  But the other one is that the ego can actually take us on what we call an ego trip.  You know, where we seem to be so special from the crowd by being so different.  And you were mentioning earlier a quote from Emerson where he said that every genius started out being misunderstood.  And that’s true, but you also have to say that no every person that was understood turned out to be a genius.  You can see so many people in the world, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, whoever, who also were different from the norm and came up with new ideas; but they turned out not to be so creative ideas in terms of giving freedom to other people.

And that’s where I think – you know, Dr. Sarah talked about Pakistan and India – and again, as I’ve said before, I think one of the greatest inspirations there was Gandhi and his complete non-violence.  And that’s also what you see in Jesus and the Buddha.  And I think where the ego comes into the picture here is that the difference between a person who is ego-based and who has overcome what Emerson rightly talked about, the fear that is the main characteristic of the ego - is that when you overcome the fear, you become completely non-violent.  And you really don’t have any need to control other people.  And that’s where you can see some these people that have taken that into the ego-based extreme of what you, in a sense, could call self-reliance; but is an ego-based self-reliance.  They have attempted to control other people, even violently so, if they had the power to do it.  And I think that’s a major difference.

(Clarified that Emerson is talking about relying on the higher self versus the ego.  Parthenia and Dr. Sarah give two more quotes.)


(Quote about giving yourself permission to speak the harsh truth.)

Parthenia:And again he’s talking about non-conformity and how we feel that we have to sacrifice the truth in order to be accepted by others.  So, Kim, I wanted to bring you in on that quote, because he’s pretty strong on that one.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, but I think, generally speaking, he was one of those who saw what was coming in the modern age, and which you have also talked about yourself, and how the whole intellectual approach to life and thinking that everything can be understood and dealt with through rational thinking was a danger and was actually threatening to create a new form a tyranny that, instead of the physical tyranny that had been in the past, was more a tyranny of the mind.  And I really feel that Transcendentalists were on to something, because as you said yourself earlier, they recognized that we have a higher self and we have a higher potential.  And he was talking about developing the potential of the mind and the fertile ground that we have all received.  And I see that as we all have a potential to bring forth some kind of gift.

And the difference is that instead of coming up with this through our outer logical human mind, we can actually contact a higher part of our own minds, which we can call the higher self or the spiritual self; and then we can bring forth something through that connection that we simply couldn’t have thought of with the outer mind.  And I think the greater lesson there is that the outer mind, the human mind, will create these problems that, just like Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem.  And we see so many problems in the world today that seem to have no solution, but the reason is we are looking at them from the perspective of the very same mind that created the problems.  And therefore, we can’t see the solution.  That’s why I think Emerson, as many others, has realized that the only way to get out of this hole we have dug ourselves into, is to reach for something from a higher realm and bring forth new ideas.

(Earth Day and utilizing connections to source and doing it now.  Random acts of kindness.)

Parthenia:…That’s what I like about Emerson, he’s very comfortable with telling it like it is without condemning people for being who they are.  Now Kim, I know – I think there is something called divine compassion about being able to speak the truth and maybe you could elaborate on that.  Or divine kindness.

Kim Michaels:  Yeah, I think it’s totally right that you have to speak your truth and the difference is, again, that we don’t seek to control others or condemn them or criticize them.  We have a right to be who we are.  We have a right to speak the truth.  But we, also, should respect that other people, for a variety of different reasons, may not accept our truth.  But again, if you’re not coming from that fear-based consciousness of the ego; it’s OK that other people have different ideas.  Because I had realized many years ago – I looked at my own path and I saw that how – I could almost plot the course I had taken and see – I could ask myself sometimes: Why did I do that particular thing? – It later turned out that from a certain outer standpoint; it seemed to have been a mistake.  But then I realized that at the time I needed to do that, because I needed a certain experience in order to take the next step on my personal path.  And that was when I started realizing that we are all like that.

So I might come in and think I know better than someone else how they should live their lives, but how can I know what inner experiences they need to have.  And that’s when I really started respecting this.  I’m free to share my truth, but I have to be completely non-attached to how other people take it.  Because I’m not sharing my truth in order to seek validation from others.  I realize it was up to me to overcome this point where I felt that if I said something and people disagreed with it, I would feel rejected.  That was an ego reaction in me, you know.  And so I really had to work on myself and say: Well, but, I’m just sharing my truth, and if people don’t like it, if people criticize me, if they get angry with me; that’s a product of their psychology.  It’s not really product of me sharing my truth, because I have a right to be who I am.  But on the other hand, they have a right to be who they are.  They have a right to be in the state of conscious where they still love criticizing other people and they just live to put other people down.  That’s OK, but just like Emerson said, I don’t really need to seek out their company, do I.


Dr. Sarah:Trust yourself.  You’re enough.  Trust your higher self.

Parthenia:And Kim, what would you like to say in closing, in terms of self-reliance?

Kim Michaels:  Well I love the quote you just gave by Emerson.  And the way I would say that is:  There is something in the world, whether it’s other people or just circumstances, that is always trying to control our reaction and make us react in a way that limits ourselves.  And the key to self-reliance really is to take a look at your reactions and come to that point where you are in control of how you react.  Other people don’t determine it.  That’s what the Buddha called non-attachment and that’s what Jesus talked about when he said: The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me.  And I think that’s the major goal on the spiritual path, to come to that point of not reacting, but choosing your reaction. 



Copyright © 2013 Kim Michaels


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