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Topics: Kim Michaels’s book Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras

March 17, 2014 Divine Love Talk


Parthenia:  Welcome to Divine Love Talk.  I’m Dr. Parthenia Grant and I have my co-host Kim Michaels Michaels joining me to talk about his new book, Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.  Kim Michaels, welcome.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  Thank you.

Parthenia:OK.  Kim Michaels, a lot of people have no idea what the chakras and how they can affect your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing.  I finished the book and I can’t tell you the tremendous amount of hope and relief that that book has afforded me, so I’m just thrilled to be able share it with the audience.  But, I’d like you to start out with giving the audience a background on what the chakras are and why they’re important to the entire healing process.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, most of us, I think, when we first awaken to the reality of the spiritual path; we all feel like we’ve been given a very lacking education as we grew up, because we haven’t learned anything about the spiritual aspects of life.  And the main thing we haven’t learned about is that we have an energy field around the physical body.  And that this energy field is very much a part of our whole mind, our whole being.

Traditionally, when I first heard about the aura or the energy field, I thought it was like a magnetic field; because we were taught in school that the magnet produces a field around itself.  But, what I have learned from the ascended masters is that that’s not actually the case - the physical body does not produce the energy field.  It would be more correct to say that the energy field actually produces the body.  While we could also say that the physical body is an energy field and it’s the most dense part of our total field.  

So, this means that as the finer energies flow from the spiritual realm, from our spiritual selves, into our minds; it flows through the aura and the chakras before it enters and sustains the physical body.  So, based on that, you can see that if there are blockages or problems in the energy field; that would have a deep effect on the body.  And many diseases are definitely linked to problems in the energy field, but especially in the chakras.


Kim Michaels:The chakras are really kind of like valves or openings for the flow of the spiritual energy that nourishes and sustains the body, but also gives us creative energy to do something in our lives and to change our lives in a positive way.

Parthenia:OK.  Well, that’s a pretty clear and succinct description of what the chakras are and why they’re important.  Now, I’d like for you to go into some of the different chakras and how they can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I know, for myself, that the solar plexus chakra is one of the ones that I’m really focusing on right now.  A lot of people are aware of that feeling in their gut, which is the area where there is, and how you feel panicky and there’s a lot of anxiety in the stomach when you’re dealing with trauma, or you’re dealing with shock.  So, could you start by going into very briefly the different chakras and what they’re supposed to do when they’re working properly?  And then, what happens when they’re not working properly?  There are seven of them.  But, I think it would be helpful.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  There are seven main chakras.  That’s what we normally talk about.

Parthenia:Right.  OK.  

Kim Michaels:And I was going to start with the solar plexus; because I think, just like you were saying, that’s the one that most people are familiar with.  We’ve all tried to have butterflies in our stomach, as we say.  And it’s actually something that happens when we are under stress, or when we are facing some kind of exciting or insecure situation.  And the reason for that is that the solar plexus chakra, at least in the ascended master teachings, is connected to the sixth ray.  And there are seven spiritual rays that represent different divine or spiritual qualities and different energies.  And the sixth ray is the ray that represents peace.  And that’s why when your solar plexus chakra is not functioning correctly, you can’t be at peace with yourself.  You feel distress.  You don’t know what to do with it.

And I actually had an experience, many years ago, where I realized that my solar plexus chakra was spinning the wrong direction.  And then, I actually received a direct healing from the ascended masters that suddenly made it stop and after that it started spinning in the opposite direction and I felt complete peace and calm after that.  But, before that I’d had a couple of years where I was constantly agitated, because my solar plexus chakra was so chaotic.  And so, that’s definitely one chakra.

I think many people also will recognize the heart chakra, which is not located directly over the physical heart; but in the center of the chest at the same height as the heart.  And that’s, of course, very much linked to the third ray of love.  And that’s where we feel love and compassion for other people.

Many people probably, also, recognize the base chakra, which is sometimes called the mother chakra.  And this is generally seen as a focus for the life-giving energy.  But, it is, also, placed right over the sexual organs and so the energy can very much be diverted into a sexual energy.  And various kinds of sexual perversions can draw energy out of your base chakra.

Then, of course, there is the chakra in the center of your head, which is often called the third eye, or the brow chakra.  And this is the chakra that gives you vision.  And I think a lot of spiritual people – I think many people that I have met, at least – they can feel something in their third eye chakra when they are, for example, reading an inspiring spiritual text or book.  Or when they have an important insight, they sense this.

Parthenia:Yeah, the ah-ha.

Kim Michaels:I don’t know if you want me to briefly mention the other chakras.

Parthenia:Yeah, there’s one that you refer to as the soul chakra.

Kim Michaels:Yes, and it’s located in between the base chakra and the solar plexus chakra.  So it’s kind of like over your –

Parthenia:Yeah.  Why do you call it the soul?

Kim Michaels:Well, again, it has different names.  But, in ascended master teachings it’s generally called the seat of the soul chakra.

Parthenia:OK. Hum-m-m.

Kim Michaels:Which is not really that good of a name, I think.  I kind of like to think of it as the seat of your creative expression.  Because it is really the one that relates to how you express yourself creatively.  And it’s also related to the seventh ray of freedom and freedom of expression.

It’s actually a chakra that for many, many people has become closed.  And it happens for many of us in childhood.  For example, you have the typical situation of a child who has drawn a drawing and shows it to an adult and then, the adult says: But, that doesn’t look like whatever the child was drawing.  And many of us get discouraged from expressing our creativity by these little things.

And this is very tough later in life; because if our soul chakras are closed, we can’t really – we don’t feel free to express our creativity.  We can’t have what Jesus called when he said: Unless you become as little children, you shall not enter the kingdom.  We can’t feel that innocence of just expressing our creativity.

Parthenia:Well, you know one I would really like you to talk about is the throat chakra.  Because I feel that in America, especially on college campuses, personally for me, with the suppression of free speech and the attacks on academic freedom, and the invasions of our privacy; it really affects your ability to communicate.  And the throat chakra is at the heart of our ability to communicate.  So, could you talk a little bit about that one?

Kim Michaels:It’s related to the first ray of power and will.  And so, the seven rays kind of are in succession and the first ray is related to the creative drive and the power to actually get things done.  And so, you can see how there are many people that when they speak, they speak in a very low voice.  They’re almost making an excuse for themselves.  And some people will actually make excuses:  Oh, I might be wrong, but I’m still going to say this.  Or all kinds of things like that.

And that’s because their power center has been blocked, so they are actually afraid to express their power.  And this is really a problem for many people; because if you can’t express your power freely and creative power, most people will express it in other ways.  And you can see how there are people who – they have a tendency to talk in a very ironic, sarcastic way.  And I’ve noticed in myself that when I do this, it’s because I feel disempowered and I don’t know how to express my power.

But, if this becomes a habit – I mean, you can see people that are always talking like this, always focusing on the negative, or talking in a very agitated or sarcastic tone of voice.  And it really, sort of, shuts off the creative power, because you are actually – it’s actually putting yourself and other people down.  It’s lowering the energies, rather than raising them up.  And you can’t create anything by hammering the energies down.  You can only do that by freeing them to rise up.

Parthenia:Well, you know what I think concerns me a lot with the attack on freedom of speech in America and anything that you say or do being used against you.  It also makes a person feel that they can’t make a difference in the world.  I know that that’s related to the throat chakra - feeling that you can speak out and expose things, reveal the truth, and that that will make a difference in the world.  And when you’re attack for that, especially as a young person; you can really be affected for life.

Kim Michaels:Yes.  And I remember going to college myself.  And I really felt like college was sort of a programming institution aimed at programming me to not say anything that didn’t fit with the norm, or the accepted way of looking at things.  And I think that is the way it is in many cases.  Many people get afraid of actually speaking about new ideas that are dangerous.  And so you want to take the safe bet.  You almost want to have a guarantee that before you say anything, you know that nobody can really attack you.  So, you become so afraid of talking that you really never say anything new or creatively.

Parthenia:Right.  I noticed in my critical thinking classes, where I would actually give freedom of speech a forum and tell the students that they had the right to say whatever they thought about anything and they would look at me like: Is this a trick?  Are you going to attack me?  And when I would say there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s an open forum, it’s an open discussion - as long as you don’t attack anybody and you let everybody have their opinions, then we can have a free flow of discussion.  And once we could get past the students that wanted to dominate the discussion and make it only their way, and attack other students for being different; then it would open up into this beautiful, creative, wonderful experience for everybody with a lot of ah-ha moments.  But, they really are afraid, because their voices have been taken from them at a very early age.  And I always found that very sad.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  And that is a perversion of the first ray of power that you actually want to control people.  And that’s what people have been brought up to.  They feel like they are going to be hammered down if they say something that other people don’t like.  Because, as you said, there are usually in any group of people – there are some people that have perverted the throat chakra, so that they are very domineering and controlling.

Parthenia:Yes.  And a lot of them tend to gravitate to positions of power.

Kim Michaels:Sure.

Parthenia:We’re talking to Kim Michaels Michaels about his new book Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras. When we come back, after commercial break; we’re going to talk about how you can heal yourself and bring more light into your chakras.  I’m Dr. Parthenia Grant with Divine Love Talk on CRN.

Parthenia:Alright, we’re back, continuing our discussion on Divine Love Talk with my co-host, Kim Michaels Michaels, joining me from Estonia.  We’re talking about his book, Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.  Kim Michaels, I’m just so grateful for your body of work and for this book, in particular.  Because unless you understand these energy centers and how they can be damaged by different traumatic life events, you have no clue why a lot of the things that you are doing are not working.  I know, for me, with the trauma that I’ve been trying to heal from of being ganged up on at school by all of these administrators and people literally trying to commit soul murder on me; I’ve been really traumatized by that.  And it has hit me in my solar plexus chakra and I had never before had panic attacks and anxiety attacks.  I didn’t even know what they were, until I went into therapy.  But, it’s all been settled in my solar plexus and I’ve not been able to settle it down.  And one line in your book says that the body does not heal in chaos, it only heal in peace.  And I know it’s more than my solar plexus chakra, because you were saying that the soul chakra is related to freedom.  Because I don’t feel free.

Kim Michaels:Right.

Parthenia:So, I know it’s more than one chakra, but the one that’s getting hit the hardest has been my solar plexus.  And people don’t realize how trauma affects you.  And then, the ripple effect and the after effect.  And I’ve been trying to hurry this healing up.  And I’ve been trying to do everything.  I’ve been throwing everything into the kitchen sink, in terms of healing.  And nothing, honestly, has been working.  And I haven’t felt any kind of calming down, until I got your book and I actually did the invocation.  So, I’m feeling like: OK, I’m get some light in there and the healing is beginning.  But, I know that it’s going to take time and my biggest think is trying to find the patience in there to really work with it.

Kim Michaels:Yeah, and that is true.  And that is a problem, because in our society we are brought up to want instant gratification and instant healing.  And that is not the way it works with the energy healing, because it can have taken time to build up these blockages in the chakras.  And it will take time to clear them.  But, it won’t take as much time to clear them as it took to build them up.  That’s the good news.

Parthenia:Well, yeah.  ‘Cause I do remember when I went to India years ago.  India, the people there really understand the chakras.  They call them the nadiis.  And they did a lot of work with me in Sanskrit mantras on my chakras and balancing them.  And I didn’t even really know that they were chakras, because they called them nadii centers or energy centers.  And the difference, when I came back from India, was like day and night in terms of my calmness, my equilibrium.  And I was literally able to sustain that and maintain it until almost a couple years ago when this assault of retaliation and attacks happened.  And they were just constant pounding and there’s only so much that one person can take of these constant assaults and attacks and they affect you.  And I look back and I think: Well, if I’d had Kim Michaels’s book, or if I’d actually understood that the nadiis were the chakras and had all this information and these tools; I probably would have been able to protect myself better and I probably would not have been physically devastated by all of this.  But, I’m so happy to have the book.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  And I totally understand your feeling.  I mean, I have felt that way many times in my own life.  Why didn’t I know this sooner?  But, then I always think back to the fact that the masters are saying that when a student is ready, the teacher appears.  And sometimes, we actually have to go through difficult situations; because it brings things up that we wouldn’t have seen, otherwise.  

Parthenia:I agree.

Kim Michaels:And so, I still think that it’s important to look at a difficult situation as, also, a potential to learn and a blessing in disguise.

Parthenia:Well, you’re 100% right, because people used to come to me, talking to me about panic attacks and anxiety attacks, and I had no clue what they were talking about.  Where is that coming from?  And, until I experienced it myself and I can see how devastating it is.  And, until I went to a doctor and the doctor told me I was having post-traumatic stress and anxiety and panic attacks, no one could have told me that I would be susceptible to that.  So, I think it does make you more compassionate and more aware of what other people are suffering.  So, when we come back, after commercial break, we’re gonna talk more about healing yourself by clearing your chakras, Kim Michaels Michaels’ new book.  It’s available at Amazon.  Go to his transcendence toolbox website and there’s wonderful tools there.  So, after commercial break, we’re gonna talk more about clearing your chakras.

Parthenia:OK. We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk on CRN.  I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant.  And today I’m talking with my co-host, Kim Michaels Michaels, joining me via Skype in Estonia, about his book, Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.  Kim Michaels, I am using the tools in the book and I’m getting a lot of insights as I’m reading your materials.  And what I appreciate about all of your books and whole body of work, is not just how comprehensive the work is; but how you encourage all kinds of healing modalities to compliment the tools that you have.  And I was particularly impressed with the whole idea that we’ve got to be able to look at our feelings, and look at our emotions, and bring them to the surface, and face all of our fears; even as we’re looking at the chakras.  There are all of these emotional centers that are connected with them.  And it’s a lot of work and it can be overwhelming.  But, I’m looking at it like, at least, I now know what the problem is.  And, until you can figure out what the problem is; you can’t really solve it.

Kim Michaels:Yes.  That’s very true.  I think one important thought to keep in mind for people, in terms of healing, is that, again we’ve been – Can you hear me?

Parthenia:Yes.  We’re good.  I hear you.

Kim Michaels:OK.  So, it’s like we have been brought up with this kind of like a stationary view of the body and even the mind.  And really, the most important shift you can make is to realize that both your physical body and your mind – they are not stationary things.  They are actually meant to be constantly flowing.  As I said before, the body is actually an energy field.  And it is not created just to be a body that runs around here and lives the good life here on earth.  It is actually meant to be a conduit for expressing creative spiritual energy in the material realm.


Kim Michaels:And you know how it is with a river that as long as the river is flowing, the water stays fresh.  But, if you damn it up so the water stands still; it becomes stale and all of a sudden there isn’t any nurturance, there isn’t any oxygen in the water.  And, this is the same with the physical body.  If it doesn’t have this flow of spiritual energy through it, it will become stale and diseases will start occurring.


Kim Michaels:So, you could really say that the basic underlying cause of all disease is a lack of flow of creative energy.

Parthenia:Right.  Well, and I’m with you 100%.  And I’m going to go back to that point made earlier in your book about us not being able to heal in chaos, that we need peace in order to heal.  And intuitively I knew that I had to take myself out of that toxic environment on campus in order for me to attempt to heal.  And even being out of that environment, still being harassed while I’m out on sick leave; it kind of exacerbates it.  And I found a quote in your book where it says: “For the adversary the object is not to win the game, but to keep you playing.  As long as you are playing the game, you’re trapped in duality and thereby, you are feeding the spiritual energy you receive from your I AM Presence to the ego and the false hierarchy.  This keeps them alive and possibly expands their power, which is their objective for luring you into playing the game.”  And you said that regardless of the seeming outcome of the game, they win and you lose.  So what is your way out?  That’s, I think, the hundred thousand dollar question.  What is the way out?  I’m using all of these healing modalities, but you’re absolutely right.  They definitely have been trying to force me back on campus, where I can be attacked even more viciously, refusing to allow me to teach on line.  And so they kind of box you in to keep you in the game.

Kim Michaels:Yes.  And that’s an important knowledge to have, which again we weren’t brought up with.  And this relates to what we talked about before.  That there are certain forces that are not receiving spiritual energy from a higher realm, because they have become selfish and self-centered.  And you even know there are people you can meet - and I think many spiritual people have encountered this - there are some people that just want to draw you into an argument.


Kim Michaels:And there is no point in the argument.  It’s never going to go anywhere.  But, they just want to keep you arguing; because as long as you do, you’re giving them the energy that they are no longer getting from their higher selves through their selfishness.  And so, they are seeking to manipulate and force others to give them energy.  And so, when you realize that you begin to say: Listen, I’m not going there anymore.  I’m not going to let myself be dragged into this.

But, the important thing to realize, also, is that in order to heal both your body and your mind and to clear the chakras – let’s take your example of the solar plexus chakra.  It is actually the chakra that is meant to express peace.  And that is why, this chakra, when it is not functioning right; it is expressing the opposite of its divine quality, non-peace and chaos.

And so, behind that chaos in your solar plexus chakra there is some kind of limiting belief that you have accepted sometime in the past.  And the ultimate healing only comes from uncovering that belief and consciously seeing it as an illusion.  And when you see it as an illusion, you spontaneously let go of it.  It’s like the old analogy that if you think you’ve been walking around with a rope in your hand and you suddenly see it’s a snake, you instantly let go.  You don’t have to sit there and debate: Should I throw it or shouldn’t I?  You just – it’s gone.

So, you need to uncover the belief.  But, as long as your solar plexus chakra is in complete turmoil, you’re never going to see the belief.


Kim Michaels:So that’s why it’s so important to use some kind of spiritual tool to calm the chakras.  And that’s what is in the book.  There are eight invocations, one for each of the chakras that are meant to invoke the positive, the divine quality of the chakra and direct it into specific problems or perversions or blockages in the chakras and resolve them.  And when you do, when you calm the energy; you can then begin to see the belief behind it.

Parthenia:Well, ‘cause I’m noticing with the solar plexus chakra and my stomach being in constant turmoil, I’ve developed an ulcer.  I can’t keep it stable for any length of time.  And then, it affects even the material that I’m trying to study and embody.  I’m constantly having to read it over again, because my short-term memory is getting short circuited.  Because when you’re not in that place of peace; it’s very, very difficult to retain things.  And it makes the work even more arduous.

And I really now have a tremendous empathy and compassion for people who have been traumatized and who are suffering from post-traumatic stress.  And I can also see how difficult it is to move yourself into this place of calm and peace so that you can heal.  And to stabilize it and to stay stable.  Because, there’s another quote you said where there’s nothing in the realm of duality that cannot be countered by the false hierarchy.  And they’re constantly trying to pull you into defending yourself against their crazy accusations and attacks.

Kim Michaels:Yes.  And you can look at this and say that there is no statement made by words that cannot be counter-acted by another statement made with words.  And I think what we actually sometimes do is that when we encounter a certain situation that shocks us or that traumatizes us; it’s like we are accepting a verbal belief about ourselves.  And it’s almost like that verbal belief becomes like a filter or a block that prevents the free flow of energy through our energy field.  Especially, I noticed what you said that when your solar plexus chakra is so in turmoil; you can’t really focus.  And I can recognize that for myself, also.  When you are really stressed out, you can’t really focus on anything.  You can sit there.  You can read something and you have to read it three or four times, because you’re not actually really able to focus on what you are reading.


Kim Michaels:And that’s, of course, the kind of turmoil that you – you need to settle that.  And the only way I really know – I mean, one way, of course, is to get away from the situation.  But, another way is to invoke the spiritual energy and calm it down.  But, ultimately there is some kind of belief that causes you to react to this in a way that takes away your peace.  I always look at it.  If I’m not at peace in a particular situation, there is some belief I have that’s taking me out of peace.  And so, it really is a matter of discovering that.  And sometimes, that is a long process, because we have to go through different layers.

Let’s say that the belief you really need to discover is like a big rock that’s thrown into the river.  But there are many other smaller rocks around it that are holding it in place.  And so, you have to move those rocks one at a time before you can move the big one.

Parthenia:Yeah.  And I’m looking for that big one, because I know that being ganged up on by an entire group at school that are in positions of power; it does make you feel powerless.  And it makes you feel like: Oh, my God, what happened to the truth here?  You know the truth doesn’t matter.  And what I’ve seen within the system is nobody cares about what the truth is.  They create their own altered reality and they sustain the whole system on lies and false accusations and attacks.  So that there is this belief in me that truth doesn’t matter.  And that when you speak the truth, then you are viciously attacked for it.  And that has exactly been my reality.

Kim Michaels:And that is perfectly true on planet earth.  I think most spiritual people have encountered exactly that situation, either in this lifetime or in many past lifetimes.

Parthenia:OK.  We just lost the volume on Kim Michaels, but we’re going to get him back.  But, this is really, really exciting material in Kim Michaels’s book, Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.  Not only are the invocations empowering and they give you a tool that actually works; but all of the other information, the background information that Kim Michaels gives you in his books helps you understand what’s going on.  Kim Michaels, are you back?

Kim Michaels:Yeah, I am.

Parthenia:OK.  I’m sorry.  We lost you for a second.  So, if you could start over with that point you were making.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  What I wanted to say is that it is perfectly true on planet earth that whenever you take a stand for truth or speak out about truth, there will be somebody who will try to silence you.  That’s basically the story of Jesus and many, many people have been persecuted that way.  That’s why Jesus came as an example.  But, I would also say that it’s perfectly true that we have been attacked, but I think that we have to come to a point where we say: so what.


Kim Michaels:In other words, what is my belief that actually makes me feel that I’m being attacked?  What is my belief that makes me feel I can’t just walk away from this situation?  That’s what I have found in myself.  And I know this is something you have to be really careful with, because I’m not saying that you should walk away from every situation.  But, what I’m saying is that you actually should strive to come to a point where you can respond to a situation in complete peace.  And if you can’t, then it might be better to walk away, work on yourself, and then maybe come back when you have that, what the Buddha called non-attachment.  Because anytime we go into a situation where we are not at peace, we usually end up making a mistake.

Parthenia:Right.  Well.  Go ahead.

Kim Michaels:We usually end up having no positive effect on the people that don’t want to listen to truth anyway.  Because the thing is, they want to drag us into arguing with them.  And once we do, they have the perfect justification for labeling us as being whatever do, negative or –

Parthenia:Of course, absolutely.  I was listening to your question.  And in terms of walking away; I’ve had to walk away, because it’s a pointless situation over there.  It’s hopeless.  But, the real –

Kim Michaels:Yes.  You have walked away physically, but you haven’t walked away in your mind, yet.

Parthenia:Right.  And so, what I’m looking at.  The reason the why is because there is this fundamental belief that I have in freedom of speech.  And it’s almost as if completely walking away from it means that I’m muzzling myself.  And that everything that I’ve taught the students about standing up for what is right and speaking out and telling the truth when there’s an injustice, even when you’re being attacked; I’m throwing that away.  So that’s what I’m wrestling with right now is: How can you be in the world but not of it?

Kim Michaels:Yes.  Freedom of speech doesn’t only mean that you can say whatever is true.  Freedom of speech also means that you can choose not to speak, when that might be the better approach.

Parthenia:OK.  Yeah, finding that balance in there; that is the work.

Kim Michaels:And it is very difficult.  But, you will notice, for example, that when Jesus was on trial; he said nothing in his own defense.  And I have really often speculated about that.  And also, some of his other words: do not resist evil, but to turn the other cheek.  And I think there is really something to ponder there and find where that applies to us individually.  That, of course, is the tricky part.

Parthenia:Yeah.  And then there were the times when he REALLY spoke out against the Pharisees and the scribes.

Kim Michaels:Yes.  And that’s why there are no hard and fast rules.  But, what I would say is this: If you have a belief that you have to speak out and if that belief takes you away from peace; then I would say look at the belief.  And see why you believe this and why you feel you have to.  Because it’s perfectly true, Parthenia, that there are some people that could care less about truth.  But then again, God has given them free will.

Parthenia:Right.  And I accept that, because there is no truth in that system over there and I am accepting that.  I’m so grateful to have you here to discuss healing yourself by clearing your chakras.  And we’ll be back after commercial break with more of Kim Michaels Michaels and his book, Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

Parthenia:OK.  We’re back with more of Divine Love Talk on CRN.  I’m Dr. Parthenia Grant interviewing my co-host, Kim Michaels Michaels, joining me from Estonia, talking about healing yourself by clearing your chakras.  Kim Michaels, I have a quite from your book that points out that the real goal is to reach a state of consciousness where the prince of the world comes and has nothing in you, where you no longer have any attachments, illusions or expectations; whereby the adversary can trap you into playing the game.  That is my goal.  And I’m grateful for the tools that you’re providing in your work to help me achieve that goal.  And I also appreciate this quote that says: “The aim of a true spiritual teaching is not to help you win the game, but to get to the point where you are no longer playing the game.  We of the ascended masters want to help you rise above, transcend the game.  Your ego and the false hierarchy want to keep you in the game.”  That’s some powerful stuff, but that’s a really, really worthy and lofty goal that I think we can all strive for.  And I’m a testament to the fact that your books, in particular this one, Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras, bring a lot of comfort and a lot of self-empowerment.  Because you feel like: OK, I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but at least now I’ve got something that makes me feel better when I use it.

Kim Michaels:Yeah.  And that’s very great to hear that.  I mean, I have a lot of people who say that the books are very easy to understand and very practical.  And that’s very nice for me to hear that, because a lot of spiritual books are very kind of in an archaic language and difficult to understand.  And that, of course, makes them less useful.

Parthenia:Well, Eric was saying the same thing when we were talking on break.  Eric, if you want to throw in a comment there.

Eric:Absolutely.  I know that in my experience with spiritual teachings, sometimes things can be a little bit illusive; if you haven’t been given a refresher course or a crash course.  And, especially, when I started reading A Course in Miracles; the material there was so overwhelming that it took a lot of my emotional and physical energy just to understand what I was reading.

Parthenia:And you were comparing how when you would switch from there to reading The Spiritual Road to Self-Esteem, it was much clearer for you.

Eric:Oh, absolutely.  I read them in tandem, actually.  And it really was helpful, because some of the key points in A Course in Miracles were just very illusive to me.  And then, in reading The Spiritual Road to Self-Esteem those same principles were applied in a much more succinct language and just really hit it home.  So, I think reading them in tandem really helped me out.

Parthenia:Yeah.  And Kim Michaels, I just – I can’t believe how many books you’re putting out.  But, they take precedent and priority over anything else that I’m interested in reading right now.  Because I’m finding that even though my short-term memory is impaired, even though I’m dealing with a lot of stress; I feel a great deal of comfort in your work.  So, keep them coming.

Kim Michaels:I will.

Parthenia:And I’m so blessed and I’m so grateful to have you on the show and sharing this material with the world.  Thank you all for joining us on Divine Love Talk.  I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant.  And thank you Kim Michaels Michaels, my co-host, for joining us via Skype in Estonia.  We’ll be back next week with more of Divine Love Talk.


Copyright © 2014 by Kim Michaels


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