Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid, Part 2

November 9, 2015 Divine Love Talk

Host: Dr. Parthenia Grant

Co-host: Kim Michaels

Guest: Tatiana Prophet and Moira Prophet Siskin, daughters of Elizabeth Clare and Mark Prophet, Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant

Topics: New forward to Kim’s 2014 book Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid channeled from Guru Ma.

Parthenia:(Very beginning not recorded.) We also have Kim Michaels.  Kim, are you there?

Kim Michaels: Hi.  Yeah.

Parthenia: OK. Alright. So, Kim, we’re so excited to have all of us together here to do this show. (Jose gives the glyph for Nov 9 and a reading.) And now we have Tatiana Prophet, who is going to open up her segment with an amazing song. Could you give us the title of it? That she wrote and a little bit of background on it? I was able to hear it and I love it.

Tatiana: Yes. The song is called Womb, W-o-m-b. And it’s about Mother Earth and it’s one of the first songs I ever wrote.

Parthenia: OK.

Tatiana:It takes a passage from the Hava Nagila as part of the chorus. So: “Never the spirit was born. The spirit shall cease to be never.” We’ll hear that in the song.

Parthenia: Wonderful. And how appropriate to present this to the world on the day of sacred authority (Jose’s glyph.)

Tatiana: Yes.

Parthenia: We have Tatiana Prophet singing the Womb. Or it’s just Womb.

Tatiana: Right. (Sings.)

Parthenia: Alright. Wow! You know, I was thinking when I was hearing that, Tatiana, that the fact that your mother has proven that we never cease to be. The fact that she came back from beyond the grave to literally confirm to us that life continues, that there is no death. And the fact that you guys read it. It rang true to me. I didn’t know your mother. I wasn’t really familiar with the organization. I’d heard of Summit Lighthouse. I actually read the book about Jesus’s lost years, but didn’t remember that it was her who wrote it. But, when I read this book –- because I do want to ascend in this lifetime — It’s so valuable for people who are on that path of ascension. And learning the value of having a teacher, a guru, was invaluable to me. So that song seems to speak to the fact that the Mother Earth, the mother figure is always there and she is here.

Tatiana: Yes, indeed. I wrote that when I was pursuing Mysticism in my early 20’s. I was studying Kabbalah. 

Parthenia: Very profound. I studied Kabbalah, too. Yeah.

Tatiana: And Tibetan Buddhism. And so I did incorporate some lf that mysticism regarding the Divine Self that’s always there. And I expanded that to be the mother. I don’t know how it all fits in; because, obviously, it’s very a personal path when we start to define these things. I have to say the book really resonated with me, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid.

Parthenia: And what about that title, Moira? Both of you were kind of tickled about the title. (Laughs.)

Moira: I love the title. Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid. Now, of course, you have to get the very American reference.

Parthenia: Oh, yeah, the Jim Jones cult thing. Yeah.

Moira: Jim Jones.

Parthenia: And all these people who literally drank Kool-Aid and killed themselves. For people who are not, the young people who are not familiar with it.

Moira:That really drank to their own demise. So, first of all, the humor in the title. A very serious teaching coming forward just in passing.

Parthenia: Nice twist, right?

Moira: Absolutely. And, in fact, when I first heard the title in an e-mail; I bought the book immediately.

Parthenia: I bought it because of the title. I was: OK, I gotta read this.

Moira: I started reading it the same day and I (Music signaling commercial break starts.)

Parthenia: Go ahead. Oh. Oh, my goodness! I’m so fascinated. We’re going into commercial break. OK. We have Tatiana Prophet and Moira Prophet Siskin in studio talking about their mother’s book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid, delivered through Kim MichaelsMichaels. We’ll be back with more after commercial break with Kim MichaelsMichaels delivering today’s message from the ascended masters. I’m Dr. Parthenia Grant and you’re listening to Divine Love Talk on CRN.


Parthenia:Alright. We’re back with Divine Love Talk and Kim MichaelsMichaels delivering his weekly message from the ascended masters. Kim MichaelsMichaels.

(Guru Ma through Kim MichaelsMichaels.)

So, I am, indeed, the ascended master Guru Ma. And I am extremely happy to be here and to be able to speak this in the presence of my two beautiful daughters, Moira and Tatiana. I did not know, when I was still in the denseness of the body, just how beautiful you are. You can only fully see this from the ascended realm. Of course, I did not see how beautiful you are; because I did not see how beautiful I am. For again, none of us can see the beauty of our divine beings while we are still in such a dense body.

I want you to know that an ascended master does not give a dictation on command. There is nothing on earth that can force us. But, we do, of course, respond to human beings or we would not be ascended masters associated with earth. And love can magnetize us. There is no force in love, but there is beauty.

And so, I come, not to say any specific words to you or to those of my students who have accepted my book. I come only to share the love. The love that we had for each other before we came into embodiment together. The love that was so often overshadowed by the temporary concerns we had while we were in those very often hectic and difficult situations. Often, as you and I both know, the hecticness, the stress was created by me, very often. Too often, one might say. But, as an ascended master those words fade away.

What, my beloved, is love? So many words have been associated with it. But, there is really only one thing that matters. Love is beyond anything in the material world. It is that which connects us to what is beyond. And, ultimately, it is what connects us to the fact that we are beyond the material world. And so, when we are in the flow of love, in the presence of love, we gain a different perspective on everything on earth.

It is not that I expect you, all of you, my students, my children, to look at what happened while we were in physical embodiment together and suddenly say that it didn’t matter. I know very well from my own experience that while you are still in the body that things that happen in the material world do matter. But, I hope you can all see and sense through the book and through my presence that when you reconnect to love, and when you know that you are beyond this world; then it is not that the things that happened do not matter anymore, but it is so that love matters more.

And suddenly you begin to look at what has happened to you as if it happened to you; but it did not change you, control you, own you. And when you realize that what happened to you does not own you; you can begin to own it. You can begin to accept that what happened to you was a result, partly of choices you made and partly by choices other people made. And when you own that, you can give it away. And then, you are set free to once again flow with love and know that love matters more.

Parthenia: Wow. Thank you Guru Ma. Thank you Kim. And thank you Moira and Tatiana for coming in studio. I have never been so moved and touched by a dictation. We’ll be back after commercial break. You’re listening to Divine Love Talk. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. Kim MichaelsMichaels is my co-host. And we will be back with more of Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid. Oh, my god!


Parthenia: OK, we’re back continuing our discussion about Kim MichaelsMichaels’ book, the new edition with the introduction written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s daughters, Moira Prophet Siskin and Tatiana Prophet, who delivered that amazing song about the mother that literally, I feel, invoked your mother’s presence. Because there’s something about music that is just so universal. And it just touches something deep in the core. I think it just opens up the heart. And I’ve never been that moved, or that shocked, by anything but to have you mother actually come through. What’s your?

Tatiana: I’m completely moved. I’m also really, really grateful that she addressed some of the things that maybe happened between us. Because I think between all mothers and daughters and mothers and sons, there are things that happen that are unresolved. And she knows, apparently — well, she was a dichotomy.

Parthenia: Of course.

Tatiana: She was an amazing person. I loved being around her. We all did. There was a lot of chaos that comes through, I think everyone intergenerationally in this human race. And I think one of the messages of the book is that if she can go into oneness, if she can do that, pay off her karma in this lifetime. When everything that we witnessed, the dichotomy of it; then we all can.

Parthenia: It’s possible for all of us. Right? Do you know I got absolutely the same thing out of the book? It demystified the whole thing and it humanized it. And I was able to look at all my weaknesses and struggles and mistakes. And I think maybe what was so touching about your mother showing up in the dictation is that I’m a mother. And my mother is dead and it felt like she was talking to me from beyond the grave. People want to deny that this life is all there is and nothing exists after this. I think that that’s why this show is important to me. … Moira, what was your reaction to the dictation?

Moira: Well, I first just want to say that I’m so touched that our mom decided to come through and speak about the power of the force of love. Because that’s exactly really the one thing that I had in my mind coming here today to share is that my personal journey with my own mother has been fueled by the force of love. My own love for her allowed me to get to know her in a different way beyond the physical. So, she passed away in 2009. I was there with her. But, that was only the beginning of the journey.

Parthenia: Right?

Moira: And that’s what’s so beautiful personally to realize in the book is that for any of us who have experienced the passing of a loved one. People talk about sensing if they’re near, if they’re far, where they are. That’s real! And that comes from a love when somebody passes. You know what they’re doing.

Parthenia: The connection is always there. Right?

Moira: The connection never leaves. I’ve been tracking my mother through her illness, which she had Alzheimer’s for twelve years, through her transition through love. Communicating in that way in an unspoken language. And that’s allowed me to get to know her beyond the veil. And I wanted to share that everybody can do that with any divinity or angel or guide. It really is from love. And the way that Mom starts out the book is by saying we do not ascend, or attain oneness, by action or inaction; but we ascend by transcending our consciousness. By our awareness. So, it’s not what we do and don’t do. And that is so fundamentally earth shattering from what was kind of taught in our community, because she came out of the old world. She came to shatter the old paradigms.

Parthenia: The old paradigms. Yeah.

Moira: But, she did it with the force of that paradigm.

Parthenia: Of course. Yeah.

Moira: And this is the dichotomy we had to live through. So, now here we are to receive the continuation of this teaching that really frees us.

Parthenia: Thank you so much for saying that, Moira, because when I found Kim MichaelsMichaels work; I had read this entire like thousand page book that was a combination of the Summit Lighthouse Bridge to Freedom dictations and they kind of ended in the 80’s. And I was lost. Wait a minute. Somebody has to be continuing this work. And I was on this mission to find the continuation. And so, this book was a validation of the importance of progressive revelation. That we not stay stuck on one path or one belief system and believe that with the passing of a leader, most people just kind of stay stuck and they won’t move on and accept that there is somebody else that’s always going to come after that person.

Tatiana: Right. It seems like it happens every time. And I did some research on that actually. I went and drove around the country in my early 20’s and I researched the Bridge to Freedom. I researched the I AM activity and I spoke with former members. And I realized how every movement somehow for some reason, people — many of the people think that it ends there.

Parthenia: Yes. Yeah.

Tatiana: Many of the Bridge to Freedom members that I spoke with still did not believe that my father and mother had continued on as messengers. And, of course, if you talk to people who followed I AM or who followed my parents, they do not believe that there is a new messenger. All I would say to them is: Read the book.

Parthenia: Exactly.

Tatiana: Read the book.

Parthenia: Keep an open mind, because the world has never been changed by people with a closed mind.

Tatiana: No, never that. And obviously, we have to remember that we can’t prove — we can’t prove the things that we can’t see.

Parthenia: But, that’s the old scientific paradigm that if you can’t see it, hear it, taste it or feel it; it’s not true. And I think that we, literally, have transcended that; but people are still holding on to it. 

Tatiana: Definitely.

Parthenia: Because there is a sixth sense and there is way more than just the six senses.

Tatiana: And just because our scientific instruments cannot measure it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Parthenia:I think the truth is in the heart. Right? 

Tatiana: Science will catch up to the spiritual.

Parthenia: Don’t you think?

Tatiana: Yeah.

Parthenia: And I think that the bridge right now is quantum physics that’s giving us that marriage between religion and science and metaphysics, because it’s the field of infinite possibilities. And so, if there are infinite possibilities in this universe; how can you say that anything is impossible? It’s all possible. So, I want to pull Kim Michaelsin on the discussion. And thank you, Kim, so much for this amazing body of work that you are continuing to bring forth. And Guru Ma’s book helped me understand the importance of a teacher; because, certainly, you have been a very important teacher in my life, whom I really needed. You came at a time when I really needed that. And so, I thank you for being willing to teach and serve.

Kim:  Thank you for allowing me to be, because there isn’t much point in being a teacher or messenger if you don’t help other people.

(General laughter.)

Kim:  That’s the whole purpose of it, you know. And I wanted to say about the dictation here that I was a part of Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s community and I actually lived near the headquarters in Montana for ten years. And I participated in a lot of conferences and services. And most of the time when she was on stage — I didn’t know her privately. — Most of the time when she was on stage, she was clearly playing a role and she was wearing a certain façade that was her persona on stage. But, every once in a while, especially at a normal service late at night, she would just for no apparent reason start talking. And her voice, it was normally very strong when she gave a lecture; but, when she gave these talks, it would become soft, just like this dictation today. And I sat there and I was more impressed and more mesmerized by these moments than anything else I experienced in those ten years. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t impressed by all her dictations, but it was when she shared her own being I felt her true being. That affected me probably more than anything. And I was really moved by what she said in the dictation that when we are in the body, we don’t realize the beauty of each other and ourselves. And when I took the book, which was now two years, a year and half ago, I guess. And it all happened within just about a week or so. I had experienced her presence, her being and the beauty of it. And that really is a privilege of being a messenger, that you experience the presence of the ascended masters, which is just so beyond the words that are put into a dictation.

Parthenia: And, Kim, I felt her presence here in the studio. Moira and Tatiana, what about you? It was overwhelming to me.

Moira: Absolutely

Tatiana: Maybe that’s why the door opened.

Parthenia: (Laughter.) Yeah, literally the door opened. It just opened. I was like: Whoa, OK. (More general laughter.)

Moira: Absolutely. Absolutely. And I’m communing with my mom all the time, every day. And I want to say that everybody has that opportunity. And thankfully, Kim Michaelshas been there to bring this profound teaching. And it continues on. What is karma? People use that word now. They didn’t years ago. People use it all the time, but what does it really mean? Well, she explains the complexity, or even begins to show us the tip of the iceberg, how interconnected we all are. I mean there is so much teaching in this book. It’s so practical to our understanding of being able to move forward from where we are that it is just so exciting. And that’s why I’ve been enthusiastic in supporting the book. Because I think all of us have to go into our heart and find what resonates with us.

Parthenia: Yes! What’s true for us.

Moira: And what is going to help us throughout. And you know the truth.

Parthenia: Yes! We do! And it resonates in the heart, if we listen to the heart. And I noticed with the introductions, because both of you wrote introductions that there was a similarity in the reactions. Both of you recognized her voice.

Moira: Um hum.

Parthenia: And I’d like for you to both share how is it that you were able to recognize. Oh my goodness. This sounds like my mother, feels like her.

Tatiana: Right. Well, first let me just say that I think my mother would definitely want everyone to feel for themselves whether this is true, whether you knew or not.

Parthenia: Yes.

Tatiana: But, for myself.

Parthenia: Yes. That’s what I’m asking. You yourself.

Tatiana: I just want to reiterate. Thanks, Parthenia. Dr. Grant. (Laughter.) I worked with her from the time I was 14 years old on, with my sister, Erin also. We worked on books and we worked on The Lost Teachings of Jesus, I worked with her on, Ashram Notes, and many other books. And I know her in casual conversation. I know her writing.

Parthenia: Everybody has a style.

Tatiana: Right. And sometimes I would get annoyed at her little idiosyncrasies, because she raised us to be writers. It’s funny. But, I detected her syntax and the way that she forms sentences. But, it was like the best of her in the book. And I couldn’t deny it. It was just so clear to me. 

Parthenia: Well, Moira, I’d like for you to share your recognition. Because you had some aha moments. Quite a few.

Moira: I had many, many aha moments. I have really been on a very personal journey to integrate into myself what happened to us in our childhood, what my parent’s mission was, and how that translates for all of us into meaning. And so, for me, this was kind of a continuation of my journey towards understanding.

Parthenia: So, it was a gift. Right? It felt like it.

Moira:Such a gift. From the moment — I actually heard the dictations on audio.

Parthenia:  I did too, first.

Moira:What’s the website where you go?

Parthenia:  It’s

Parthenia:  Yes, Kim MichaelsMichaels‘ website.

Moira:I heard the audio and then I read the book, later. So, the audio was so powerful for me. I just want to say, I’ve heard other people’s material they have channeled from Mom and it’s all different, sweet. It depends on the channel. But, this is very practical and it’s very specific. As I mentioned about the laws of karma. About the ideas of perfectionism. About the idea of how do we create our own image of God and how are we beholden to that image. What is our relationship with the divine as we created it? She talks about the ideas of internal spirits, which is fascinating to me.

Parthenia: We created them. Very fascinating.

Moira: Yes. Which I’ve translated into calling patterns, but of spirits, patterns of how we behave. And she talks about how they come in couples.

Parthenia: Yes.

Moira: Because we’re in duality. Right?

Parthenia: Of course.

Moira: I mean it’s just amazing teaching. None of it was foreign, though, to me in what I had thought about in my own communion with my mom though, since her passing.

Parthenia: Sure. You had a foundation, too. Yeah. Oh, right, right. Got it. Got it.

Moira: So I had my own communion with her. I have a very deep, heart felt relationship of wanting understanding. So, this was just in the same vein, but the whole shebang, the real deal, many aha moments. Many tears of joy in that I’m so grateful that this information is here. And she’s saying it through someone else, independently; because I can hear it in my own being, in my own soul.

Parthenia: Well, it sort of validated you, right?

Moira: Exactly. 

Tatiana: Just to know that she was a messenger, herself, and she took dictations from — By the way, I think they come from very, very, very high levels and they get filtered through perception filters.

Parthenia: Of course. Absolutely.

Tatiana: People wonder: Well, how come she could be wrong on certain things? Well, the personality in the messenger is still there. But, here’s the thing. It was just — I forgot. But, it comes from such a high level. And we have to remember that.

Parthenia: Well, you know what I found really, really profound among all the things that you also said, was she talked about how to navigate the sea of Samsara. Oh, my goodness. That was so valuable.

Tatiana: Yes. Yeah. Um hum.

Parthenia: Because, anytime you’re on this path; you gotta go through that dark night of the soul. And it’s very stormy and very, very rocky. And she offered some very valuable advice about leaving that boat once you get over to other side.

Tatiana: Oh. This is what I wanted to say though, too. Is that it’s practical. What’s coming through now is building upon what she used to say. It’s like what I always wanted to hear. Yes! Oh, wow.

Parthenia: Well, you’re listening to Divine Love Talk. I’m your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. I have the Prophet sisters in studio. Tatiana Prophet and Moira Prophet Siskin. And you can find them on facebook just looking up their name. And Kim MichaelsMichaels. You can find his amazing body of work, over 40 books, at We’ll be back after commercial break. Wow. That was really good.


Parthenia: So, Kim, we’re coming back. I’m your host at Divine Love Talk and I’m bring Kim MichaelsMichaels on. Kim, I’m personally so delighted that I encouraged you guys to write the introduction and I got to know you guys better. And I also understand why, now, this was so important. This was an important show for me to do, because the mother came through, the Divine Mother. And we’re so in need of that as we have now transitioned into the feminine and healing the wounds that we all have with our parents, but in particular with the mother, I think is extremely important. So, Kim, I’d like for you to address that.

Kim:  Yeah. I can understand where you’re coming from. Because when I first heard about ascended masters, what moved me the most was actually a dictation taken by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, where she took a dictation from Mother Mary. And it’s a very personal dictation, in the sense that she says that I will come to you and I will even sit down and have a cup of tea with you. Basically so we can feel her presence. And I think that is so what — also what was said in the dictation was so profound that when we connect to that love; it’s like all the other things just don’t have the same power over us.

Parthenia:  So true.

Kim:  And that has been my journey with the ascended masters. They have given me that frame of reference that nothing in this world owns me anymore.

Parthenia: That love. And the other thing is — And you can of expounded on that, Moira. — is once you love somebody or something, be it a dog or a cat, that love never goes away once they die. It’s always there. And even if you divorce somebody. If you ever loved that person, that love is still there. And so, I think that that’s the proof that your mother brought back today. That love is always that cohesive force in the universe.

Tatiana: Yes, and also thank you, Kim, for bringing up the point about not being ruled by anything. That’s a big point in the book. When something has taken over you, then that’s a big alarm.

Parthenia: Indicator. Yeah.

Tatiana: And that: “OK. I’m not going to do this. I’m going to try this, try something else.”

Parthenia: Yeah. Because we’re here to constantly self-transcend.

Tatiana: Yes.

Parthenia: And overcome these challenges that I think are in the way of love. Because to me, that’s all that matters. That’s what this is all about. This journey back to oneness, which is love. Love is oneness.

Tatiana:  I know this is really odd, but I (Laughs.) — This theme is actually in the Harry Potter series.

Parthenia:Get out of here. (Laughs.)

Tatiana:  So, it’s coming through on all channels.

Parthenia:OK. So, Moira, you were going to say something.

Moira:  Oh, I’m not sure.

Parthenia:Oh, she just looks delighted and happy. You can’t see her face.

Tatiana:  Moira. She’s so full. She really been contemplating love.

Parthenia: Yes. It comes through in your introduction, Moira. This profound love for your mother and this desire to understand what it was all about and to heal it. And that journey — It’s seems to have come full circle with this book.

Moira: Absolutely. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Parthenia: Thank you guys. Thank you ladies so much for being who you are and for your presence in the world. And for that beautiful song, Tatiana.

Tatiana: My pleasure.

Parthenia: And for allowing me to guide you guys to do this introduction and for you actually doing it. Because until you do it; it’s just an idea.

Tatiana: Exciting things can happen when we come together.

Parthenia: Isn’t it? Absolutely beautiful. And, Kim, thank you so much for just continuing to be that clear channel for the divine to speak to us.

Kim:  Thanks to all of you.

Moira and Tatiana: Thank you, Kim.

Parthenia: And thank you Guru Ma for coming through and really touching my heart today.

Moira and Tatiana: Thank you, Mom.

Parthenia: We will be back next week continuing this discussion on the book, Don’t Drink Your Own Kool-Aid, with Richard Bartlett, who was the personal doctor for Elizabeth Clare Prophet. So, join us next week as we continue this discussion. Divine Love Talk. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant.


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